The Brilliant Fighting Master
265 Defeated One by One
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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265 Defeated One by One

It was Su Li on the platform!

He hadn't shown up when the disciples of the Heaven Grade were competing. People thought it was because he hadn't recovered. It had never occurred to them that he was already a Reaching Heaven State!

The conflict between him and Jiang Chen jeopardized both of their practice.

Jiang Chen had broken through to the Reaching Heaven State ahead of schedule without developing his extraordinary meridians, while Su Li had been beaten by Jiang Chen in front of the whole Sacred Institute, and in the end, been carried away.

It had been extremely humiliating.

Su Li couldn't accept it, so he broke through to the Reaching Heaven State as well to get revenge that day!

People could still see the bruises on his body. His face was as dark as stormy clouds, his eyes full of hatred.

"It's not your turn yet! Jiang Chen, come down here!"

While people were still in shock, another Reaching Heaven State had gone onto the platform to challenge Jiang Chen.

When they recognized him, they looked towards where the Gaos were sitting.

Quite a few people from the Gaos had gone that day. They were paying more attention to this competition than any other group, but none of the Gao disciples had gone onto the platform until that moment.

"Why do the Gaos care so much about Gao Yunge and Jiang Chen?" Outsiders were confused.

Gao Yunge wasn't the only excellent disciple from the Gaos. Before him, many others had graduated from the Sacred Institute. Some of them had become members of the Hall of Heroes, and others had been ranked on List A of the Dragon Rise List.

Gao Yunge was the same age as Su Li, both of them brilliant and talented disciples. At that moment, the two of them were standing on the platform and challenging Jiang Chen at the same time.

"Jiang Chen, do you dare?"

And if this wasn't enough, Yi Qing, class leader of the superfine class of the west courtyard, had also gone onto the platform to challenge Jiang Chen.

If Jiang Chen wasn't a disciple of the east courtyard, some Reaching Heaven States from the east courtyard could have challenged him, too.

"What did he do? He offended the most powerful people from each of the three courtyards."

"Each one of them is more powerful than him."

"Who will he fight?"

"Gao Yunge and Yi Qing broke through to the Reaching Heaven State a long time ago. Su Li has just broken through. He has to choose Su Li."

People were in heated discussion. Their enthusiasm had once again been ignited.

"You two, what are you doing?!" Su Li was surprised to see Gao Yunge and Yi Qing sabotaging his revenge.

Neither of them answered. They were both looking at Jiang Chen.

The Deans of the four courtyards and the Dean of Students were also in a heated discussion.

"Jiang Chen, who will you pick?" someone shouted from the crowd.

"Haha, pick one with your eyes closed. You won't win anyway."


Gao Yunge, Su Li, and Yi Qing weren't on the same levels, but it was all the same to Jiang Chen.

Fey was looking at Jiang Chen without blinking. He was curious to see the latter's expression.

Jiang Chen had told him many things. He was wondering whether Jiang Chen could achieve what he had spoken of.

Jiang Chen walked onto the platform slowly without speaking. He gazed at the three people in front of him.

It was his first time seeing Gao Yunge, but his anger towards him was greater than Yi Qing's. The reason was simple; Fang Yi, who was sitting with the Gaos, had swayed her son to hate Jiang Chen.

Fang Yi was not only mean, but also very resentful. She had resorted to using her son to get revenge for what Jiang Chen had done to her in the Gao Mansion.

"Jiang Chen, the conflict between us hasn't been settled yet!" Su Li said coldly.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He looked towards the Dean of Students, Shi Wengong, who wasn't far away, and said something that caused a stir.

"Can the three of them fight me at the same time?"

Jiang Chen was thought of as unable to defeat a single one of them, but he wanted to confront them at the same time, and it didn't sound like he was joking.

"Jiang Chen!"

Gao Yunge, Su Li, and Yi Qing flew into outrage. Disdain was intolerable to geniuses.

"Are you sure?" he asked him, but he didn't refuse after having confirmed he hadn't misheard Jiang Chen. Shi Wengong was surprised, too. He was a resolute man, but he was still shocked.

"Dean of Students!"

The three hurried to express their opposition loudly.

"I'm sure," Jiang Chen said.

"So, you four, do whatever you see fit in the ring," Shi Wengong said.

His answer caused quite a stir. People couldn't believe Shi Wengong had permitted such an absurd event.


Many people refused to accept the fact that a worthless Reaching Heaven State was going to challenge three excellent Reaching Heaven States. To them, he seemed overconfident.

"That's what you want?!" Su Li complained.

"I won't fight at the same time as you two." Yi Qing was going to teach Jiang Chen a lesson. She didn't want others to interrupt.

"I'll defeat him with my own hands!" Gao Yunge was very insistent, eager to fight.

He walked towards Jiang Chen.

"Stop. He's mine!"

Su Li stopped him immediately and said, "I'll use his blood to wash away the shame he brought on me."

"That has nothing to do with me," Gao Yunge said indifferently.

"Darn. Let's fight first then, to see who's stronger. Don't think you're better than me just because you broke through before me!" Su Li said in a low voice.


Gao Yunge was intrigued. Jiang Chen was there, yet Jiang Chen wouldn't be his only rival that day. Su Li would be a good stepping stone.

"All right." Gao Yunge drew his spiritual sword out. The blade was like fire, emitting heat. The temperature around him rose immediately.


Su Li took out his spear. It was sharp and gave off a powerful energy.

Their energies kept building. Jiang Chen had become irrelevant.

At this moment, Yi Qing suddenly attacked. She dashed towards Jiang Chen with a scimitar in her hand.

It looked like she was going to defeat Jiang Chen in one attack!

"She cheated!" Gao Yunge and Su Li became agitated, but neither of them could stop her.

Yi Qing went up to Jiang Chen. She and her knife weren't giving off a very strong energy, but together they were like a giant monster lurking in a calm sea, and they were approaching fast. The moment they jumped out of the water was coming soon.

"Flying Leaf Strike!"

After these three words, the momentum, the radiance, and the energy of the knife became one. Erupting like a volcano, it was unstoppable.


The result was unexpected. The formidable knife attack had been parried. It had struck the blade of Jiang Chen's black knife, just like a disabled bomb that looked dangerous, but wouldn't explode.

"It's not a good habit to launch surprise attacks."

Jiang Chen hadn't drawn his black knife completely out of its sheath. It was still one-third inside. After parrying Yi Qing's attack, he put the knife back into the sheath, stepped forward, and turned around to draw the knife out once again.

"A Strike without Permanence!"

A quick, powerful, and precise strike.

There had been no aggressive prelude. It was so quick that there wasn't a trace. Only after the knife had already struck down did his opponent realize how powerful it was.


A crack appeared on Yi Qing's spiritual knife first, then it shattered to pieces completely and fell to the ground.

She was fine, but a single hair of hers fell.

"See? One has already been dealt with."

There was only silence. Jiang Chen grinned and put his black knife back in its sheath. He looked towards Gao Yunge and Su Li, pretending he was going to draw the knife out. He said, "Now, you two, do you want to be defeated at the same time, or one by one?"

He looked as serious as he had a moment before, but no one found it funny this time. They had a strange feeling.

"Classic, this guy…"

Somehow, Crimson Moon wasn't surprised at all. Instead, she smiled helplessly.

Jiang Chen should never be underestimated!

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》