The Brilliant Fighting Master
273 To Be Bare Before Each Other
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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273 To Be Bare Before Each Other

Jiang Chen graduated ahead of time and joined the Hall of Heroes the next day of competition.

The Hall of Heroes was also called the Hero Palace. It had a long history and was second to none in the Nine Heavens Continent. It was the leader of the bright side, taking responsibility for helping others.

Many disciples felt jealous of him when they heard the news.

Jiang Chen had managed to clear his doubts during this time.

For example, how was the Sacred Zone doing 500 years later?

According to Shi Gandang, the Sacred Zone had closed its plane channel 500 years earlier and had been isolated from the other planes ever since.

That was why they could only find information regarding the Sacred Zone in books.

By that time, only few people knew of the existence of the Sacred Zone. Even fewer people knew it well, especially people who could answer Jiang Chen's questions.

"Five hundred years ago? Could there be any connection?"

Jiang Chen had been killed exactly 500 years ago. The plane channel of the Sacred Zone had closed after his death.

"Xiao Nuo, what on earth did you do?"

"Was everything between us fake?"

"Darn it. If you hurt my family, I'll make your descendants pay the price, even if you're dead!"

Jiang Chen was terribly upset. It took him a long time to calm down.

Besides investigating news of the Sacred Zone, he also had to inform the Taoist Priest Skywind, who was in the Alien Battlefield, of what had happened to his father.

If the Sacred Institute could help him, it would be a simple thing.

However, after Jiang Chen had mentioned it, Shi Gandang had a weird expression on his face. He had only told Jiang Chen that he would try his best to help him, but he couldn't promise anything.

"There are demons exiled by the Nine Realms in the Alien Battlefield. It's where the Reaching Heaven States go on adventures. Many respectable people from the Sacred Institute are there. Why wouldn't it a piece of cake for them?

"The Sacred Institute has recruited many short-term disciples this year. Could it be related to that?

"No matter what the truth is, a storm must be coming soon. I have to strengthen myself as soon as possible."

If anyone else walked into Jiang Chen's room, they would find Jiang Chen talking to himself like a crazy person.

Actually, this was how he thought through things. He was used to analyzing problems he had first, then prioritizing them so that he could face them calmly.

That day, Jiang Chen went to the Hero Palace with the other disciples of the Heaven Grade who had received outstanding grades.

In some people's eyes, the Sacred Institute was more important than the Hero Palace, but they didn't know these two organizations well enough.

People who had paid a visit to the Hero Palace knew the Sacred Institute was actually affiliated with it. It was only an institute responsible for training disciples with talent.

It was the Hero Palace that had invested all of the resources, including materials and labor.

Its location was exactly what the short-term disciples, who hadn't been in the Dragon Field for long, had imagined, situated in mountains.

Thousand-year-old pine trees and palaces with gray tile and red brick could be seen everywhere. Overlapped mountain peaks looked like waves in the fog. Seen from the sky, the beautiful buildings looked quite average.

The Hero Palace wasn't far from the Sacred Institute. It only took a few seconds to travel there by machine-operated bird.

The group was led by Shi Wengong and Nan Gong. After arriving, Shi Wengong left with the other disciples.

Nan Gong showed Jiang Chen around the Hero Palace.

"I remember when you said you would get an outstanding grade and join the Hero Palace when you had just arrived in the Dragon Field. I didn't expect you to achieve all this in less than six months."

It was Nan Gong who had brought Jiang Chen there and given an outstanding grade to a short-term disciple. It had caused a stir.

Thanks to Jiang Chen's performance, contradictory opinions had disappeared gradually. Eventually, everyone appreciated Nan Gong's good judgement.

"Thank you, Nan Gong. By the way, what should I do at the Hero Palace?" Jiang Chen said.

"Simple. No pain, no gain. In the Sacred Institute, you only needed to study hard, but in the Hero Palace, you have to be more active," Nan Gong said.

Jiang Chen knew this, too. No matter what title or glory a group had, it was still profit-driven at the end of the day.

The Sacred Institute was educating the smartest geniuses in the continent for free, but they had to work for it after they became strong.

To avoid opposition from other institutions, those who joined the Hero Palace wouldn't disassociate themselves from their group.

It was a smart policy. In this way, the Hero Palace had united everyone together without any effort.

But to be fair, not anyone could succeed in the same way. The reputation of the Hero Palace was the main reason many were drawn to it.

By then, demons had been exiled to the Alien Battlefield. Monsters were under complete control. Human beings' only enemies were human beings.

And the current enemy of the Hero Palace was the Evil Cloud Palace.

"Jiang Chen, you're the best disciple of the year, but every year, the best new disciples of the Sacred Institute join the Hero Palace. You know what I mean?" Nan Gong said.


Large numbers of disciples graduated from the Sacred Institute every year, then newbies would come.

Although the Sacred Institute was famous, Jiang Chen's performance there didn't mean he was the most powerful youngster in the Dragon Field.

Especially in the Hero Palace, which had absorbed all of the Sacred Institute's best disciples. It was full of powerful people.

Nan Gong hoped he wouldn't be as unbridled as he had been in the Sacred Institute. Otherwise, things would end differently.

"Wait here. I'll give them your information."

Nan Gong had him wait outside when they had arrived at a palace.

"Thank you, Nan Gong."

Jiang Chen started to observe the environment nearby after Nan Gong had walked into the palace. Whitty preferred this place to where they had been living in the Sacred Institute.


Jiang Chen suddenly found a giant rock nearby stirring abnormally. He walked over and found some words appearing on it.

"Huangfu Qi has been awarded a million upper-grade yuan stones, a skyfire crystal, and the opportunity to practice in the Holy Thunder Sea for killing Chu Nan, ranked ninth on the Slay Demon List."

Jiang Chen was in a daze. He knew these texts weren't being shown specifically to him. There were many such rocks throughout the Hero Palace used to announce news.

He didn't know who Huangfu Qi was, nor did he know who Chu Nan was, but he was tempted by the awards.

"If one can win such great awards by killing someone, one could benefit from killing," Jiang Chen thought to himself.

"The Slay Demon List refers to powerful youngsters from the Evil Cloud Palace. They'll be great threats once they become stronger. There is a similar list in the Evil Cloud Palace, which lists all of the geniuses from the Hero Palace they aim to kill," a familiar voice came from beside him. Jiang Chen looked over and saw it was Ying Wushuang from the Discipline Department.

She had changed her uniform to a beautiful outfit, which displayed her feminine charm to the fullest.

Maybe it was due to this, but she looked like a normal person instead of that serious person she became when leading her team.

"Don't look at me like that. We'll be together for a long time," Ying Wushuang said when she saw the confusion on Jiang Chen's face, but her words made Jiang Chen more confused.

"Didn't you say you would work on a solution to the problem the Reaching Heaven States who developed their extraordinary meridians were having, so that they could keep developing their remaining undeveloped extraordinary meridians?" Ying Wushuang said.

Jiang Chen seemed to have understood, but then was confused by another something else. He said, "Why didn't they send a guy?"

"Are you looking down on women?!" Ying Wushuang raised her slim eyebrows. She looked pissed off. The expression of the leader of the Discipline Department had returned to her face.

"Of course not. It's just that my method will require physical contact. We'll even have to be naked in front of each other."

"To be naked? Why is that?"

Ying Wushuang was surprised. When she had realized what he had been implying, she flushed to the roots of her hair.


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