The Brilliant Fighting Master
252 Department of Discipline
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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252 Department of Discipline

Su Li had come back from his adventure. The news spread fast in the Sacred Institute, although people had heard about his upcoming return.

The scene with the monster pierced by the spear and the bloody rain in the Sacred Institute had caused quite a stir.

Su Li had passed his adventure smoothly and undoubtedly become stronger, but this wasn't the key point. The disciples of the Sacred Institute were more curious about Jiang Chen's reaction.

Su Li hadn't gone to pick a fight with him or disable his arm as the rumors said.

When people started to think that maybe it was only a rumor, news came from the south courtyard that Su Li had been working on his third extraordinary meridian since his arrival and had just finished it.

There were eight extraordinary meridians in all. He had started to work on his fourth.

On the same day, a team set out from the south courtyard and came to the east courtyard under Su Li's lead.

On the way, more disciples of the Sacred Institute joined them. They became very excited and couldn't wait to see the long-expected fight. When they arrived at the east courtyard, the team already had hundreds of people.

Ignorant of what they had come for, the disciples of the east courtyard thought these people were about to pick a gang fight, so they were very nervous.

But they were more than happy to lead the way for Su Li when they learned his real purpose. They took the group to Jiang Chen's room.


Su Li was in the white uniform of the Heaven Grade. He was in his early twenties, handsome and valiant, but he looked very cold.

"Yes," the disciples of the east courtyard answered right away.

"All right!"

Su Li gave the disciples a meaningful glare. Four disciples of the south courtyard came forward quickly. They looked like they were going to smash the door instead of knock on it, but the door was opened unexpectedly before they could knock. The disciples of the south courtyard almost fell since it had been so sudden.

Jiang Chen showed up before them. He was also good-looking, but his disposition contrasted with Su Li's. They seemed like complete opposites.

Jiang Chen looked calm under so many people's looks. He was smiling.

"There are so many of you."

He walked out of the room as he spoke. The four disciples of the south courtyard that had been embarrassed followed him. Their looks were unfriendly.

He stopped before Su Li and said, "You've come for that slap?"


Su Li suddenly fell into a passive position. He was frowning. It looked he would launch an attack at any instant.

"What are you going to do? Beat me up and disable my arm?" Jiang Chen said again.

The people around winced. They felt like there was something wrong, but they didn't know what it was.


"Are you gonna say you Sus are an aristocratic family of inheritance, how noble you are, how irreverent my slap was? Oh, right, that woman is your…?"

"My aunt…" Su Li answered him instinctively. Then a fire of anger erupted in his eyes.

"You've brought this many people here, so you're not gonna let it go easily, are you?" Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen had anticipated everything Su Li had intended to say, but these things were also related to his own situation.

Somehow, Crimson Moon recalled what had happened since her first meeting with Jiang Chen. It seemed like he was always like this. He was so confident.

"Now that you know everything, I don't think I have to do it myself," Su Li said aggressively. He couldn't stay calm anymore.

"Do you want me to give a performance and disable my own arm?" Jiang Chen found it funny.


Su Li was irritated. Everything had defied his expectations since Jiang Chen had opened his door.

"How dare you!"

The disciples of the south courtyard that had been surrounding Jiang Chen couldn't put up with his aggression. They raised their legs together to kick him.

They were all powerful disciples from the superfine class of the south courtyard. Each of them was stronger than someone like Zhuang Tian, but they were attacking like rogues. They kicked Jiang Chen directly, with no martial arts techniques involved.


Jiang Chen didn't move, but a tiger's growl came from the room, then a figure flew out of it.

Before the spectators could understand what was happening, the disciples of the south courtyard who had intended to kick Jiang Chen flew off with a scream.

People saw a white tiger beside Jiang Chen that was comparable to a calf in size, but looked a bit different compared to other monsters.

"It's his mount!"

It occurred to them that Jiang Chen did have a mount, but they hadn't been impressed by it, since it had been obedient.

But they were impressed with it at the moment, since under its sudden attack, those Mental Wander States with forty-nine holy points had flown away and its actions had seemed easy.

"No wonder he's not afraid of anything."

People thought they had found out the reason that Jiang Chen could face Su Li so calmly.

This monster wasn't simple. They didn't think Su Li would fight with a mount, since it didn't look good.

"What are you doing here?!" a silvery voice suddenly came from behind. The crowd split in half to make way. Some members of the Department of Disciple in black uniform were striding towards them.

Ying Wushuang, their captain, was walking in the front of the group. Her pretty face looked sullen, her slender eyebrows drawn together. Her clear eyes were full of aggression.

As she arrived, everyone showed restraint, including Su Li.

"What's going on here?!" Ying Wushuang shouted loudly when she saw nobody speaking.

"Apprentice Sister Ying, his mount hurt us and he didn't stop it. Kill this animal!"

The four disciples of the south courtyard who had been attacked by Whitty blamed Jiang Chen in agony.

Many people's expressions became weird when they heard this accusation.

It didn't sound proper to them. It made the fight degenerate. This fight was supposed to be a lesson for short-term disciples.


Ying Wushuang glanced at Whitty and then at Jiang Chen. She recalled she had seen them before. She said, "What did I tell you when you arrived here?"

"It was self-defense. Was I supposed to be beaten without fighting back?" Jiang Chen found it funny.

"Yeah? Did they attack you first?" Ying Wushuang asked.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and pointed at the hundreds of people outside his room. He said, "Captain, if they are not here to pick a fight, do you think they're here visiting me?"

Many people laughed. It seemed they also agreed with Jiang Chen that the captain of the Department of Discipline had asked a stupid question.

"Cut the crap. Answer the question!" a member of the Department of Discipline shouted unhappily.

"Any witness who could prove it was the disciples of the south courtyard that attacked first?" Ying Wushuang asked loudly.

No one answered. Everyone looked towards Su Li.


Ying Wushuang was unhappy with the situation. She pointed in the air and what had happened just now played before the people.

It was clear that the disciples of the south courtyard had attacked first, while the mount had been protecting its master.

"Jiang Chen is innocent. You four got what was coming to you. The punishment…" Ying Wushuang said.

"Wushuang, please don't judge this affair with the rules of the Sacred Institute. The conflict between us is personal!" Su Li said.

Ying Wushuang was surprised, but she managed to speak in a tough manner, "Go to the Hero Platform to resolve it. I can't justify you having brought so many people here to cause trouble. Also, call me by my full name please."


Jiang Chen was the only one who was surprised by Ying Wushuang's response. He hadn't expected her to be so fair and impartial.

"The Hero Platform. Do you dare?!" Su Li looked towards him seriously. His voice was as cold as ice.

It was a simple way to irritate him. Usually the simpler the way was, the more effective.

"No." However, Jiang Chen didn't fall into the usual category.


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