The Brilliant Fighting Master
272 Evil Cloud Palace
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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272 Evil Cloud Palace

In a back room at the Sacred Institute…

The top management of the Sacred Institute was gathered together. Jiang Chen stood in the middle of them.

Their eyes were sparkling as if they were looking at a priceless treasure.

"Jiang Chen, have you really found a way to develop extraordinary meridians in the Reaching Heaven State?" Shi Gandang was the first one to speak, and the most qualified to pose the question.

"Yep." Jiang Chen didn't deny it.

The top figures of the Sacred Institute couldn't help but beam. They were eager to ask him questions, but in the end, they didn't. They were considering the right way to put it.

"How?" Shi Gandang asked.

Jiang Chen told him that as a Mental Wander State he had had a feeling that extraordinary meridians shouldn't be developed until one had achieved the Reaching Heaven State. After having come to the Sacred Institute, he had seen many disciples holding down their states, and it had made him even surer of the fact.

He knew what the Sacred Institute wanted, so he told them the way to develop the meridians and his thoughts on it.

Everyone was listening to him carefully. They didn't want to miss a single word of his. They gradually became amazed by Jiang Chen's talent. At the same time, they were excited about the new practice theory.

But in the end, they were disappointed.

According to Jiang Chen, he only knew the way to develop two extraordinary meridians at that moment and would need to wait until he succeeded in the future to perfect the theory.

Most importantly, Jiang Chen's way only worked for Reaching Heaven States who hadn't yet developed any of their extraordinary meridians.

It didn't apply to those who had already developed any extraordinary meridians.

Most of the powerful ones present had developed about five extraordinary meridians. Those who had developed six were already a rare case. They had expected to develop all of their extraordinary meridians through Jiang Chen's method.

"It was because I hadn't developed any when I broke through, but I might be able to find a way by studying other Reaching Heaven States who have already developed extraordinary meridians," Jiang Chen said just when everyone was feeling disappointed.


The Reaching Heaven States felt hopeful again. Jiang Chen had proved himself, so of course he was worthy of their trust.

"Jiang Chen, this will be a godsend for practitioners. Countless Reaching Heaven States have died from grief. Maybe you could be the one to change their fates," the old dean said.

"Exactly. Once you work it out, your name will be known by all of the disciples of the Sacred Institute. You will become a great man," said Yi Yuechuan.

Jiang Chen nodded and said, "I won't let you down."

"Jiang Chen, don't mention this to others. Please keep it a secret until you really succeed," the old dean said seriously.


"People will be mad about it if they hear. The Sacred Institute will be able to protect you from other forces, but the Evil Cloud Palace won't let you go easily," said the old dean.

As soon as he mentioned the Evil Cloud Palace, the important figures around all became serious. The atmosphere became quite somber.

"The Evil Cloud Palace?"

The Sacred Institute was very influential. Jiang Chen didn't understand why it would be afraid of this group.

"There is a bright side and there is a dark side, like there is black and white.

"The Evil Cloud Palace has been almost as influential as the Sacred Institute in the Dragon Field. It's a powerful force. The Sacred Institute is its biggest enemy.

"The Evil Cloud Palace would try every possible way to become more powerful. Such eagerness easily leads them to extremes.

"You're from the Fire Field, so maybe you've never heard about it, but the Evil Cloud Palace has become a notorious name in the Dragon Field. People don't dare talk about it lightly.

"Once they know you have the way to develop extraordinary meridians in the Reaching Heaven State, they'll try to catch you, at any cost."

Jiang Chen listened attentively to the the dean's description of the Evil Cloud Palace was from.

It was a powerful force that even the Sacred Institute feared, and they were enemies.

As for its evil workings, he would have to verify them in person.

"Understood," Jiang Chen said.

He didn't want to tell others about his method anyway to ensure that no one would set their sights on it.

"Jiang Chen, could you write your method down? Since we have a lot of Reaching Heaven States who haven't developed their extraordinary meridians," said one elder.

"Jiang Chen, as a short-term disciple, you don't owe the Sacred Institute anything, but it would be a waste if such a great method couldn't be used by more people."

"The Sacred Institute will give you a handsome reward if you tell us. You would become a member of the Hall of Watching today."

Jiang Chen had anticipated all of these offers. In fact, he would have been nervous if they hadn't mentioned any of these.

He had even thought the Sacred Institute might force him to tell them the method.

"Seniors, I have no precedent to go by. I really don't know what I should ask for in return," Jiang Chen said.


He looked sincere, and he had said it seriously, but these people were all very crafty. They knew it wouldn't be that simple.

What should they offer for a method that could change the fates of Reaching Heaven States? It was hard to say.

If Jiang Chen had asked for something himself, it would definitely seem like highway robbery, since he was only a short-term disciple.

So, he had left that tricky problem to the Sacred Institute.

It was an amazing method. Besides, Jiang Chen would keep developing his remaining extraordinary meridians and work on a method for the Reaching Heaven States who had developed extraordinary meridians. If the reward wasn't enough to motivate him, it would become a big problem.

The top management even started to wonder whether Jiang Chen had intentionally led them to this point.

He had told them he had only developed two extraordinary meridians, then he had mentioned how there would be more problems to work on so he could win the Sacred Institute's attention.

If that was true, Jiang Chen would definitely be a person to fear. Although it was justifiable for him to receive a handsome reward, he was so sophisticated at such a young age that it was stunning.

"Jiang Chen, the Sacred Institute will grant you a scholarship of ten million upper-grade yuan stones every month," the old dean said suddenly after some consideration.

It seemed like other people were more excited than Jiang Chen. They all looked towards the old dean, but he was very calm. He had made the decision, and he wouldn't change his mind.


Jiang Chen hadn't expected the Sacred Institute to be so generous. He said excitedly, "I'll try my best to work out the problem as soon as possible."

In fact, Jiang Chen had told a lie about the problem.

He knew fairly well how to develop the eight extraordinary meridians, but as the old dean had said, this method was too stunning for him to offer a price. In addition, he would expose his secret.

However, he hadn't expected the Sacred Institute to be so generous. Ten million upper-grade yuan stones was equivalent to 100 million middle-grade yuan stones.

He would be able to afford the herbs he needed for the detoxification.

Yet, Jiang Chen also knew that once he accepted the offer and used these upper-grade yuan stones, he would owe the Sacred Institute a lot and would have to stand together with them.

Fortunately, the Sacred Institute had a good reputation. It was everyone's dream to stand with them, so Jiang Chen agreed immediately.

After Jiang Chen left the back room, the others couldn't sit still anymore. They began a heated discussion, thinking the scholarship offered to him was too much, especially if they took Jiang Chen's identity into consideration.

"It sounds like a lot, but a year only has twelve months, and the scholarship will add up to about 100 million upper-grade yuan stones. If Jiang Chen can't show us results in a year, we'll just tell him we have to cancel his scholarship due to opposition from the Hall of Heroes," the old dean told them his plan.


One hundred million upper-grade yuan stones wasn't much at all compared to a method that could change the fate of all Reaching Heaven States.

"Besides, I don't think he could use up 10 million upper-grade yuan stones every month."


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