The Brilliant Fighting Master
283 The Lost Whitty
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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283 The Lost Whitty

The punishment caused quite a stir in the Hero Palace, and it was reported by the Sacred City Daily, too.

Everyone was curious to know how severe the punishment would be if he failed.

The only way to know was if Jiang Chen wasn't powerful enough to finish the task in half a year.

Huangfu Qi had killed Chu Nan, ranked ninth on the Slay Demon List, not long ago. It had made the headlines and won countless appreciation.

Huangfu Qi was in Cloud Four of the Reaching Heaven State. He had broken through with four extraordinary meridians developed.

These two facts were enough to prove his extraordinary abilities.

That meant Jiang Chen would have to get to at least Cloud Four of the Reaching Heaven State in half a year.

That was an almost impossible mission.

Besides, even if he achieved it, he wouldn't necessarily succeed, since those on the Slay Demon List wouldn't wait for him during this period to catch up to them until he was powerful enough to kill them.

They could improve more than Jiang Chen.

In this sense, this punishment was a severe one!

But Jiang Chen didn't care at all. He started to look for Whitty after he heard the result.

He knew Whitty was still alive. They could sense each other's existence.

Whitty was intelligent enough to know it was extremely dangerous for him to stay at the Hero Palace before Jiang Chen was out of the Time Palace.

Whitty should know I'm already out. He should be looking forward to our meeting, too.

So Jiang Chen left the Hero Palace to look for him.

He had been full of hope, but after a few days, he became disappointed. Whitty hadn't come back to him.

Maybe his spiritual intelligence was affected by the awakening of his hidden blood and he doesn't remember me anymore?

It was quite possible. Jiang Chen felt confused.

Anyway, as long as he's safe and sound.

Jiang Chen sighed after a good while and accepted the facts.

He could sense Whitty's exuberant vitality and Whitty could sense his.

So Whitty should be safe.

Jiang Chen relaxed, for as long as he was able to confirm that, he didn't have to have Whitty beside him.

After all, Whitty wasn't a human being. He should have his own adventure. This was a good opportunity for him.

Over the Nine Heavens, the distorted plane channel led to a scarlet world.

It was an endless wilderness, without any plants, but lots of wind.

"Purrrrrr, where am I?"

A white figure suddenly showed up, walking in the barren space.

It was a tiger. Whitty! He was a size smaller. His hair was white, his blue eyes like impeccable gems.

"Purrrrrr, how to get back?!

"Purrrr, Dada has left the Time Palace. He must be worrying about me.

"Purr, Dada must think I don't want to be with him anymore! No! That's not what I want!"


Whitty became more and more anxious. He raised his head and growled. The growl shook the earth and quieted the wind.

The world seemed still, until endless shadows appeared from far away. They were approaching him in waves.

He took a closer look and found they were ferocious-looking low-grade demons!

"Ah, they're terrifying!"

Whitty turned around to flee, but he found there were demons behind him, too, and also some on his left and right sides.

He was immediately under siege by countless demons. There were so many of them that he couldn't even be seen from the outside of the ring they formed.

Suddenly, a blue and white light emerged among the demons. It became brighter and brighter, and in the end, overshadowed the demons.


With a crack, thousands of demons were smashed to pieces under thunder and lightning. Not a single piece of them was left, like black marks erased from a piece of paper.

Whitty was giving off arcs of electricity. As his bones were cracking loudly, he eventually stood up like a human, as tall as a seven or eight-year-old child.

His eyes were full of overflowing blue light.

He closed his paws. Thunder and lightning gathered.

With Whitty as the center, the remaining energy given off by the demons became swirls that continuously flowed into his body.

In this process, the thunder and lightning gathered around Whitty's body became stronger and stronger. He emitted some earthshaking noises.

Two moons appeared over his head. Both were bloody moons.

Demons. Bloody moons. He was in the Alien Battlefield.

Whitty's power had shaken the whole Hero Palace the other day, but his power was also subdued by the tactical formation there, which was a disadvantage for him.

At the same time, he was struggling against crazy killing intent.

Before completely losing control of himself, he recalled what Jiang Chen had told him and tried his best to keep himself under control. He charged ahead at high speed without knowing where he was headed.

It turned out he had arrived in the Alien Battlefield. His intelligence wasn't high enough for him to remember how to get back, so he was trapped there.

That was why Jiang Chen had no way of knowing where he was, because they were in different plane worlds.

Oh? Whitty's vitality has become more exuberant. Is he practicing somewhere?

In the Hero Palace, Jiang Chen was checking Whitty's status every day, and one day, he noticed something new.

He felt both disappointed and joyful.

I can't let Whitty exceed me. I must practice hard.

In the Hero Palace, the treatment Jiang Chen had received was quite similar to that of Ying Wushuang. Both of them were isolated.

Everyone belonged to a group in the Hero Palace, like the Sword Association, the Knife Dragon Association, the Varied Martial Arts Techniques Society, and so on.

Many tasks assigned by the Hero Palace required multiple people to work together. It wouldn't be a good thing if one always performed tasks alone.

The Hero Palace had two lists, the Behead Monster List and the Slay Demon List.

The Behead Monster List was usually being updated more frequently. The ferocious monsters ranked on it were those who had committed crimes most recently. Disciples who beheaded them would get a handsome reward.

Those ranked on the Slay Demon List were geniuses from the Evil Cloud Palace.

This list was seldom updated. It would take a long time for someone in this list to disappear.

Some people had been on it for a long time. No one had been able to get rid of them!

Besides these two lists, the Hero Palace also had a massive amount of tasks to complete.

The tasks were of a wide variety, coming from the whole Dragon Field.

Due to these factors, none of the existing associations had invited Jiang Chen.

"Why don't we start one by ourselves?" Jiang Chen proposed.

"To start an association, the creator has to be ranked on the Fighting Power List," said Ying Wushuang.

The two disliked each other, but they had to stay together every day due to the task they'd been assigned.

"The Fighting Power List?"

"People on this list are the strongest in the Hero Palace. There's a formula for the calculation of their fighting power, and by that, they're ranked.

"No people are added or removed from the Fighting Power List. It's only people's rank that will change, so those on the current list are the most experienced ones in the Hero Palace."

"I see."

Jiang Chen didn't expect there to be so many different lists. He said, "Apart from these three, does the Hero Palace have other lists?"

"Many. But unlike the Fighting Power List, they're only records of individual practice."

Ying Wushuang took him to a lake and said, "This is the Soothing Lake. There is a list to rank for how long the disciples can stay at the bottom to practice.

"But lists like this are updated frequently, because they're about talent. They aren't as well-known as the Fighting Power List."

"Do I need to take off my clothes before going down?" Jiang Chen was eager to try practicing underwater.

"They sell professional outfits for underwater practice."

Then, something occurred to Ying Wushuang. She said, "Newbies get free entry, but after the first use, it'll cost you practicing points to go down there. You can get practicing points by completing tasks."

Jiang Chen nodded. He didn't want to buy a practicing outfit, so he jumped into the lake and dove down rapidly.


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