The Brilliant Fighting Master
278 Whitty’s Crisis
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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278 Whitty’s Crisis

The Time Palace looked like a magnificent palace from outside, but it was quite different inside.

It was a closed manor with rooms, a garden, and a square.

It was quite foggy at the horizon, as if reminding people of the mysteries of the place.

In the manor square, there was a giant hourglass that timed them.

After Ying Wushuang had entered, she took a breakthrough panacea, then put a cushion on the ground and sat on it to start her practice.

Jiang Chen had to develop his own extraordinary meridians before working on the other Reaching Heaven States' problems, so they didn't have to practice together for a while.

Jiang Chen didn't want to waste any of his time. The Time Palace was where he would catch up with Ning Haotian.

He wasn't in a hurry to break through the initial phase of the Reaching Heaven State. He was focused on developing his extraordinary meridians first.

Back when he was in the Mental Wander State, every holy pulse he had been worth ten more holy points compared to others. It would be the same with the extraordinary meridians.

If he could develop all eight of his extraordinary meridians, it would be like having forty-nine holy points formed, and he would have no rival among those in the same state as him.

When one-third of the sand had flown through the timer, Jiang Chen had started to develop his fourth extraordinary meridian.

This was the average level that most geniuses of the Sacred Institute could achieve. Most of them would fail to control themselves and break through to the Reaching Heaven State in this phase.

It was worth mentioning that starting to develop wasn't the same as having successfully developed.

If one broke through when one was halfway through developing, the extraordinary meridian that was incompletely developed wouldn't work as expected.

Su Li claimed he had broken through to the Reaching Heaven State when he started to develop his fourth extraordinary meridian, but in actuality, he had only developed three.

In Gao Tiange's case, he had developed the fourth successfully. Thanks to his blood of the phoenix, he had almost defeated Jiang Chen.

When two-thirds of the sand had flown through the hourglass, Jiang Chen had started to develop his sixth.

By that time, his development had appeared to have slowed down. He wanted to take advantage of the Time Palace to the fullest, so he put the development of his extraordinary meridians aside for a moment.

As time went by, the obstructions he was facing at that moment would gradually disappear. If he insisted on developing them at that moment, it would be only a dead end for him, ultimately doing him no good.

It's time to become a real Reaching Heaven State!

It was time to break through the initial phase.

Uniquely, the Reaching Heaven State had an initial phase.

Different from the other states, which were related to the change and improvement of the energy of meridians, the Reaching Heaven State itself was the source of the energy.

After continual refinement and purification, the human body wasn't an average body anymore. It was called the carrier of martial arts.

The carrier of martial arts pushed the limits of human beings. For example, Reaching Heaven States were able to fly.

In the initial phase, new Reaching Heaven States were still unable to perfectly mingle the spirit, the energy, and the soul of the carrier of martial arts together.

It would take them some time to become more skilled at it. They would be able to break through this phase when they had developed enough control over themselves and were able to harmonize their flesh and soul.

Things didn't go very well at the beginning. Jiang Chen couldn't even find the correct direction.

"How to break through the initial phase... Grand elders of the Hero Palace were invited to teach students in the superfine classes. They taught us the key points and shared with us their own experiences.

"But as I recall, after passing the entry exam of the east courtyard's superfine class, you didn't attend any of the classes," Ying Wushuang suddenly said a few days later. She had obviously seen what kind of problem Jiang Chen was having.

"How did you know?"

"The Discipline Department has a table to record disciples' absences. You joined the Sacred Institute less than half a year ago, but you're already ranked number one," Ying Wushuang glanced at him and said coldly.

Jiang Chen smiled embarrassedly, then changed the topic back to the class regarding the initial phase.

"You know what arrogance can bring you now?" Ying Wushuang insulted him instead of telling him what he wanted to know.

"It's just a misunderstanding."

If Jiang Chen hadn't broken through to the Reaching Heaven State and had followed the schedule made by the Sacred Institute, someone would have taught him about when he broke through.

But if he had followed the schedule made by the Sacred Institute, he would only have started to develop his second extraordinary meridian at most and would still be in the Mental Wander State.

"You hurt Murong Xing badly. His sister and brother-in-law won't let go of you easily. The Sacred Institute thinks highly of you, but they still have ways to make things difficult for you here," said Ying Wushuang again.


"I'm afraid as soon as we get out of here, trouble will come to us. You can't rely on your tiger forever."

Jiang Chen looked down. If they hadn't had the same perspective, he would have thought the woman was gloating.

"Like what happened to you at the Hero Palace?"

Jiang Chen decided to give her a blow back, not because he was petty, but because he couldn't put up with her.

Ying Wushuang's body became stiff as soon as she heard him. Her look was empty. It took her a good while to turn around.

"If you were born to be so mean, you wouldn't feel pain. You're acting like this because you feel," Jiang Chen said slowly, staring at her black long hair.

"If you're harmed, humiliated, or beaten by others, it's totally fine for you to get angry, but you shouldn't punish yourself—"

"Enough! Do you think you know me well? I am naturally that mean," Ying Wushuan interrupted him rudely.

Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. He assumed she was an orphan. Otherwise, it should have been her parents job to tell her that.

In embarrassed silence, Ying Wushuang suddenly threw something at him.

Jiang Chen caught it angrily. Even though she had lost her temper, there should be a limit. He wasn't a close friend of hers who had to put up with her.

But he was surprised to see it was a book in his hands.

He opened it and saw beautiful handwriting and many images.

"This is...?"

Jiang Chen was surprised to see all of its contents were about breaking through the initial phase. He looked up towards Ying Wushuang.

"My notes," said Ying Wushuang.

"Thanks a lot."

It was the first time that Jiang Chen had thought it wasn't too bad to stay with Ying Wushuang.

"If you're beaten to death, others will think it's my fault. That's not something I would like to see," Ying Wushuang said.

It seemed like Jiang Chen hadn't heard her. He was completely immersed in the notes.

After having finished reading the first page, he looked up towards Ying Wushuang in surprise.

He found she had talent. There were not only detailed notes, but her summaries, which were very useful. He felt like he had learned something right away.

No wonder Nan Gong doesn't have the heart to see her suffer.

Jiang Chen immediately understood Nan Gong's feelings.

At the same time, Whitty was waiting outside the Time Palace, quite bored.

Jiang Chen couldn't take Whitty into the Time Palace, since each living creature would consume the energy of the palace.

If the Hero Palace had allowed Whitty to enter, headlines would appear in the Sacred City Daily on the following day and it would no doubt be big news. It would cause a great stir and be a heavy blow to the Hero Palace.

So, Whitty had to wait outside for ten days.

At that point, only six days had passed. Whitty's tail hadn't been held high for a long time.

People of the Hero Palace had also come to know this special mount.

They found he was incredibly intelligent. He even knew how to buy food with yuan stones, but no one knew where he had been keeping his yuan stones.

That day, outside the Time Palace, some people held their breath and approached him with bows and spears.

"What kind of place does Jiang Chen think the Hero Palace is? His mount injured Murong Xing. That was an offense to the Sword Association."

"Today, we'll kill the mount and cook soup with its meat."

"That mount is very powerful and vigorous. If we make an herbal meal with its meat, we'll see great improvements."

"Even its blood is worth a lot."

They were going to attack Whitty!

They had made very thorough preparations. The bows they were holding were spiritual weapons. Three of them were even carrying a giant net.

They didn't have the nerve to attack Jiang Chen, but his mount was a different story.

They assumed Jiang Chen wouldn't kill them over a mount.


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