The Brilliant Fighting Master
246 Superfine Class
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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246 Superfine Class

This was one of Jiang Chen's main targets in this trip. One month in the Time Palace was equivalent to one day outside.

If it was possible, Jiang Chen wanted to go there immediately to enhance his state to the Reaching Heaven State.

"The Time Palace is only open to the best disciples. I don't get to decide whether you can go or not. I understand what you want. If what you said is true, you can try to join the superfine class first."

"Superfine class?"

"Yes. It's the class made up of the best disciples of the Sacred Institute. They progress faster than anyone else in the institute. It will be helpful to you. At the same time, if you are eligible to be the best disciple of the class, you may enter the Time Palace!"

"If that's true, the superfine class is exactly where I want to go," Jiang Chen said.

Shui Yuechuan said, "Think it through. It isn't easy to join the superfine class. And its requirements for the disciples there are much higher. If you cannot satisfy the requirement, you'll have to go back."

"If I can't get the improvement I want in the Sacred Institute, it's better for me to go back," Jiang Chen said.

"Fine. Come back in the afternoon."

Shui Yuechuan smiled bitterly and shook her head after Jiang Chen had left. She said, "What a proud youngster."

She was going to frustrate Jiang Chen to humble him.

The test of the superfine class was the best way to do it.



Jiang Chen came back to Shui Yuechuan's office at dusk.

To his surprise, there was a young girl at the door. She was very pretty and slim. She looked like someone that only existed in a painting.

"Don't kid yourself."

She raised her eyebrows when she saw Jiang Chen. Her silvery voice was pleasant to the ears, but her tone was very mean.

"The superfine class is the pride of each courtyard. It's also the key force of each courtyard. I won't accept a short-term disciple," she said seriously, as if she were defending justice.

"Who are you?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"Yi Qing, class leader of the superfine class of the west courtyard," the girl said.

"I want to join the superfine class because of the treatment and resources I can get from it. It's not my goal to socialize with you. Don't get me wrong."

It was an unexpected answer for Yi Qing. She became angrier instead of convinced.

Who did this guy think he was?

"Besides, why do you think you have the right to reject me? You sounded like you were even better than the dean," Jiang Chen sneered. He asked the question sarcastically.

"I was just warning you, not stopping you. You sounded like you were sure you could get in." Yi Qing stopped arguing with him. She stepped aside from the door.

Jiang Chen ignored her and pushed the door open to let himself in.

Besides Yi Yuechuan, Mifa and Mo Sir were also in the office. They gave disdainful and scornful looks when they saw Jiang Chen.

Yi Yuechuan said, "Jiang Chen, I'm sorry. We can't let you join the superfine class of the west courtyard."

"Yeah? So I don't want to stay at the Sacred Institute anymore," Jiang Chen said.


Yi Yuechuan was observing Jiang Chen. She was trying to figure out whether he really didn't care or was just pretending.

Soon, she was sure he didn't care at all, but he was regretful about the result.

He wasn't sorry for his situation, but for the Sacred Institute.

"You…" Mo Sir couldn't put up with Jiang Chen's attitude. He wished Jiang Chen would leave the Sacred Institute immediately.

"I haven't finished yet. The superfine class of the west courtyard is full, but there are still places in the east courtyard. You can join it as long as you pass the test. What do you think?" Yi Yuechuan said.

Jiang Chen smiled, "Dean, finish your sentences please. You're driving me crazy."

"Is that a yes?"

Yi Yuechuan smiled. She didn't know how long it had been since she had smiled sincerely.

It was for a simple reason. No one in the Sacred Institute could ease up when it came to that subject.

She had seen many excellent disciples in the Sacred Institute, but she had never seen someone like Jiang Chen.

"Of course. I don't have any reason to refuse. The Sacred Institute is everyone's dream in the Nine Heaven Continent. I'll have to leave if the Sacred Institute refuses me, but if it doesn't refuse me, of course I'll stay," Jiang Chen said.

"Well, let's go to the east courtyard."

Yi Yuechuan stood up with Mifa and Mo Sir. Something suddenly occurred to her. She said, "No short-term disciples have joined the superfine class in the history of the Sacred Institute, so the east courtyard isn't very happy with this arrangement, but surely, as long as you pass the test, the Sacred Institute will be fair and impartial. But before that, you'll meet many obstacles. You'd better control your temper."

She said it with good intention, but she shouldn't have said it.

"But I'm good tempered."

They were speechless at Jiang Chen's reply. He seemed surprised when he was described as bad-tempered, as if he had been wronged.

Yi Yuechuan shook her head and said, "Then I think it'll be fine."


"Why did you send trash the west courtyard doesn't want to my east courtyard?"

When they arrived at the east courtyard, Shi Gandang, dean of the east courtyard swore directly at them.

As Jiang Chen had said, he was good-tempered. He smiled at the dean and said, "A guy who called me trash almost died."

Mifa and Mo Sir curled their lips. They were embarrassed in the presence of those of the east courtyard.

Yi Yuechuan felt a headache. She held her hand on her forehead in embarrassment.

"Ha, what an arrogant youngster!"

Shi Gandang burst out in laughter. He came up to Jiang Chen and slapped his shoulder hard, as if he liked him a lot.

But soon, his smile looked strange. Jiang Chen's shoulder started to rattle as he grasped it.

"Many people will come to watch the test. If you don't pass, you'll bring shame on yourself," Shi Gandang said.

It was big news that a short-term disciple wanted to join the superfine class.

No one wanted to agree. However, the Sacred Institute had claimed they would treat everyone the same way, so they couldn't refuse Jiang Chen's application.

Yi Yuechuan had intended to humble Jiang Chen, but at that moment, she felt regretful, since she hadn't expected Jiang Chen's confidence to be shattered by failure before so many people.

"I won't disappoint you, dean," Jiang Chen said.

"Let's start."

Jiang Chen set out for where the test would be held. There were many people along the way.

Even a formal disciple of the Sacred Institute would catch lots of attention if he wanted to join the superfine class, let alone a short-term disciple.

Yi Qing was following him. She pulled a long face, full of disdain for Jiang Chen.

The first test was tactical formations.

They stopped in an empty space. Not far away from them there was a stone forest shrouded by a seven-color mist. It didn't look simple.

"Before you is a stone forest deployed with tactical formations. If you can go through it fast enough, you'll pass. If you're trapped in there, no one will come to your rescue," Shi Gandang said.

"How fast is fast enough?"

Shi Gandang pointed at a sand clock outside the stone forest. It had several layers of sand of different colors. The red sand had the least amount and the yellow sand had the most.

"In the monthly test, disciples must walk out of there before all of the blue sand flows down. You're testing for joining the superfine class, so you must walk out of there before all of the red sand flows down," the tactical formation master of the east courtyard explained to him.


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