The Brilliant Fighting Master
271 A Better Nickname
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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271 A Better Nickname

"I said you were trash!" Fang Yi knew he was going to humiliate her, so she wasn't polite either. Although it was an apology, it sounded like she was emphasizing what she had originally said.

Jiang Chen took the Redcloud Sword back and said, "Now that I've defeated your son, you know who the real trash is?"


Fang Yi didn't expect him to be so silver-tongued that he was able to refute her using her own words.

"So you didn't mean the apology. I'll show everyone what the Gaos, an aristocratic family of inheritance, said to me!"

As he spoke, he took a scroll out.

Many people were curious about it. What did Jiang Chen have to do with the Gaos, and why did they hold such strong hatred for each other?

The Gaos turned pale when they saw the scroll. Senior Sky reproached Fang Yi in a cold voice, "Fang Yi, do you really want to see the Gaos completely discredited?"

Fang Yi gnashed her teeth. She felt wronged, but she knew as soon as Jiang Chen opened the scroll, not only would she lose face, but she would be punished, too.

"I shouldn't have belittled you. Although you're not a disciple of an aristocratic family of inheritance, you're a great guy," Fang Yi said.

People exclaimed. They were surprised to see the bad-tempered Fang Yi prefer to apologize to Jiang Chen rather than let him open the scroll. What was recorded in the scroll must have been astonishing.

"That's all?" Jiang Chen wasn't satisfied yet. He stood with his hands behind his back and looked down.

"I cursed your father because I was stupid. I cursed your mother because I was ignorant. You won't need the blood of the phoenix to overshadow the Gao disciples," Fang Yi said again. This time, she hadn't hesitated. She spoke quite smoothly, but the lack of feeling sold her out.

"So now, do you expect me to excuse your ignorance and stupidity?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Jiang Chen, don't go too far!" Gao Tiange said angrily.

Fang Yi was his mother. He couldn't take Jiang Chen's aggression any more.

"Yeah, I expect you to excuse me." Fang Yi was completely pale, her voice cold. Her chest heaved up and down quickly. It was quite a worrying scene.

"Haha, you want me to excuse you? You don't deserve it!"

Jiang Chen surprised everyone. He hadn't changed his attitude just because Fang Yi had caved and given in.

The Gaos all paled. They were wondering whether Jiang Chen would insist on opening the scroll.

While they were worrying about it, Jiang Chen threw the scroll up into the air. The scroll lit up, but it showed nothing.

"I didn't record anything at all that day. You can relax," said Jiang Chen.

The Gaos felt relieved, then regretful, since they had all been made fools of by Jiang Chen.

Fang Yi turned red and wobbled a bit. Then everything faded to black before her eyes and she fainted.


Gao Tiange was shocked. He dashed over.

"Jiang Chen, I hope you won't regret how you've humiliated the Gaos today!" Senior Sky said and stood up. His expression had darkened. He looked extremely angry.

"You deserve the humiliation you received. You were so eager to be humiliated, I was just glad to help," Jiang Chen smiled coldly.

"Let's go."

Gao Ke turned to leave with the others. Before leaving, he looked towards Jiang Chen. The look was so cold that no one would believe he was from the Gaos, the aristocratic family with the blood of the phoenix.

The Gaos left, but the competition of the Sacred Institute hadn't ended. There were more disciples in the Reaching Heaven State ready to fight, but everyone knew there wouldn't be another person more brilliant than Jiang Chen.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the false news The Sacred City Daily reported. We'll verify our news more thoroughly in the future. I promise such a thing won't happen again."

Mo Cangliu apologized to the people present while everyone was still excited about Jiang Chen's performance.

The big surprise about Jiang Chen that day was partly due to the misleading news from The Sacred City Daily. If the paper had said Jiang Chen was a rare genius, his performance would have been seen as reasonable.

"Hopefully, the paper will give me a better nickname next time," Jiang Chen said. After a few seconds of silence, the spectators burst out in laughter.

"Absolutely," Mo Cangliu smiled embarrassedly. He wasn't an average person. Of course he would be pissed off by being teased by a youngster, but Jiang Chen hadn't even shown any respect for the Gaos. In addition, it was him who had made a mistake. What could he say about it?

Jiang Chen walked off the platform and towards where the disciples of the west courtyard were sitting. Under people's puzzled gazes, he said to one of the disciples, "Your Highness, thank you for the information."

"Huh!" Crimson Moon didn't take this as gratitude at all. She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at him angrily.

Jiang Chen didn't care. He went back to his seat.

As soon as he sat down, Liu Wuxin, the class leader of the superfine class, came up to him and said, "Jiang Chen, I didn't know you were so strong. If you had told me earlier, I wouldn't have asked you to concede the practice room. I'm the one to blame."

Liu Wuxin wasn't even a match for Su Li, not to mention Gao Tiange. He was afraid Jiang Chen would take revenge on him, so he hurried to apologize.

The guy was a wolf in sheep's clothing. He only bullied the weak. He was the kind of guy Jiang Chen despised the most, so Jiang Chen only gave him perfunctory answers.

But suddenly, he thought of Fey, who was beside him, and said, "Did you make him sweep every day?"

Liu Wuxin was stunned. He didn't remember Fey at all. It took him a good while to recall who Fey was. He said, "I'm only the class leader of the superfine class. The east courtyard is large. He was being bullied by the disciples of the east courtyard, because he offended Miss Murong."

"Miss Murong?"

Fey had mentioned this name before, but since even Liu Wuxin was talking about her with a serious tone, she must not have been an average woman.

"Jiang Chen, you'd better stay away from her. She… she… How to put it… Anyway, just stay away from her," said Liu Wuxin.


Jiang Chen was very curious, but Liu Wuxin refused to tell him more about her. He had come to befriend Jiang Chen because of the strength the latter had showed. In comparison, he was apparently frightened of Miss Murong.

After Liu Wuxin had left, Fey said, "Miss Murong is a narcissist, an intern of the east courtyard."


Jiang Chen was surprised. It meant that Miss Murong had graduated from the Sacred Institute and joined the Hall of Heroes, which was why she could work in the east courtyard.

The competition of the Sacred Institute had ended by then.

Shi Wengong went up to Jiang Chen and said, "Jiang Chen, come with me."

"Okay." Jiang Chen wasn't surprised. He knew the Sacred Institute would ask him something.

Others knew it was unusual when they saw Jiang Chen following the Dean of Students out and the old dean and the elders also leaving. They felt quite envious.

Undoubtedly, with Jiang Chen's performance that day, the prize he would get would be way better than the other outstanding grade winners.

Yi Qing didn't leave right away when the competition ended. When she walked towards Crimson Moon, she asked her, "Crimson Moon, are you close to that Jiang Chen?"

"No," Crimson Moon answered decisively.

"Then why did he thank you?" Yi Qing asked out of curiosity.

"He was just showing off!" Crimson Moon curled her lips. She glanced at Yi Qing and comforted her, "Yi Qing, Jiang Chen is a hateful guy…"

"I'm not interested in the relationship between you two. I'm just curious about him. Do you know him well?"

"Kind of. He's sort of famous in the Fire Field."

"Tell me about him. I'll get revenge for today's defeat!"


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