The Brilliant Fighting Master
268 Power of the Blood
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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268 Power of the Blood

Yi Qing was thinking about the conversation she had had with Jiang Chen in the west courtyard days before.

She had behaved like she was far better than Jiang Chen. She had thought he was only trash dreaming about joining the superfine class, and she had elbowed him out to the east courtyard.

Then Jiang Chen had had a great performance in all aspects in the exam of the superfine class, but still, she had been unwilling to accept he was actually good.

That day, Jiang Chen's performance made her realize how ignorant and ridiculous she had been.

Su Li had gotten carried away. When Yi Qing left the platform, there was only Jiang Chen and Gao Tiange left on it.

"Jiang Chen has had two fights. He needs a break," a voice suddenly came and reminded them while people were looking forward to the fight.

It was Fey who had spoken. He had been completely convinced by Jiang Chen. He had stopped complaining and found a new direction for his lost heart. This time, he would try his best to conquer the possible difficulties and never lower his head!

"Jiang Chen, you don't have to have this fight. You've already won the outstanding grade," the Dean of Students said.

Jiang Chen had defeated two rivals. No one would gossip, even if he stopped at that moment.

"Mr. Dean of Students."

But this didn't sound good to Gao Tiange. If it ended at this moment, some meddlesome people would keep wondering who was better between them.

He wouldn't allow this to happen. He wouldn't allow others to compare Jiang Chen to him.

"Jiang Chen, are you going to chicken out?" he provoked.

"You didn't have to provoke me. I'm still waiting for your mother's apology," Jiang Chen said.

He wasn't speaking very loudly, but everyone could hear him.

Gao Tiange's mother? He meant Fang Yi.

Jiang Chen wanted her to apologize to him?

That was definitely impossible.

Everyone in the upper class of the Sacred City knew Fang Yi's temper. She was a prideful and mean woman. She was proud to be Gao Tiange's mother, because Gao Tiange had the purest blood of the phoenix among all of the direct-line descendants.

"Tiange, show him what's actually going to happen," Fang Yi said casually under everyone's gazes. She was obvious disdainful of Jiang Chen.

"Sure thing."

Gao Tiange nodded, as if he had only been asked to run a simple errand.

The fight hadn't started, but everyone had already witnessed how arrogant the Gaos were.

"An aristocratic family of inheritance!" someone exclaimed.

They didn't know Jiang Chen was actually a member of the Gaos, too, and the son of the person who had had the purest blood of phoenix in the past hundred years.

"I'm different from them."

Gao Tiange looked towards Jiang Chen and said, "If you think you can defeat me because you defeated them, I'm telling you it's impossible."


Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He brandished the Redcloud Sword casually with his left hand. Light kept flowing out of the sword, reminding people of how great his last attack had been.

"The fight between the successor to the doctrine of sword and the Gaos with the phoenix blood. Interesting."

"Both of them are swordsmen."

"If Jiang Chen can win this fight, he could be ranked on the List of Fame."

The List of Fame of the Dragon Field was different from the Prince List of the Fire Field. It didn't require one to be a member of an aristocratic family. As long as one was good enough and admired by people, they could have the chance to be recognized.

Gao Tiange's sword seemed to be made of fire crystals, but since fire crystal was very fragile, it was obvious this sword had been casted by special means.

Suddenly, the blade started to burn, and the hand grasping the sword was also swallowed by fire, but Gao Tiange wasn't affected. He brandished his spiritual sword with effort, then the fire flew over like arrows. It swept over the fragments of Yi Qing's spiritual sword.

It didn't take long for the fragments to melt. The hot, molten iron was flowing on the ground. The air became so hot that it could burn people indirectly.

"The full spirit of the sword, half great doctrine of the creation of fire, blood of the phoenix," Gao Tiange cried out. He was standing in profile, his sword in his hand. He said, "Bring it on!"

Suddenly, Jiang Chen put his sword back into its sheath and threw it onto the ground. He grasped the knife handle with his right hand again.


It was a confusing move. He was facing Gao Tiange, who was more powerful, but he had changed from sword to knife?

"The Lost Soul!"

As soon as the attack was launched, all of the questions were answered.

It was a pure knife attack, no worse than his sword attacks.

The knife swept across the sky. He had intended to meet at Gao Tiange's level.

Unlike Su Li and Yi Qing, Gao Tiange was an opponent that deserved serious treatment. Jiang Chen would never be careless when facing such an adversary.

"He knows nothing about Gao Tiange. It's too risky to attack rashly. With this knife attack, even if it doesn't end well, there won't be any danger," the old dean said.

Jiang Chen hadn't been fighting seriously until this moment. Before that, he had just been showing the achievements he had made in practice.

Gao Tiange was shocked by Jiang Chen's knife attack. He couldn't be too careful. He closed his eyes and adjusted his breath.

"Fire Phoenix Flies Upward!"

He pierced his fire sword out. Fire kept flying over.

The dreadful momentum of the knife was burnt up as soon as it made contact with the fire.

Although Jiang Chen was still very far away from the fire and not in contact with it, the hot air penetrated his protective energy and was burning his skin.

"Half great doctrine of the creation of fire? No, not only that. He also used the power of the blood of the phoenix," Jiang Chen thought to himself. He suddenly found his situation tricky.

"The fire isn't only used to attack, but also to crack the enemy's attack. My son can wear the fire on himself to form an absolutely unapproachable area for as long as he wishes," Fang Yi said complacently.

"Now you see the gap between me and them? It's your turn to lose!"

Gao Tiange attacked actively. The glow of the sword was creating a formidable flame.

He wasn't as skilled at swordsmanship as Jiang Chen, but he had managed to gain the upper hand over the latter.

The glow of the sword and the flame were mixed together perfectly. Before the light could hurt anyone, the flame was ready to burn people to death.

Before Jiang Chen could even seize a chance to exchange blows with him, he was attacked by the fire dragon.

The elevation of the sword was able to cut the flames open, but it did him no good to cut it open. He had to extinguish it.

Jiang Chen tried his best to drive away the flames with the elevation of the sword so that he wouldn't be burned.

"Gao Tiange is from an aristocratic family of inheritance. Besides that, he's been a Reaching Heaven State for a long time. He isn't far off from the initial phase."

"I'm afraid this time, Jiang Chen won't be able to amaze us."

"It wasn't as he thought. Aristocratic families of inheritance aren't easy to deal with. People won't be able to realize how powerful the blood of the phoenix is unless they experience it in person."

Gao Tiange didn't even have to accumulate force to exert his sword movement. He only needed to mix the blood of the phoenix with the creation of fire to force Jiang Chen back.

"Average people wouldn't be able to persist for such a long time in a fight with someone from an aristocratic family of inheritance, even if there wasn't a huge gap between their states or martial arts techniques. Jiang Chen is doing great," Shi Gandang said.

"That's because Gao Tiange hasn't tried his best. Otherwise, Jiang Chen would have been defeated," the dean of the south courtyard said. This fight had nothing to do with the south courtyard, but he would be happy to see Jiang Chen defeated.

"I think he's afraid to expose his flaws. That's why he is pursuing security like a shameless coward. Don't you think so?"


The dean of the south courtyard didn't argue. Jiang Chen would suffer anyway.

Jiang Chen had experienced how powerful the blood of the phoenix was. The Redcloud Sword was burning, the blade a crimson red. It wasn't because of the glow of the sword. It had been burnt red.

I have to end the fight with one sword attack if I want to win. Jiang Chen had realized this, but he wasn't sure whether he should attack or not.


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