The Brilliant Fighting Master
285 An Unfair Victory
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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285 An Unfair Victory

Ying Wushuang was the most surprised. She didn't know Jiang Chen very well, but she knew one thing about him.

Jiang Chen was a stubborn person. He never chickened out when things came up, but there was one thing about him. He knew how to control himself. He wouldn't lose his mind. Usually, he would wait until his enemy launched an attack and fight back when he found out his rival's weakness.

It was the first time that she had seen him draw his knife first.

Shui Chun was also eager to take his revenge against Jiang Chen for that slap, so he reacted promptly.

"Flying Current and Angry Palm!"

He threw both of his palms out. His tremendous palm power erupted. The lake water was collected by his palm power.

One of his palms was aimed towards the blade, while the other pointed towards Jiang Chen's chest.

Under the manipulation of the palm power, the gentle water turned into unceasing waves with great height.

Jiang Chen turned the blade and dashed over.

With a glint of the knife, the palm power erupted and water splashed.

Jiang Chen was behind Shui Cun when he took his knife back.

"You're more foolish than I thought."

Shui Chun was fine, but he was extremely angry.

"Angry Waves!"

He exerted all of his power. The energy he gave off kept clashing around. The lake wasn't as calm anymore.

He launched an attack. His palm carried a much stronger power. It was like the arrival of a tsunami that left people no place to escape.

"He's courting death. How dare he attack Apprentice Brother Shui Chun?"

"Doesn't he know Apprentice Brother Shui Chun is ranked on the Fighting Power List? How could a newbie be a match for him?"

"He hurt Murong Xing with the help of his mount. So what? Does he think he did it by himself?"

Those of the Sword Association came to themselves. They weren't surprised, but kept scoffing at Jiang Chen.

They had to call Shui Chun apprentice brother with respect. Of course, he wasn't an average person.

Shui Chun, ranked 43rd on the Fighting Power List, had broken through to the Reaching Heaven State when he was developing his fourth extraordinary meridian and was currently in Cloud Three.

He was skilled at martial arts techniques. He had even mastered the great doctrine of the creation of water.

Although he was only one cloud level higher than them, his fighting power was dozens of times greater than theirs.

He exerted the Angry Waves with great anger. Large amounts of water were sucked into his palm.

As soon as he exerted this palm movement, there seemed to be a water dragon trying to kill Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen steadied himself, put his knife horizontally before his chest with the blade facing outward, and confronted the water dragon face to face, intending to split it into two.

However, as soon as the knife blade cut the water dragon, he was pushed back by a great force. His feet were stuck in mud.

When the water dragon had brushed past him completely, Jiang Chen's arms felt numb. His body had been soaked with water.

"Oh? He parried my attack?"

Shui Chun was surprised. A Reaching Heaven State in Cloud One should have been knocked down by his palm attack and collided with the water dragon.

"I thought you were greater," said Jiang Chen.

"It's difficult to even kill a cockroach with one attack, but that doesn't mean a cockroach is powerful," said Shui Chun coldly.

"Flying Current Damages World!"

He launched another attack. Crazily swirling water columns appeared in the lake this time.


At this moment, several lights landed between Jiang Chen and him.

It was Nan Gong and other grand elders.

"Your fight will affect the disciples practicing at the bottom of the Soothing Lake," said one grand elder.

"I didn't start the fight," Shui Chun said.

"Regardless, just stop," said Nan Gong. He looked towards Jiang Chen helplessly, thinking this guy was troublesome.

"Elder, I didn't start the fight. I wasn't at a disadvantage in the fight. It's okay for me to stop, but he has to apologize to me!" said Shui Chun.

This wasn't too much to ask, but everyone knew Jiang Chen would in no way do that.

"You were at an advantage? What a joke," Jiang Chen scorned as expected.

"So let's continue." Shui Chun raised his eyebrows, about to exert another palm attack.

"Shui Chun, even if you defeat him, it'll be an unfair victory." Ying Wushuang, who hadn't yet spoken, suddenly opened her mouth.

"What does that mean?"

"Jiang Chen has injuries, severe injuries," said Ying Wushuang.


The people around recalled how Jiang Chen had been attacked by Shui Yuan and hit a mountain wall after he had killed Zhao Yajun.

The grand elder's palm attack had injured him severely.

That was only a few days ago. He couldn't have fully recovered yet, but Jiang Chen hadn't behaved like he had any injuries. If Ying Wushuang hadn't reminded them of it, no one would have remembered.

They looked towards Jiang Chen again. He raised his head without saying anything.

"I was fighting a wounded guy."

Shui Chun realized what Ying Wushuang had meant by "an unfair victory." He had an unreadable expression.

"Why don't you continue the fight after Jiang Chen recovers?" said Nan Gong.

"How long will that be?" said Shui Chun.

Nan Gong looked towards Jiang Chen. The latter thought for a while and said, "Three days. Let's continue the fight in three days."

"Okay. But since I'm doing you a favor, I have one requirement. It'll be a life-or-death fight in three days. What do you say?"

As he spoke, he touched the handprint on his cheek. His look was extremely cold.

He spoke again without waiting for Nan Gong's response. "If you don't dare, kneel down now and apologize to me. Don't waste my time."

He knew Nan Gong wouldn't want to see a life-or-death fight, so he made Jiang Chen decide.

It was Jiang Chen who had started the fight. It would be fine if he didn't agree to make it life-or-death.

It seemed like Shui Chun had conceded, but it was actually an aggressive move. He was good at this. If Nan Gong tried to stop them, he would turn to his father.

Jiang Chen seemed surprised. "Don't you like living in this world?" Then he sneered and said, "I agree. Three days from now, a life-or-death fight."


Shui Chun looked toward the other members of the Sword Association and said, "Spread the news and notify the whole Hero Palace."

"No problem. Leave it to us."

They were quite excited. They glanced at Jiang Chen before leaving, gloating.

"Elders, see you later."

Shui Chun left, too.

"Jiang Chen…"

The other elders stopped Nan Gong when he was about to say something to Jiang Chen.

"It's his decision," a grand elder said.

Jiang Chen was definitely a troublemaker. They were disappointed in him. They would rather leave the life-or-death fight to the leader than meddle in it themselves.

"Take care." Nan Gong glanced at Jiang Chen and left with the grand elders.

Only Jiang Chen and Ying Wushuang were still by the lake.

"You didn't have to step in just now. I could have defeated him," said Jiang Chen.

"How much do you know about Shui Chun? You were out of your mind to say that so confidently," said Ying Wushuang.

Jiang Chen was surprised. He closed his eyes. His chest was heaving up and down.

Whitty only had the intelligence of a child. His whereabouts was still unknown. Although his vitality had increased, who knew what kind of pain he could be suffering?

He felt heartbroken at the thought of this, then his sadness had turned into anger.

But Ying Wushuang was correct. If he went on like this, he would end up destroying himself.

He inhaled deeply after a long while and exhaled slowly.

"What's done is done. I have to try my best to fight. If he wants a life-or-death battle, I'll give it to him," said Jiang Chen.

"It's up to you."

Ying Wushuang wasn't surprised at all. Besides feeling helpless, she felt something complicated deep in her heart.

Compared to Jiang Chen, she thought she was a coward.

That being said, she didn't have the same support from Nan Gong, nor was she thought so highly of by the Hero Palace. She had done whatever she could.

"Good luck," said Ying Wushuang again.

Those two words were the biggest surprise for Jiang Chen that day.


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