The Brilliant Fighting Master
282 Going against the Justice
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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282 Going against the Justice

"Leader, no matter the reason, Jiang Chen shouldn't have killed Zhao Yajun! It's unforgivable." Shui Yuan spoke again.

"Watch this first."

A video followed the leader's voice and appeared in the air.

It was another recording of what had happened before the attack. Zhao Yajun and the other five were in armor, on their way to hunt Whitty.

"I heard Jiang Chen values his mount a lot. I'm sure he'll take revenge against us."

"Would he dare?"

"People could do anything they'll regret if they lose control."

"Let him die from his own stupidity!"

Zhao Yajun had said the last sentence, and he attracted the attention of his five companions right away.

"I still have some Mind Losing Powder here. If Jiang Chen comes after us, we'll use it on him."

"He'll be very angry when he gets the news. Once the powder takes effect, what do you think will happen?"

"Of course he'll lose his mind and attack us recklessly."

Zhao Yajun smiled coldly and said, "Then we'll kill him."

"Even if anyone reviews the video, they'll only see Jiang Chen is the one who attacked first. No one will regret his death!"

"The death of a short-term disciple from the Fire Field is like a drop in a pond. No one will remember it when the water is calm again."

The conversation was over there. The image disappeared, too.

The whole crowd quieted down after watching the video.

Zhao Yajun and his five companions had not only intended to kill Whitty to make soup, but also intended to kill Jiang Chen.

Judging from their expressions, it didn't seem like they had been joking. They had meant it!

"Leader! These things never happened. Maybe they changed their mind and gave up their plan."

"If we declare them guilty just by this video, it's against justice. No one will be convinced!"

Shui Yuan hadn't given up. He still argued.

"So why did you get angry when Jiang Chen said he was going to kill you? It never happened," the leader's voice came right away without hesitation.

Shui Yuan turned pale, as if he had been dealt a heavy blow.

He had always thought him innocent and correct. Not until then had he realized his motives weren't that simple.

"Zhao Yajun and the other five started all this. Does Jiang Chen need to pay with his life for that?"

"Leader, how should we explain to Zhao Yajun's family?" asked Du Yue.

"Send them a bill for the Hero Palace's losses," said the leader.


Du Yue thought he had misheard the leader. He had asked what kind of explanation they could offer to Zhao Yajun's family. The leader's reply was completely beyond his expectations!

"We shouldn't forget right and wrong, no matter whether an affair is serious or not, no matter whether the victim is noble or not. This should be the rule of the Hero Palace," said the leader.

People couldn't help but nod. They had been completely convinced.

"Sure, but Jiang Chen killed a man in front of so many people. Although he had a justifiable reason, we shouldn't forgive him easily," the leader said.

Then the crowd finally came to themselves.

The leader hadn't said explicitly that he wouldn't make Jiang Chen responsible for anything.

He had been misleading them intentionally, so that people such as Shui Yuan would have this misunderstanding that nothing would happen to Jiang Chen.

In this way, the problem would shift from whether Jiang Chen should die to whether he should be punished at all.

"Yeah, Jiang Chen shouldn't die, but he should be punished." Since even Shui Yuan claimed this, no one else would insist that Jiang Chen should be killed.

"I agree. Jiang Chen's behavior is a bad influence. Nan Gong, take him back to wait for his punishment."


When no one was around, Jiang Chen asked anxiously, "Nan Gong, any news about Whitty?"

Nan Gong had many things to tell him. He sighed helplessly and said, "You aren't worried about yourself at all, because you're sure of how much the Hero Palace needs you?"

"No, it's because I wasn't wrong!" said Jiang Chen.

Nan Gong was surprised, then replied, "Your mount runs very fast. We don't know where he went after he left the Hero Palace, and we didn't try to locate him."

"Was he injured when he left? Could he have been badly injured and…"

"No, he wasn't injured, but he was badly injured before the transformation. I assume it affected him a lot."

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth and said, "Nan Gong, I'll go and look for Whitty."

"No. I can't let you go now. Shui Yuan will have stopped you before you can leave the Hero Palace. He might find another excuse to attack you."

"It's been four days. Even if something happened, you wouldn't be able to do anything about it. If nothing happens, you don't have to worry about it."

"He's your mount. You should be able to sense his status," said Nan Gong.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was too angry to think. How could I even forget that?!"

Sometimes, if one cared too much about someone else, they would become a mess. Jiang Chen had almost forgotten Whitty's soul and his had merged together so they could sense each other's existence.

But when he had calmed down, the only thing he could be sure of was that Whitty wasn't dead, but he didn't know where he was.

Jiang Chen relaxed for the moment. He was waiting in his room for his punishment.

Suddenly, he gave a relieved smile.

He always knew Whitty had hidden blood, and he had been considering how to awaken it. He hadn't expected it to be awoken this way.

For Whitty, of course it was a great thing if he didn't die because of it.

Soon, Ying Wushuang brought him the decision of the Hero Palace.

Before telling Jiang Chen about it, she said at the door, "Everything would've been fine if you hadn't killed him."

"You want to know if I regret it?" Jiang Chen frowned and said.

"Yes. Whitty was targeted because of the conflict between you and Murong Xing. If you hadn't hurt Murong Xing, none of these things would have happened."

Jiang Chen, who was in a bad mood, sneered.

"Let me ask you one thing. If I weren't a short-term disciple from the Fire Field, but a young master from the most powerful group, what would you think about what I did?"

In that case…

Ying Wushuang thought for a while and understood what he was implying.

"It looks you have your answer. Don't you find it absurd?

"I did the right thing, but people think I'm foolish just because of the bad result incurred by the right thing.

"What are those who accuse the weak and the bullied practicing for? They'd be better off going back home to be businessmen!"

After he finished speaking, Jiang Chen slapped the door.

He was too worried about Whitty to deal with Ying Wushuang.

Ying Wushuang froze there, staring at the wooden door in front of her, which occupied her entire line of sight.

A few seconds later, anger emerged on her face.

Besides telling Jiang Chen the punishment, she had gone there to warn him that he shouldn't look for more trouble.

That afternoon, Jiang Chen learned of the punishment from other sources.

He had killed someone from the Hero Palace, so he had to kill one man from the Evil Cloud Palace to offset their loss.

It had to be someone on the Slay Demon List.

It was more a requirement than a punishment.

The real punishment would come if he failed to satisfy the requirement; he would be expelled from the Hero Palace!

He had half a year to complete the task.

This punishment wasn't very severe, since nothing would happen to Jiang Chen in the short term, but it wasn't light, either. If he was expelled from the Hero Palace, things wouldn't end when he went back to the Dragon Field.

Five men had been killed by Whitty, and Zhao Yajun had died under Jiang Chen's sword.

Their families wouldn't let Jiang Chen go, and he didn't have any backup.


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