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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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243 Classes

Jiang Chen jumped off the Hero Platform and said, "Dean, which class should I join now?"

"Go to Class Four," Shui Yuechuan said immediately. She had decided it before Jiang Chen had even asked her.


Since it was the dean's decision, others had no second opinions. Song Yingzhuo, the class leader of Class Four, was a kind guy compared to other disciples of the Sacred Institute.



Jiang Chen had impressed the Sacred Institute with his fight with Zhuang Fan. All of the disciples of the Earth Grade were talking about this short-term disciple.

For other short-term disciples, Jiang Chen had stuck up for them, so he had won their admiration, but others disliked him.

Why did they have to be careful about everything during their stay in the Sacred Institute, while Jiang Chen could do whatever he wanted? And he had even got an outstanding grade!

They were jealous of him.

However, no matter whether these short-term disciples admired him or disliked him, no one made friends with him.

He had won one fight, but he might suffer for the whole year.

Although the one Jiang Chen had defeated was Zhuang Fan, it was like a provocation to all of the disciples of the Sacred Institute.

They were too proud to put up with someone like him.

On the same night of the fight, a piece of news caused a stir in the Sacred Institute.

Zhuang Fan couldn't take the shame of the defeat, so he had left a suicide note and committed suicide by poisoning!

Fortunately, the Sacred Institute had found it in time. Zhuang Fan was out of danger for the moment, but things didn't look so good.

The Sacred Institute had sent someone to inform Zhuang Fan's family. Every smart guy could tell the Zhuangs would definitely come to make a scene the next day.

There would be a good show then.

Early the next morning, the Zhuangs came to the Sacred Institute to visit Zhuang Fan. All of them were angry.

The prestige of the Sacred Institute could be seen in this case, since the Zhuangs didn't break into where Jiang Chen was living to teach him a lesson, because according to the Sacred Institute's rules, Jiang Chen had done nothing wrong.

It wasn't Jiang Chen who had forced Zhuang Fan to take the poison.

However, the Zhuangs weren't going to let go of Jiang Chen so easily. They asked Princess Crimson Moon to send him a letter of challenge.

"I don't know why others think we get along well. Just because both of us are from the Fire Field?"

Princess Crimson Moon didn't look happy when she came to Jiang Chen's room for the second time.

"Couldn't you just refuse them?" Jiang Chen said curiously.

"I'm not like you."

Princess Crimson Moon was standing outside of the door. She reached her arm into the room. There was a letter in her hand.

"A letter of challenge."

Jiang Chen shook his head. He was amused. There were only two lines in the letter. There was the time and the place of the fight, and a signature.

Zhuang Tian!

"We have the Eternal Flame List in the Fire Field. They have the Dragon Rise List in the Dragon Field. There are four levels, A, B, C and D. This guy is ranked in the top ten of List D."

Princess Crimson Moon knew he didn't know who this guy was, so she explained it to him.

"Yeah? Is he great?" Jiang Chen said.

"Yes. When we met, the energy he gave off was very strong. He has forty-nine holy points."

Jiang Chen looked towards her in surprise. She had tailored her uniform. It was very close-fitting at the moment.

He couldn't deny the fact that she was beautiful.

"What are you looking at?"

Crimson Moon was embarrassed by Jiang Chen's gaze. She recalled their fight.

"It seems like this fight matters to you a lot," Jiang Chen said.

"Of course," Crimson Moon admitted directly and said, "I wanna see you suffer with my own eyes."

"As I recall, the Third Prince was only your half brother. In a royal family, I assume you two weren't very close. It doesn't make sense for you to hate me."

"I can't allow you to trample on the imperial power!"

Crimson Moon was breathing fast. She did care a lot about imperial power.

"If the imperial power can't win the support of its people, what's the sense for it to exist?" Jiang Chen asked.

Crimson Moon recalled how the crowd had been irritated when Jiang Chen was under the siege of the royal soldiers.

She sneered and turned around. She didn't want to argue with Jiang Chen and intended to leave.

To her surprise, people were walking towards where she was at high speed. She stepped back from outside the door subconsciously and entered Jiang Chen's room.

A group of people were standing outside Jiang Chen's room. They were disciples of the Sacred Institute, and from the Heaven Grade.

The uniform of the disciples of the Earth Grade was blue, while it was white for the Heaven Grade.

The leader was a youngster. He had an angular face, thick eyebrows, and big eyes.

"You're Jiang Chen?" He didn't look very nice. There was anger in his eyes.

"If you say so." Jiang Chen would never be nice to troublemakers.

"I guess you've received Zhuang Tian's letter of challenge. You have two options. Option one, refuse it and be a coward. Option two, take the challenge as an outsider of the Sacred Institute," the guy said.

Jiang Chen and Crimson Moon understood his intentions.

Zhuang Tian was an outsider. He wasn't a disciple of the Sacred Institute.

If Jiang Chen had this fight with him and lost, Zhuang Tian would boast he had defeated a disciple of the Sacred Institute.

This wasn't an acceptable result for these disciples. That was why they'd come to Jiang Chen's room to warn him.

"Remember what I told you. My name is Lin Yu. If you don't follow my suggestion, you'll find it very difficult to stay at the Sacred Institute."

Lin Yu left with his men after the trash-talking.

"He wants you to refuse the challenge or take the challenge as an outsider, because he doesn't want you to lose the Sacred Institute's reputation," Crimson Moon said.

"You didn't have to tell me that. Of course I already know."

"I wasn't telling you. I was gloating."

Crimson Moon was beaming and showed her teeth, as if she wanted to prove what she had said. She left joyfully.

Jiang Chen gazed at Crimson Moon's back, from her waist to her legs, and raised his eyebrows.

Ning Haotian, you're lucky, but what should I do with your pretty wife after I kill you?

Then he threw the letter of challenge somewhere, got dressed, and left the room.

This was his first day of school in the Sacred Institute.


His classroom was a big room with classic taste. The floor was paved with precious solid wood. Disciples had to take their shoes off before they entered the room. During class, they had to sit on their heels behind their small desks.

On the desks, there were ink and pens. Jiang Chen was sitting by the window. He had a strange feeling.

The current scene reminded him of 500 hundred years ago, when he was studying with his master. It was like yesterday, so vivid in his mind.

His teacher was a middle-aged woman, almost forty years old, who was very serious and old-fashioned. She introduced tactical formations to the disciples like she was reciting a book.

Her name was Mifa. She taught tactical formations in the west courtyard.

The Sacred Institute didn't expect all disciples to become masters of tactical formations. This class would only teach them necessary knowledge in this area, such as their classification and general solutions to crack them.

It was only an introduction. Jiang Chen had been attracted to tactical formations there, then he had studied them deeply.

The Sacred Institute would only enlighten disciples. As for how far they could go, that would depend on them.

In the Natural Law School, few disciples knew about tactical formations.

Compared to the Natural Law School, the way the Sacred Institute trains their disciples is more efficient and thorough. More importantly, there's an ultimate standard.

It's the Sacred Institute that will decide which level is only passing, and which level is outstanding.

It's hard to say which way is better, but I'm sure about one thing. It's useless for me.

The reason was simple. The introduction was too simple for him. It was him who had developed many of these theories.


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