The Brilliant Fighting Master
260 You Don’t Even Deserve Our Scolding
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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260 You Don’t Even Deserve Our Scolding

"Do you think the Gao Mansion is a place you can come and go at will?" Gao Ke said angrily.

Jiang Chen realized this guy held a strong hatred for his father and had a lot of anger to vent.

Now that Jiang Chen had come to the Gaos, of course he wouldn't let this chance go easily.

"I'm here to see the master of the Gaos. I'm leaving since you won't allow me to see him. Are you going to kill me for that?"

However, Jiang Chen would in no case listen to his trash talk.

"You're as smooth-tongued as your father. He cheated my sister. You've inherited this talent of his perfectly!" Gao Ke said.

Even Buddha became irritated sometimes. Even though Jiang Chen had a good temper, he couldn't take Gao Ke's aggression anymore.

"You can criticize me, but you don't get to criticize my father."

"I don't get to?" Gao Ke kept sneering, and didn't bother to argue.

He only cursed, "You're way worse than my son, because the blood flowing in your father's body is too humble. Even though your mother has the blood of phoenix of the Gaos, they could only give birth to trash like you!"

Everyone in the hall was dumbstruck.

Gao Ke had been the acting master of the Gaos for many years. He had always been restrained and mature. He was good at managing and admired by all members of the Gaos.

But at this moment, Gao Ke looked like a stranger.

"So he has never let it go."

Some senior members of the Gaos could still recall how Gao Ke had spoiled his sister over ten years ago. He had treated her like treasure.

But what happened next had completely changed his character. He had been an optimistic person, and then he became a man of few words.

"Cut the crap! It's your ignorance that brought my parents pain. I don't even want to talk about it. It was proven in the Sacred Zone 500 years ago that the intermarriage of an equal family couldn't decide the purity of blood!"

Jiang Chen was emotional. His confidence and firmness overshadowed Gao Ke's aggression, but Gao Ke refuted scornfully after only a short while, "Five hundred years ago in the Sacred Zone, how would you know?"

"You kept criticizing my father. I'll let you know what the Gaos missed!" Jiang Chen said.

"How?" Gao Ke said more scornfully.

"Do you dare make a bet with me? I will win an outstanding grade in the great competition of the four courtyards!"

"Yeah? You want to prove that you're better than the disciples of the Gaos?"

"I don't have to prove it. I just want you to accept the reality," Jiang Chen said.

"How dare you!"

The aristocratic woman couldn't put up with Jiang Chen anymore. She threw the tea cup on the table and rebuked him, "What place do you think the Gao Mansion is? It's not a place for you to snap at people!"

"Huh, I wanted to leave. It's you who stopped me. What do you expect me to do? To get a scolding without talking back?" Jiang Chen asked.

"You don't even deserve our scolding!" the aristocratic woman said coldly.

"Fantastic. I don't even deserve your scolding! What an aristocratic family of inheritance! You've really broadened my horizons."

Jiang Chen took out a scroll as he spoke. He said, "This is a recording scroll of the Sacred Institute. I'll be very happy to send it to the Sacred City's paper so that the local people can see how ugly you are, too!"

The atmosphere in the hall was immediately frozen. No one had expected Jiang Chen to have a recorder.

"Aren't you foolish to take it out now?" The aristocratic woman curled her lips and stared at the scroll in Jiang Chen's hand.

Jiang Chen threw it on the ground and said, "It's only a recorder. The video has already been transmitted to the Sacred Institute. Go there to take it if you can."

They all turned pale at the mention of the Sacred Institute.

Gao Ke had lost his temper. The aristocratic woman had talked and behaved in such a shameful manner. If what had happened was really reported by the papers, it would be a heavy blow for the Gaos.

"What your father did wasn't enough to destroy us, so now you want the whole world to know about our family's scandal?" Gao Ke shouted coldly.

"A family scandal? Are you saying I'm a member of the Gaos? But I don't want to be."

Then Jiang Chen walked towards the door with Whitty. If the Gaos wanted to stop him, they would have to attack him.

"Jiang Chen, don't act on impulse. It will do neither of us any good. You don't want others to discuss Gao Yue and your father, either, do you?"

But a gray-haired old man showed up at the door and stopped him.

"Senior Sky."

Those in the hall greeted him all at once, including Gao Ke.

"Here comes the hero," Jiang Chen sneered silently.

However, Senior Sky's strength had caused concern. His breath was long and deep, as if it were infinite.

"Senior, it's the Gaos that have been pushing me and insulting me. I don't think you would have even bothered to show up if I didn't have the scroll," Jiang Chen said.

Senior Sky frowned at his reply.

It seemed Jiang Chen had made a concession, but actually his reply was quite aggressive. Senior Sky became speechless and didn't know how to answer him.

"Hm, the scroll. Who knows whether you really have what you claimed to have!" the aristocratic woman said, but she didn't sound very sure this time.

"You'll know when you read the papers," Jiang Chen said.

"Enough," Senior Sky shouted and looked towards the aristocratic woman unhappily.

"Jiang Chen, you have the blood of the Gaos. Although your grandpa hasn't recognized you as a member of the Gaos, if what happened today is reported by the paper, the outsiders will still regard you as one of us. On one hand, you don't get the benefits of being a disciple of the Gaos. On the other hand, since these years we've incurred a lot of hatred, we have many enemies out there."

The older, the wiser.

It didn't sound like a threat, but it made people feel threatened.

Then Senior Sky said again, "What about this? Aren't you gonna get an outstanding grade in the big competition of the four courtyards? Fang Yi's son happens to be a disciple of the Sacred Institute, too. You two could be opponents then. Let's make a bet."

The way Senior Sky put the suggestion won the Gaos' appreciation.

He had resolved the conflict by taking advantage of Jiang Chen's own words. In this way, the latter couldn't refuse him.

Jiang Chen had broken through to the Reaching Heaven State without developing any of the extraordinary meridians. How was it possible for him to be a match for Fang Yi's son?

Gao Tian'ai was looking at Jiang Chen worriedly. She knew there was no way Jiang Chen would know who Fang Yi's son was and he would just accept the bet.

"Are you afraid?" It also sounded like a good suggestion to the aristocratic woman.

"What do we bet?" Jiang Chen asked.

Senior Sky wasn't surprised, because Jiang Chen had to ask this question. He said, "If you lose, destroy the scroll, and you shouldn't tell others about your relation with the Gaos without the Gaos' permission."

Jiang Chen smiled disdainfully. The stake sounded worthless to him.

"What if she loses?" Jiang Chen pointed at the aristocratic woman.

She was unsatisfied with Jiang Chen's pointing, but she didn't dare interrupt Senior Sky.

"Fang Yi will apologize to you for what she did today, and ask for your forgiveness," Senior Sky said.

The aristocratic woman was surprised. Her face darkened. It would be worse than killing her, but fortunately, she was confident it wouldn't really happen.

"Apologize to me in public, when I defeat her son in the ring," Jiang Chen added.

"No problem," Senior Sky agreed immediately. Anyway, it wouldn't happen.

Then he walked away from the door and smiled at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn't rush to leave. He turned around to look at Gao Ke and said, "Are your son and her son the same person?"

"Nope," Gao Ke said impatiently.

"What a pity. But it's all right. I'll defeat your sons to prove what you two said today is bullsh*t!"
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》