The Brilliant Fighting Master
290 Wind and Thunder to Receive Orders
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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290 Wind and Thunder to Receive Orders

The purpose of developing extraordinary meridians was to form all of the holy points in the extraordinary meridians.

There was no shortcut. People had to form them one by one. Even panaceas could only help people strengthen their bodies to enhance the success rate.

And panaceas hardly worked. The Sacred Institute had done an experiment to study panaceas' effect on forming holy points. One of the two subjects developed his extraordinary meridians with the help of panaceas, while the other had without. It turned out that the results the two had seen were basically the same.

But in Jiang Chen's opinion, this meant the alchemists in the Nine Heavens Continent weren't very good.

If their panaceas were only placebos, the breakthrough panaceas he refined could be described as a wonder drug.

He was going to develop all eight of his extraordinary meridians before the fight with Shui Chun.

From his experience fighting with Shui Chun at the Soothing Lake, it would be fine even if he didn't develop them, although the fight hadn't been desperate enough for him to figure out all of Shui Chun's abilities.

It only took Jiang Chen half a day to refine the panaceas, class-seven breakthrough panaceas. If they went for auction, the whole Sacred City would be crazy for them.

Compared to the price they could be sold at, the raw materials' cost was almost nothing.

They were called the Heaven Pulse Elixir.

He had refined thirteen in all. He put them into a jade box and took one himself.

If I put them up for auction, I hope it won't be regarded as a transfer of wealth.

The panacea started to take effect while Jiang Chen was thinking. He felt hot as his sixth, seventh, and eighth extraordinary meridians developed.

He felt like there was a knife floating around in his stomach. He turned pale and kept sweating under the pain.

This was the normal reaction to taking the Heaven Pulse Elixir. Jiang Chen had seen others tumbling on the ground because of the pain after they had taken the panacea. Not until then, when he was experiencing it himself, did he know their reactions hadn't been exaggerated at all.

However, he couldn't tumble on the ground; he had to seize the opportunity to form all of his holy points.

Although it was painful, forming each of his holy points would be as easy as popping a balloon.

Fifteen minutes later, Jiang Chen took another Heaven Pulse Elixir. The pain became stronger. He felt like his stomach was rotting, but he had finally managed to develop all eight of his extraordinary meridians.

Jiang Chen felt like he was falling apart. He was lying on his bed, and he could still feel the pain, only lighter.

After a long while, when he finally felt better, he got off the bed.


With a slight movement, he experienced the benefit of having developed all of his extraordinary meridians. It seemed like eight passages had appeared in his Qihai that could start to burn at his will. He manipulated his halo of heaven, and his force of a Reaching Heaven State growled like a loud thunder.

His force had greatly improved, even before he started to practice the secret method specific for extraordinary meridians.

He walked out of the door and punched casually. The air vibrated, a gale blowing wildly where he had punched.

In this state, I can achieve something big even with my fist and palm.

Jiang Chen drew his black knife out. Sword methods were swift, while knife methods were potent. Both of them could exert his strength.

He immediately put the knife back. What he was going to do next was practice a secret method specific for the extraordinary meridians.

Wind and Thunder Formula!

"Eight extraordinary meridians developed, wind and thunder to receive orders, heaven and earth to reverse!"

He didn't have to sit down to practice the secret method. He stood there, as still as a stone statue.

Ying Wushuang happened to arrive at that moment. She had just come back from the grand elders. When they had heard Jiang Chen had spent millions in a single evening, she had caught a change in their expressions and many helpless, bitter smiles.

They had studied Jiang Chen's shopping list together.

"Is he storing spiritual herbs?"

"And why does he need so many precious spiritual objects and materials?"

"Does he know how to refine panaceas?"

They had thought Jiang Chen would have spent so many yuan stones on treasured weapons or practice panaceas. They hadn't expected him to buy so many raw materials.

"Is he planning on doing business? But he'll suffer losses."

"The capital isn't his. Of course he wouldn't care."

Ying Wushuang found it necessary to cut in, so she told them what Jiang Chen had told her.

"He's going to refine panaceas? He's going to build better practice equipment than what we have in the Hero Palace?" One grand elder was surprised.

Ying Wushuang could see his doubt.

All the practice equipment possessed by the Hero Palace had a reputation in the Dragon Field. For example, many Reaching Heaven States who had just broken through were eager to practice at the bottom of the Soothing Lake for its effects, not to mention the Time Palace.

The others, such as the Thousand-Yard-Long Flow and the Purgatory of Sword, were the fruits of many years of painstaking labor at the Hero Palace.

And Jiang Chen had purchased a few objects and claimed he could change the situation?

"Wushuang, keep observing him. See how he uses these materials. Keep us informed if anything comes up."

So she had gone to see Jiang Chen after she had the grand elder's orders.

She was puzzled to see him standing on the open space when she noticed Jiang Chen's hands were moving up and down in a certain rhythm. As he waved his hands, unusual things were happening in a thirty feet radius around him.

A wild wind was blowing. Jiang Chen was instantly in the thick of it.

She was surprised to see purple electric arcs that were as thick as his arm flickering in the wind.

Ying Wushuang was afraid Jiang Chen would be injured, but she noticed he had instantly absorbed the wind and lightning.

When he turned around, his fluttering black hair was still flowing in the wind, and the light blue glow of his eyes was slowly disappearing.

"Are you practicing?" Ying Wushuang said in surprise.


"You absorbed the wind and lightning, keeping them in you, like spirits?"

"I keep them in my extraordinary meridians. They'll arrive at my Qihai through the extraordinary meridians to manipulate the halo of heaven." Jiang Chen couldn't help but smile complacently after he had finished speaking. It wasn't difficult to imagine how satisfied he was with himself.

"Is it powerful?" That was the only thing Ying Wushuang cared about.

"You'll see when I fight Shui Chun. So, what did the Hero Palace say? Are they going to teach me a lesson?" Jiang Chen asked.

"They thought you were going to go back to the Fire Field to do business with the spiritual herbs and raw materials you purchased," said Ying Wushuang.

"And you explained it for them?" asked Jiang Chen. If she hadn't, it would've been the grand elders who came to see him.

"Yeah. They didn't completely believe me. They want to see the result," answered Ying Wushuang.

"They're so stingy. I even told them the way to develop two extraordinary meridians that applied to the Reaching Heaven States who had developed none. That's more valuable than what I've spent."

Jiang Chen had experienced a lot of unpleasant things since he had come to the Hero Palace, so he was very unhappy to hear this news.

Ying Wushuang didn't answer. This wasn't something she was concerned with.

"Are you really gonna use the power of wind and lightning in a practical fight? You're not just supposed to defeat your rival. This is a fight to the death. You'll die if you don't know your power well enough," said Ying Wushuang.

"What do you mean?"

Ying Wushuang took her sword out and said indifferently, "All these problems started when you meddled in my affairs with Mu Rongxing. I don't want you to die."

"I won't die, so let me see how powerful the captain of the Department of Discipline is."

Jiang Chen was happy to have someone to exchange blows with. Due to what she had said, he had also changed his opinion towards Ying Wushuang.


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