The Brilliant Fighting Master
253 Beating Su Li Up
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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253 Beating Su Li Up

Su Li had come to pick a fight with Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen really accepted the challenge, people would find him stupid instead of brave.

On the contrary, at that moment, he was smiling at Su Li playfully, while the latter couldn't attack him. That must have been frustrating for Su Li.

Su Li kept staring at Jiang Chen. He had planned to teach Jiang Chen a lesson without reporting to the institute, but Whitty's presence had sabotaged this plan. Then Ying Wushuang had come, and Jiang Chen had also refused to get onto the Hero Platform. He was really at his wit's end.

"Coward!" Su Li curled his lips and kicked Whitty's head.

Whitty had been sitting on the ground and his eyes had gone back to blue. Although he was off his guard, he would be able to dodge the kick.

However, it occurred to him that if he dodged, it would be Jiang Chen who got kicked.

That was why people heard Whitty's painful groan and saw him flying off the ground.

"You'd better stay at the Sacred Institute your whole life."

The kick wasn't enough for Su Li to vent his anger. He trash talked and then turned around, ready to leave.

The disciples of the Sacred Institute were very disappointed, but they could do nothing in the presence of the Department of Discipline.

"Stop," Jiang Chen said when Su Li and the disciples of the south courtyard were about to leave.

The smile on his face had disappeared.

Whitty was groaning and tumbling on the ground after the kick.

Jiang Chen had gone to soothe him. He was shocked when he had seen Su Li about to go.

He thought that kick was already merciful to me and he had let me go. Unbelievable!

Jiang Chen was both angry and amused when he had realized this.

"Don't you wanna fight me?" Jiang Chen said in a cold voice when Su Li and the disciples of the south courtyard had turned around.


The spectators, who had thought there would be no show that day, were surprised. They glanced at each other.

They hadn't expected Su Li's kick to work.

"Hm, interesting."

Su Li shrugged his shoulders. He smiled and said, "You're going to make me pay the price for that kick?"

This time it was his turn to raise the question, and he imitated Jiang Chen's tone.

"Yep," Jiang Chen said.

Strangers only knew he was angry judging from his sullen face, but Crimson Moon and his other companions knew what this anger could bring.

Jiang Chen had never been so angry, not even before the Third Prince.

"Fine. Let's go to the Hero Platform then," Su Li said.

"No. We stay here," Jiang Chen said.


Su Li was surprised. He looked towards Ying Wushuang.

"Your fight will sabotage the Sacred Institute unless you two promise you won't get into a fierce battle," Ying Wushuang said.

"Ha, I surely won't. I only need the opportunity to start," Su Li laughed.

The other people laughed, too. Would it be possible for Su Li and Jiang Chen to get into a fierce battle?

"If I see any sign of it, I'll switch on the tactical formation to stop you." Ying Wushuang wasn't going to stop Jiang Chen, nor was she going to seek justice for Whitty. After all, in her eyes, it was only a mount.

The spectators stepped back to give them enough space.

"I'll fracture your arm and abolish your holy points. In the year you stay here, no matter how many holy points you form, I'll abolish all of them," said Su Li.

Jiang Chen didn't answer. He let Whitty go back to his room first.

"Son of a b*tch!"

Su Li couldn't take it anymore. He dashed over. He wasn't even using a spiritual weapon. It was unimaginable how confident he was.

Su Li was developing his fourth extraordinary meridian and in the peak of the late stage. Jiang Chen was already inferior in these two aspects, not to mention martial arts techniques.

Su Li threw a straight punch at Jiang Chen's chest.

Jiang Chen didn't try to dodge. He extended his hand out to take the punch.

Pah! The power of Su Li's punch was weakened by something.


"You'll regret it."

Jiang Chen's voice was cold. He grasped Su Li's fist. Without making any effort, he stretched out Su Li's arm. The latter's body tilted.


Jiang Chen punched his face under his shocked gaze.

The great power sent Su Li flying. He fell in the crowd. Hundreds of disciples fell like dominos.

"Something wrong with my eyes? Why did I see Apprentice Brother Su Li flying off the ground?"

It had happened in only three seconds. All of the disciples were stunned.

However, Jiang Chen didn't care.

He came up to Su Li with a jump and grasped his clothes to lift him up.

"You think you're powerful, so you're putting on airs and bullying? But I'm afraid you're not powerful enough."

Then Jiang Chen threw him away. Before he fell on the ground, Jiang Chen jumped up to him and hit his back with elbow.


Su Li screamed. He arched his body in pain. People were worried about him, thinking he might be disabled.

Suddenly, Su Li took out a spear. He swept it blindly and pushed Jiang Chen to retreat. In this way, he managed to gasp for air.

The spectators also had time to figure out what was going on.

They saw Su Li kneeling on the ground. They rubbed their eyes to confirm everything they were seeing was real. They felt thirsty. Their hearts were pounding fast. Not only had their brains failed to accept what had happened, but also their bodies.

"Stand up. Let's go to the Hero Platform," Jiang Chen said.

"Haha," Su Li laughed. He flew into the air and stayed still there.

There were no other sounds but his laughter. He was laughing and coughing. He didn't stop laughing even though he was coughing up blood.

"You're already in the Reaching Heaven State! Stupid. What a fool! You've destroyed yourself!" Su Li shouted when he had finally stopped laughing.

His words cleared people's doubts. It turned out Jiang Chen had broken through to the Reaching Heaven State.

Then what had happened just then was completely reasonable.

However, the Sacred Institute was always in favor of developing the Eight Extraordinary Meridians before achieving the Reaching Heaven State. Jiang Chen was in good physical condition and also talented, but he had wasted his chance and achieved the Reaching Heaven State!

"You're short-sighted, too short-sighted. Do you think the Reaching Heaven State is the ultimate goal? Let me tell you one thing. There are far more things to achieve after that.

"You did this because you heard I was coming for your arm, right? Great. I feel better. Now I don't have to disable your arm, since you've missed out on more because of me."

Su Li kept scorning Jiang Chen. He thought the latter couldn't do anything to him since he was in the air.

"Do you think our fight is over?" Jiang Chen asked.


Su Li extended his hands and said complacently, "You're already a Reaching Heaven State. That's brilliant. Amazing. I'm not a match for you, but don't forget one thing. No matter how many years you've been practicing in the Reaching Heaven State, as long as I break through to it, I'll be able to defeat you."

Then Su Li was going to leave. He couldn't compare to Jiang Chen if he stayed, but he felt joyful because Jiang Chen had given up the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.

But he was frozen in the air after having flown only a few yards.

Jiang Chen also flew into the air. He stopped him and said, "Don't you want to disable my arm? Unfortunately, I'm going to disable yours."

"You can fly, too?"

Su Li was surprised. It was true that Reaching Heaven States could fly, but flying technique mattered a lot, so they needed time to practice.


He got a punch as an answer.

There were no obstacles in the air. He flew until he was very far away. Before he could stop, Jiang Chen had caught up with him and given him another punch.

Jiang Chen wasn't someone who could easily be dealt with when he was in a rage. At that time, people in the east courtyard as well as the other three courtyards could see them.

With Jiang Chen's punch, Su Li had flown from the east courtyard to the west courtyard, then from the west courtyard to the south courtyard, and in the end, back to the east courtyard.

By then, Su Li was almost at his last breath. All of his bones had been broken.


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