The Brilliant Fighting Master
275 A Pretentious Speech
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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275 A Pretentious Speech

"Didn't Nan Gong tell you the Hero Palace was different from the Sacred Institute?"

Ying Wushuang looked towards Jiang Chen after those disgusting people had left. She didn't look relieved, but more serious.

Without waiting for Jiang Chen's answer, Ying Wusuang said again, "More than half of those guys are passed the initial phase of the Reaching Heaven State. Could you win if you really had a fight with them?"

"I had a plan," Jiang Chen said while petting Whitty's head.

"I hate men like you. You never know when to quit," Ying Wushuang said.

"Don't forget that it was you who caused the trouble," Jiang Chen emphasized.

"Huh." Ying Wushuang stopped arguing. She walked ahead quickly.

Jiang Chen followed her. When she had slowed down, he said, "Obviously we don't get along well. We shouldn't be partners. Besides, it'll be quite inconvenient for us to solve the problem together."

Then both of them stopped.

"Fine. Wait here. I'll go see Nan Gong," Ying Wushuang said coldly after a while and turned around emotionlessly. She didn't follow the original path back, but jumped a few times toward the mountain and soon disappeared.

Jiang Chen shook his head and started to enjoy the scenery nearby.

Two lights landed before him soon. They were Nan Gong and Ying Wushuang.

Nan Gong was grasping Ying Wushuang's shoulders. He let go of her after they had landed.

"Wushuang, let me talk to Jiang Chen alone."


Ying Wushuang left decisively. She still looked very sullen.

"Jiang Chen, do you know why Wushuang's temper is like this? She's actually suffered a lot. You saw those guys from the Knife Dragon Association, too."

Jiang Chen hadn't expected Nan Gong to speak for Ying Wushuang.


"There are many associations in the Hero Palace. The Sword Association is one of them. Ying Wushuang was a member of it, and its president Ling Yunjian fell in love with her.

"However, Ling Yunjian had a fiancée. She started to attack Ying Wushuang in the Hero Palace when she found out. Under pressure, Ying Wushuang had to quit the association. She became marginalized in the Hero Palace. That's how she was sent to the Sacred Institute and became the captain of the Discipline Department.

"She's a stubborn girl. After all this, she became very extreme. In the Discipline Department, she has to deal with all kinds of troublemakers. That's why she's always so angry and serious.

"I don't think it would be good for her if things continued like this. I hoped you could help her out, so I sent her to work with you although it would be uncomfortable between you two.

"If you want someone else to work with you, she'll go back to the Discipline Department. But then she might never be able to change her fate."

Jiang Chen was surprised to hear Ying Wushuang's story. Or put another way, he had refused to think about what may have happened to her.

He wasn't a playboy who was weak for pretty women, but since Nan Gong had asked him this favor, he wouldn't be able to refuse it.

"Okay. I got it."

"Hmm, go ahead! By the way, don't act like you pity her," Nan Gong told him.


Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. He knew what that meant.

He walked to the end of the passage after Nan Gong left. Ying Wushuang was there, waiting.

She was still frowning, her lips curled tightly.

"Where is Nan Gong?"



"Nan Gong said no one else wanted to be my subject. So, I'm sorry, but we still have to work together. Hopefully things will work out for us!"

Ying Wushuang looked embarrassed. She turned around immediately and said, "We've already wasted lots of time. Let's go to the Time Palace."

They didn't speak to each other on the way. They came across many people from the Hero Palace. They looked at the two in a weird way, but none of them picked a fight.

When they arrived at the Time Palace, they found a group of people already there.

The ones who had had quarreled with the two were also there, but they weren't their own boss anymore. They were standing beside youngsters carrying swords.

One of the youngsters was quite handsome, surrounded by many people like a superstar. His lips were red, his teeth white. He looked to be twenty years old at most.

He had a pair of almond-shaped eyes. He was looking down, but he suddenly opened his eyes wide when he had seen Ying Wushuang coming. He shouted coldly, "B*tch! Don't you remember what the Sword Association told you when we expelled you?"

"I've been assigned a task by an elder," Ying Wushuang said. It was easy to tell she was extremely afraid of this guy.

"You should have refused him!" the youngster shouted coldly, then waved his hand. He said, "Go tell your elder that you want to quit. Although I have no idea what the task is, I won't allow the scum of the Sword Association walking here and there in the Hero Palace."

"And what if I don't?" Ying Wushuang's voice sounded hoarse. She was extremely angry. She felt a burning sensation in her throat.

"B*tch, how dare you!"

The youngster became angrier. He took a step forward. He was as aggressive as the sharp radiance of a sword.

Ying Wushuang stepped back involuntarily, but the sword-shaped energy followed and cornered her.

When she had given up fighting back, a figure appeared before her.

"I can't believe a guy that looks as sharp as you could talk to a girl like that. Well, you live and learn."

After a casual insult, the sword-shaped energy was split into two.

The guy who had spoken was, of course, Jiang Chen.

"How dare you!"

Those beside the youngster all flew into a rage. He himself was still in shock. He hadn't expected anyone to accuse him like that.

After he had finally come to himself, his look was sharp enough to kill. He said, "You'll pay the price for what you just said!"

"Are you the president of the Sword Association?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Nope. That's my brother-in-law," said the youngster.

"That explains it," Jiang Chen laughed.

"Explains what?" The youngster was staring at him, frowning.

"It would be quite disappointing if the president of the Sword Association sucked like you," Jiang Chen said.

It caused quite a stir.

Even bystanders were shocked by him.

"Who is this ignorant guy? How dare he speak like this?!"

"Doesn't he know where he is?"

"Why is this youngster looking for death?"

The bystanders started talking heatedly. They didn't keep their voices down, since they didn't mind if Jiang Chen heard them.

"You're criticizing me, but this guy insulted a woman and you just turned a blind eye to it. I'm trying to seek justice for her. Why is that pretentious? Should I say you're a coward or you're foolish?" said Jiang Chen.

"How dare you!"

"You've gone too far!"

Everyone was irritated by him. Several energies erupted at the same time. A few guys dashed over to Jiang Chen, as fast as shooting stars.


A sword-shaped energy was suddenly released around Jiang Chen and subdued the other energies.

When those people had realized where that energy had come from, none of them had the nerve to say anything.

"He's mine!"

The youngster's sword was drawn out from its sheath. He was pointing the tip of the sword at Jiang Chen. He said in a cold voice, "I, Murong Xing, will turn your arrogance into a joke.

"I only need one movement to defeat you!"

He thrust the sword out as soon as he finished his speech.

No matter what kind of man the youngster was, his sword attack was impeccable. He had passed the initial phase of the Reaching Heaven State, so his attack was quite powerful.

None of the people Jiang Chen had defeated in the Sacred Institute could compare to him.

"This b*stard…"

Ying Wushuang gnashed her teeth. She was quite moody.


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