The Brilliant Fighting Master
263 Early Graduation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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263 Early Graduation

As Jiang Chen came closer, some people in the square noticed him.

The formal disciples looked weird. It seemed like they were afraid of him. Most of the disciples had been laughing at Jiang Chen behind his back. Only few had the nerve to provoke him face to face.

The disciples of the east courtyard could still recall the day when Su Li had been beaten up.

The short-term disciple also reacted strangely. He had apparently recognized Jiang Chen. His hands were gripping the broom tightly. The veins on them had popped out.

"You won't allow him to take part in the competition?" Jiang Chen went straight to the point.

"He… he hasn't finished his task yet." A bully is always a coward. The leader of those formal disciples had intended to show he wasn't afraid of Jiang Chen, but his tone had sold him out.

"Sweeping? If you keep talking bullsh*t like this, I'll use you as a broom!" Jiang Chen shouted.

"What? How dare you!" The formal disciples were irritated by him.

"See there?"

Jiang Chen pointed at Ying Wushuang and her subordinates.

"The Department of Discipline?!" The formal disciples were surprised.

"They've come to take me to the competition location. They won't care even if I beat you up," Jiang Chen smiled complacently.

The members of the Department of Discipline weren't very happy when they heard what Jiang Chen had said, but since Ying Wushuang didn't respond, they didn't dare speak, either.

Jiang Chen's words were shocking. The Department of Discipline would escort him?


No matter whether it was true or not, they didn't want to have trouble because of a short-term disciple, so they left, one by one.

Jiang Chen smiled and said to the short-term disciple, who was looking down, "Let's go."

But it seemed like he hadn't heard Jiang Chen. He kept standing there, motionless.


"You drove them away. That's great, but after today, they'll still vent their anger on me!" the short-term disciple growled with anger.

Jiang Chen wasn't irritated by him. Instead, he felt sorry for him. He looked at the short-term disciple's wet eyes and said, "But, could it be worse than sweeping? This is not the right way to go for a practitioner."

"Stop it. Our backgrounds have already decided how far we can go," the short-term disciple said.

"Exactly. Different backgrounds, different treatments, but will pessimism help you out?" Jiang Chen said.

"Do you want to feed me the same bullsh*t that everything is possible, we can decide our own fate? But aren't you the same as me? You'll fail anyway today."

"What if I succeed? Let's go to take a look. I'll teach you how to decide your fate by yourself," Jiang Chen said.

The short-term disciple was in a daze. He hesitated for a while, and in the end put the broom aside and followed Jiang Chen to the Department of Discipline.

"Your name is Fey, right?" Jiang Chen asked.

He had dashing eyebrows and bright eyes. His lips were curled into a thin line. They looked like two blades. His face looked thinner with his tall nose.

Jiang Chen had happened to overhear others talking about this guy. He had had a conflict with others in his first days here, then he had a fight on the Hero Platform, but in the end, he lost.

But failure didn't matter. He was already great compared to other intimidating short-term disciples.

Jiang Chen wanted to help him rebuild his confidence, but Fey only nodded. He wasn't excited at all, since in his eyes, Jiang Chen was also a loser.

The great competition was held in the square in the center of the four courtyards. It could hold thousands of people.

Many rows of chairs of different heights had encircled the square, where people were seated.

The arrival of the Department of Discipline attracted their attention. After all, their uniforms were the best. The members looked vigorous. Among them, Ying Wushuang was the most eye-catching. Her pretty face and exceptional temperament had drawn many people's attention.

Of course, people had also seen Jiang Chen and Fey.

"Why is the Department of Discipline escorting two short-term disciples here?"

"If they committed a crime, they wouldn't have been brought here."

"That guy looks like the worthless Reaching Heave State!"

"Where is he? Let's see… Yeah, that's him."

The spectators were not only composed of the disciples of the Sacred Institute. There were many local people, too, including graduates of the Sacred Institute and various schools.

There were also people who were there to cheer for the competitors.

They only knew Jiang Chen from the papers. Not many people knew what the worthless Reaching Heave State looked like.

Since the disciples of the Sacred Instituted had mentioned him, they also craned their necks to try to get a glimpse of him.

"Dean, we've brought him here."

The first row on the other side of the spectator seats was the center of attention.

The people sitting there were all higher-ups.

They were the Dean of the Sacred Institute, Dean of Students Shi Wengong, the deans of the four courtyards, and the masters of each courtyard.

Jiang Chen looked towards the Dean of the Institute. He was an old man, but the energy he was giving off didn't seem to belong to an old man. It was even more vigorous than young people's energy.

"Jiang Chen, you've done pretty well recently. You passed each assignment with a perfect grade, and you're already a Reaching Heaven State. We'll grant you early graduation since you've hit your bottleneck," the dean said.

Early graduation?

It sounded pretty, but it was actually expulsion.

However, what he had said wasn't totally wrong. That was why the Sacred Institute hadn't arranged any courses for him.

He didn't need any instruction in terms of skill.

In terms of practice, he was already a Reaching Heaven State. He had hit his bottleneck.

"Sure, if your performance today is good enough, we might let you join the Hall of Heroes," the dean said again.

Many people had thought the dean was creating difficulties for Jiang Chen, but by then they changed their mind.

It looked more like a test.

But when they thought of what kind of rivals Jiang Chen would face this day, they once again changed their mind and thought the dean was deliberately making things difficult for him.

"No, there're still many difficulties for him."

There was no chance for him to win. It was impossible for him to join the Hall of Heroes.

Only Jiang Chen understood why the dean was doing this. He looked towards Shi Gandang. The latter's expression was an affirmative answer.

Shi Gandang must have told the higher-ups what Jiang Chen had told him. They didn't believe him, so on this day, they were going to test him.

Ying Wushuang glanced at Jiang Chen, then left with her subordinates.

Jiang Chen thought he had seen empathy in her eyes, but he wasn't sure. Maybe it was just an illusion.

"Jiang Chen, you'd better show us a wonderful fight. Otherwise, the east courtyard won't send you back. You'll walk back on foot!" the master of the east courtyard said unhappily.

Jiang Chen frowned at him. He didn't know what had happened.

He didn't know that if he couldn't prove what he had said to be true, Shi Gandang would lose his job.

Although Shi Gandang was a hot-tempered guy and often burst out into cursing, those of the east courtyard found him indispensable.

Both disciples and teachers respected him a lot.

Fortunately, the disciples of the east courtyard knew nothing about it yet. Otherwise, Jiang Chen would have been attacked by them.

"Find a place to sit. Prepare yourself well. You'll have a big challenge today," Shi Gandang said.

"Yeah, it'll be a long day!" the dean of the south courtyard sneered. He was gloating, because Su Li had broken through to the Reaching Heaven State in order to take revenge on him that day!


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