The Brilliant Fighting Master
291 To Defeat Him But Not to Kill Him
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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291 To Defeat Him But Not to Kill Him

When Grand Elder Shui Yuan heard the life-or-death fight between his son and Jiang Chen was the next day, he became very nervous. He had a bad feeling about it.

Although he believed his son had an absolute advantage over Jiang Chen, making it an unequal fight, he couldn't relax.

He saw something in Jiang Chen he had never seen in other people the same age.

He had killed Zhao Yajun, uncaring of the consequences, in front of so many people. If Shui Yuan were much younger, he would probably root for him, too.

Even his son didn't have that kind of courage.

But this wasn't the only reason; the thing was, Jiang Chen had threatened him that day, and he was going to fight to the death with his son. If Shui Chun hadn't been the one to propose it, he would think Jiang Chen was taking his revenge.

Shui Yuan wanted to warn his son, but he knew that if he did, Shiu Chun would be unhappy, because that would be like warning a proud tiger of the possible risks of a rabbit.

"Shui Yuan."

Without any warning, he heard a voice in his room. He was surprised; he didn't know why, but the leader had come to him personally, which was very rare.

"Jiang Chen can't be killed."

The leader didn't waste any words, going straight to the point.

"Leader, could you tell me why?" Shui Yuan had always been curious as to why grand elders such as Nan Gong were helping Jiang Chen, not to mention the leader's intervention.

"All right. I'll tell you."

Then no voices could be heard in the room, but Shui Yuan's expression changed continuously. He was confused, surprised, and in the end, wild with joy.

"I see, Leader. I was the one to blame." Shui Yuan stopped complaining after he heard what this was about.

"I'll tell Shui Chun to defeat him, but not to kill him."



"Jiang Chen."

Jiang Chen suddenly heard the leader's voice in his room.

He didn't recognize it as the leader's voice, since it didn't sound special to him. He wouldn't be able to remember it no matter how hard he tried, but he knew the leader could converse with people without appearing.


"It's me. I'm here to talk with you about tomorrow's fight. I want you to only defeat your rival, not kill him."


"You hate Shui Yuan. I get it. And I understand, but if you see things from his perspective, your mount did lose control and hurt people. As a grand elder, Shui Yuan had the responsibility and obligation to attack him."

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth, but he nodded and agreed with the leader's argument.

"You killed Zhao Yajun around so many people. Normally, even if you weren't killed, you would be expelled from the Hero Palace, and the families of Zhao Yajun and the other five would go after you," the leader continued.

Jiang Chen kept nodding. He had thought about the possible consequences when he had killed Zhao Yajun.

"Besides, you earned a great reputation thanks to that sword attack of yours. When you become stronger, your prestige will be as great as that of the top ten on the Fighting Power List," said the leader.

"Leader, Shui Chun is the one who proposed this life-or-death fight," said Jiang Chen.

"I know. I know what happened at the Soothing Lake, too. Once you win, he won't be in charge of the Soothing Lake anymore. You and Ying Wushuang deserve the same treatment as others."

Jiang Chen calmed down and said, "Leader, what if Shui Chun wants to kill me?"

"Don't worry about it. I've already talked with his father."


Jiang Chen tumbled to the realization that the life-or-death fight between him and Shui Chun would have a bad influence on the Hero Palace no matter who won. They didn't want to see a fight like that.

They intended to change the life-or-death fight into a normal one.

If they meddled in the fight directly, people would gossip, but if both of them let their opponent live of their own free will, it would be best.

Shui Chun's father is Shui Yuan. I know how to develop extraordinary meridians, but if I didn't, would the Hero Palace have intervened? Jiang Chen thought to himself.

He didn't hear the leader's voice anymore, so he assumed the latter had left.

The next day was the day of the fight.

Jiang Chen went to the Welcoming Guests Square, where the fight would be held. There were a lot of people.

Shui Chun had arrived before him. He was standing in the center of the square in a spiritual fighting suit, looking handsome and in high spirits.

He sneered when he saw Jiang Chen. He said, "I thought you were a stubborn person, but it turns out you're a coward."

His words were confusing. Wasn't Jiang Chen there, ready to fight? Why had he called Jiang Chen a coward?

Soon, Shui Chun cleared his doubts. He said, "The Hero Palace talked to my father and asked him to tell me to defeat you, but not to kill you. If you weren't behind this, who was?"

It turned out that Grand Elder Shui Yuan hadn't told him everything. He had only told his son not to kill Jiang Chen.

Shui Chun was unhappy. He thought it was a scheme of Jiang Chen's.

He couldn't go against the Hero Palace's will, but he didn't mind telling everyone so that they could see Jiang Chen's true colors.

The spectators looked towards Jiang Chen. He hadn't received any real punishment from the Hero Palace even though he had killed Zhao Yajun. Although he had to kill someone ranked on the Demon Slay List, compared to the death penalty or being expelled from the Hero Palace, it was a very light punishment.

So it was quite possible for Jiang Chen to have done what Shui Chun had claimed.

"Hehe, the leader told me, too, to defeat you, but not to kill you. Did you beg your father to ask the Hero Palace to intervene?" said Jiang Chen.

"These two…"

The grand elders in hiding shook their heads. The leader had done this in secret in order to solve it the problem discretely and leave no traces behind, but they had told to so many people. At this point, it would have been better if the leader had meddled directly.

Shui Chun had been too proud. And he still was.

"Haha, even though you're stubborn, there should be a limit. I've been told this because I'm able to kill you, but you're the one who will be killed. I don't believe the Hero Palace warned you about the same thing. What a joke!" said Shui Chun.

If the Hero Palace had asked Jiang Chen not to kill Shui Chun, it meant they thought he had the ability to.

Shui Chun wouldn't agree to this. Neither could the other people present, except for one person—Ying Wushuang!

She had been stunned after exchanging blows with Jiang Chen the previous day.

She had thought she was stronger than Jiang Chen, since she was in Cloud Two of the Reaching Heaven State, but as Jiang Chen had manipulated the force of wind and lightning, she hadn't been able to fight back at all.

Due to the wide gap in their strengths, the fight had ended before Jiang Chen could get used to the force of wind and lightning. Even still, Ying Wushuang had confirmed that Jiang Chen's calm wasn't because he was ignorant, but because he was confident.

"What you said just now will become a joke in less than an hour. You're shooting yourself in the foot," said Jiang Chen.

Shui Chun shrugged his shoulders. Of course he didn't believe him. He raised his arm casually and said, "The fight will tell everyone exactly who the weak, ugly wretch is."

"Crazy Wave Opens the Wildness Up!"

This time, he launched the first attack, a unique movement.

They weren't by the lake, so there was no water nearby, but as his arms waved, the spirit of the universe turned into water to merge with his palm movement. He pushed the earthshaking force out.

"What a powerful palm attack!"

None of the people watching were average, but they were all shocked by the power of his palm attack.


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