The Brilliant Fighting Master
247 Test to Enter the Superfine Class
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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247 Test to Enter the Superfine Class

"That's enough time to have a cup of tea," Jiang Chen.

"What? Are you afraid? You've caused such a stir as a short-term disciple. If you quit now, not only will you be a joke, but we'll send you back." Mo Sir said sarcastically.

"No. I meant it was too long. I've already seen through the tactical formation of the forest from here."

Jiang Chen said, "I have an idea. I'll deploy a formation here. Let's see whether you can walk out of it."

"Cut the crap. Go back if you don't want to take the test!" Shi Gandang shouted.

"Alright. Alright."

Jiang Chen walked to the stone forest and placed the sand clock upside down, but he didn't rush to get in. He stood there, still, watching the sand flow down.

"How arrogant," those from the Sacred Institute thought when they realized what he was doing.

A short-term disciple like this was somewhat interesting.

"Showoff," Yi Qing said unhappily.

Jiang Chen went into the forest and disappeared from sight when there was only half of the red sand left.

Soon, the spectators sensed there was something going on in the forest. They heard lots of disturbances.

"Is he trapped there and trying to rely on force?" some people couldn't help think.

After a short while, it seemed the forest had lost its spirit. The seven-color mist also vanished.

Jiang Chen didn't show up at the exit. Instead, he came back from the entrance.

"What happened?!"

The disciples who were watching the test were confused. Some of them complained loudly since they wouldn't put up with Jiang Chen's tricks.

The tactical formation master of the east courtyard went closer with Mifa to check the situation.

They glanced at each other. Both of them were shocked when they confirmed they'd reached the same conclusion.

They turned around and said, "He… he cracked the tactical formation deployed in the forest."


The spectators were shocked. Suddenly, it was very noisy.

If one could walk out of the formation, it meant he had found its flaw. The Sacred Institute had even deployed the formation in the way they had taught it, so that their disciples could use the knowledge they'd studied in practical situations, but if one could crack the formation, it meant he was as good as its deployer.

To achieve that, it would be necessary to use a formation disk. As for how to use a formation disk, that was what the disciples of the Heaven Grade were learning!

Mifa had been disdainful of him, but then she realized it wasn't that Jiang Chen had an improper attitude; things she taught in the class were too simple for him, and she had even tried to make things difficult for him since she wanted to establish superiority so that he would obey her in class.

"What's wrong with you?! I told you to go inside, not to crack the formation. Fail! Fail! Go back home!" Shi Gandang shouted.

The spectators from the west and east courtyards looked at each other. Was he really going to do that?

"Why are you looking at me? Do you think I can't take failure? Next one." Shi Gandang waved his hand impatiently under the gaze of others.

No one was surprised at his hot temper.

Not until then did Jiang Chen realize Shi Gandang hadn't been picking on him. It was just his character.

The second test was poison.

The toxicology master put a table in the square next to the stone forest. He placed six jade boxes and many processed herbs on it.

"The difficulty of the test varies with the order in which you take the six poisons. To join the superfine class, you must take three of them at the same time. The other three will be up to you. Then you should use your knowledge of poisons to make the antidote with the herbs here," the toxicology master said.

This test was, no doubt, very risky. Besides, the toxicology master had intentionally skipped over the consequences of failure to pressure Jiang Chen.

The disciples who were watching felt more or less nervous, since the toxicology test was what they were afraid of most. They had to take these poisons although they knew how strong they were.

Although there were teachers watching and they wouldn't lose their lives, they would still suffer a lot.

Jiang Chen had to take three poisons together to join the superfine class. It would be trickier when the poisons were mixed.

"That's the superfine class. It's not for everyone." Yi Qing calmed down from the shock Jiang Chen had brought her. Her pride was back.

She would like to see how Jiang Chen would end up in this test.

He hadn't taken any classes. She thought he could even be ignorant of the characteristics of the poisons in the jade bottles.

She wasn't the only one to think this way. So did the others.

Tactical formations were completely different from poisons.

She was expecting to see him tumble on the ground due to the ache resulted from taking three poisons together.

The five from the Fire Field also showed up. They cared about Jiang Chen more than the others.

Crimson Moon had just condemned Jiang Chen to failure this morning. When she learned he was going to join the superfine class, she said "Can't he just have one day's peace?"

He had defeated Zhuang Fan on his first day here. On the first day of school, he had applied to join the superfine class.

There were no short-term disciples like him.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen did something shocking. He mixed the six poisons together. He shook the mixture and drank it all.

He had taken the six poisons together!

"Do you want to die?!" the toxicology master shouted loudly.

With the six poisons mixed together, the problem wasn't that it would be twice as difficult as the three-poison mixture. It wasn't that simple. It was a real mess!

If Jiang Chen died, it would be his own responsibility, but it would still harm the Sacred Institute's renown.

Jiang Chen ignored the toxicology master and started to work on the antidote. He selected some spiritual herbs decisively. He was working in a fast and precise manner.

The whole process was very smooth. About one minute later, Jiang Chen's lips were turning black. The poison was going to take effect soon, but he had finished the antidote by then. He drank it up. His lips and his face looked normal again.

The toxicology master held Jiang Chen's wrist to feel his pulse. He was totally shocked when he confirmed all of the poisons had been detoxified.

"Another pass?!" Shi Gandang asked.

The toxicology master looked at Jiang Chen in surprise and nodded.

"Let's skip these skill tests and enter the main part directly. If he succeeds, he'll join the superfine class of the east courtyard," Shi Gandang said.

It caused a stir in the crowd.

Did it mean that as long as Jiang Chen passed the last test, he would join the superfine class?

Yi Qing was bewildered at first. Weren't these tests supposed to frustrate this arrogant guy?

Why would he get what he wanted soon?

Although it wasn't the superfine class of the west courtyard that Jiang Chen was going to join, if he succeeded, she would be embarrassed by what she had said.

The last test to enter the superfine class was about the usage of Twelve Standard Meridians and holy points.

"Holy points are located in the meridians. Twelve Standard Meridians have their own circulation rhythms, so there are different ways to use holy points to accumulate force under different attacks.

"This is the most important course in the Earth Grade. Once you have knowledge in this regard, you'll be able to enhance your battle power, even though your state and martial arts techniques stay the same."

This time Shi Gandang introduced the rule in person. He said complacently, "I don't think you'll be good at this, too."

The technique to produce effective force mattered a lot when an average person gave a punch. The waist and the thighs should work together to stabilize the body. The force should be focused on the fist.

It was the same when it came to manipulating the holy points and holy yuan.

Although martial arts did teach people how to use force, it was only passive learning. If they could understand the principle and why, in this way, the force could be maximized, they would have better control of their bodies.


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