The Brilliant Fighting Master
244 The Formation of Oracle
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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244 The Formation of Oracle

"For short-term disciples who are new here, I don't care how lazy you were before. In the Sacred Institute, if you go on like this, you'll be eliminated. Besides, compared to our formal disciples, you have a weak foundation. If you don't even focus in class, you're only wasting the Sacred Institute's resources," Mifa said seriously.

The room lapsed into silence first, then the formal disciples laid their eyes on the three short-term disciples.

Two of them felt wronged. They were taking notes earnestly.

The knowledge of tactical formations was very precious to them. Where they were from, either there were no tactical formation masters, or none of them talked about their skills, since they didn't want others to learn these skills from them secretly.

If you wanted them to teach you, you would have to invest a lot.

However, in the Sacred Institute, they could learn it so easily. Of course they wouldn't waste the opportunity.

Then the classmates laid their eyes on Jiang Chen. They were surprised by his unconcerned manner.

"Let's continue."

Mifa frowned. She thought Jiang Chen was hopeless.

After introducing the characteristics of some tactical formations, she smiled, which was very rare, and stood up. She said while walking around the classroom, "Since we've learned the classification and characteristics of tactical formations, we'll extend our subject a little bit. We'll talk about the Formation of Oracle next."

The disciples were shocked by this name, including Jiang Chen.

"As we all know, there are no perfect defense formations in the world, since defense formations can't be modified. As times goes by, after trial and error, people can always find a crack. As a result, for defense formations, the most important thing is that their deployers should be flexible enough to face new problems.

"However, a great man did something unexpected. He deployed a defense formation in a wild area for people to crack. No matter the means, as long as you can crack it, you'll be able to get the treasure inside the formation.

"This is the Formation of Oracle. No one is manipulating it. It's there, waiting for people to crack.

"But 500 years have passed, and it hasn't been cracked.

"Now, can you make a wild guess about the working principle of the Formation of Oracles?"

The excellent disciples in Class Four raised their hands immediately. They proposed some interesting ideas.

"I think there must be a strain of yuan stones underneath where the Formation of Oracle was deployed. The deployer used yuan stones as a source of energy. That's how it's been able to last for such a long time."

"There is a solution yet… Maybe the deployer injected the power of the solution into the formation."

Mifa said, "All of you have mentioned something important, but the Formation of Oracle is more powerful than what you've imagined. The formation was deployed on an island. There is no strain of yuan stones. In addition, it doesn't absorb the power of others' attacks to power itself, either."

She was very satisfied with such interactions. The disciples' thirst for knowledge was the source of her satisfaction.

Until… until she saw Jiang Chen, who had a strange expression.

His expression reminded her of her unhappiness a moment ago. She said coldly, "You, disciple, what do you think?"

Many disciples were laughing secretly when they saw who she was asking. It was Jiang Chen's first day. How would he know about it?

"Because the Formation of Oracle can take in the spirit of universe," Jiang Chen said.

"Come on. If you don't know, just say it. You don't have to talk nonsense. Do you mean the tactical formation is able to practice?" someone scorned him immediately.

"Yeah. Why are you pretending to know things you don't? You're always putting on airs. Disgusting."

Song Yingzhuo, the class leader, frowned at the criticism. "Quiet down. We're in a class."

When the class finally quieted down, Mifa's response caused another stir.

"You're right."

Jiang Chen was right?

Was it a coincidence?

Mifa wasn't sure either. Only few people knew about the Formation of Oracle in the Nine Heavens Continent.

"Do you know why it's stayed uncracked after so many years?" Mifa asked again. This question was too difficult for the disciples in this class. She was purposely making it difficult for Jiang Chen, but Mifa had to frustrate Jiang Chen to establish her prestige.

"Because the Formation of Oracle can evolve. It can improve itself through each attempt to crack it," Jiang Chen said.

This time, no one laughed at him. Everyone was looking at Mifa. Judging from her expression, Jiang Chen was right again.

"Master, is the Formation of Oracle still a formation? It sounds like a living creature."

Mifa said, "That's what's gorgeous about it. That's also why it's called the First Formation in the world. Top tactical formation masters from all Planes Worlds feel it an honor if they have the opportunity to attempt to crack it. The study of the Formation of Oracle has contributed a lot to the development of tactical formations in the past years."

"It sounds so great. Who deployed this formation, then?"

Mifa didn't answer. She looked towards Jiang Chen again and said, "I don't know where you've learned this formation, but the fact that you know about it doesn't mean you understand it or that you're able to use it…"

"Master, do you want to know why the Formation of Oracle can improve itself?" Jiang Chen interrupted her.

"What? You know that?" Mifa looked at him with an incredulous expression.

This was one of the mysteries that no one knew.

"Of course, because I deployed the Formation of Oracle."

Jiang Chen was beaming. He sounded confident.

It was as quiet as a grave in the classroom for a few seconds. Then all of his classmates burst into laughter.

Mifa frowned and said disgustedly, "Looks like you do know a lot. That's right. Your name is the same as that of the deployer, but you aren't comparable to him. Your attitude is terribly improper. Go stand outside the classroom."

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "Before I go, I want to ask you a question, Master."

"What is it?"

"Have you heard any new updates on the guy who is called by my name?"

"No." Mifa waved her hand impatiently.

Jiang Chen didn't get the answer, so he stood up and walked out of the door. The other disciples were laughing and gloating.

Jiang Chen was never an obedient person. Of course he wouldn't just stand outside the classroom. He left, idling about in the Sacred Institute.

Without any destination, he was just walking around casually, appreciating the ancient buildings under good maintenance.

It was time for morning classes, so it was very quiet and there weren't many people walking around the Sacred Institute. He was walking alone at ease.

Suddenly, he saw some people not far away. There were quite a few of them. They were members of the Department of Discipline.

It occurred to him that he was actually skipping school, so he hurried to take a shortcut and walked through a small door without taking a look.

He found a fancy room after entering. There was a long corridor connected to a staircase. On the walls of either side, there were frescoes and texts. They were introductions to the heroes who had started the Sacred Institute.

He came to the end of the corridor and heard the sound of running water. On his left side there was a lake, on which corridors and a booth had been built.

Jiang Chen noticed there was a motionless man in the booth. When taking a closer look, he saw it was Nan Gong.

He walked over, but Nan Gong didn't raise his head.

Jiang Chen knew with Nan Gong's ability, he must have sensed his arrival when he entered the room.


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