The Brilliant Fighting Master
242 The Insulter Always Gets Insults
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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242 The Insulter Always Gets Insults

The other short-term disciples felt the same as the short-term disciples of the west courtyard, embarrassed. They thought Jiang Chen had made the situation worse for the short-term disciples, who had already been disdained.

"Dean, except the gift of talking, I don't see anything in him that could earn him an outstanding grade," Mo Sir said under the platform.

"I had this doubt, too. So did the top management of the Sacred Institute, but Nan Gong only said one thing to clear our doubts," Yi Yuechuan said.


Mo Sir was curious to know what he had said. Could Jiang Chen be a love child of a top management member of the Sacred Institute?

"He broke the record of how long a first-timer could stay in the Portal World. That's what Nan Gong said, then he and there were no more questions."


Mo Sir was shocked. As a teacher, of course he knew what the Portal World was.

Before he could recover from the shock, the two on the platform had started the fight.

Jiang Chen was manipulating his knife skillfully before Zhuang Fan's palm method. His knife attack style was pretty wild. The two were neck and neck.

In consideration of the gap between their states, Jiang Chen had actually won in some sense, but it wasn't the standard of the Hero Platform to judge who had won, so the fight went on.

"No wonder he's so arrogant. He does have something."

"He's only in the completed middle stage, and he's able to exchange blows with Zhuang Fan, who is in the completed late stage. He's good, indeed."

Jiang Chen's performance was just enough to convince the disciples of the Sacred Institute. The outstanding grade did carry some weight.

"But this isn't enough."

The apprentice brothers of the Heaven Grade of the four courtyards saw something crucial.

"They're equal, for now, but it's hard to say how they'll end up as the fight goes on. For well-matched rivals like them, usually the longer the fight lasts, the bigger the gap between them will grow."

"This short-term disciple has mastered the minor doctrine of wind and half minor doctrine of metal. That's why he could act so tough and fierce, but his knife method isn't good enough. It's no match for Zhuang Fan's palm method."

"We'll see the gap between them in fifteen minutes."

The disciples of the Heaven Grade were very experienced. Their opinions were valued.

Fifteen minutes later, Zhuang Fan was getting better and better, while Jiang Chen's knife method was being restricted by him.


Another palm hit the blade of Jiang Chen's black knife. Due to the force, Jiang Chen's arm swung backward and he took several steps back.

"Lame," Zhuang Fan said with disdain, but he wasn't feeling great, since the fight had gone on for too long. Jiang Chen was only a short-term disciple. It was a bit humiliating for him.

"Hey, why are your expressions so strange?"

The short-term disciples of the west courtyard kept sighing and shaking their heads when they saw Jiang Chen was losing, but they noticed Jiang Chen's five companions' expressions didn't look right.

They looked weird. There was an unexpected expression on their faces.

"Why does he have to practice his knife method in every fight, no matter who he's facing?" Lu Fei said.

"The Sacred Institute is really great," Princess Crimson Moon said.

The other four nodded.

"Any average guy could force Jiang Chen to use his sword," Lu Fei said.

Those beside them were shocked. They doubted whether they'd heard him correctly.

Before they could ask any questions, on the Hero Platform, Jiang Chen put his knife aside and stood with his hands behind his back.

"What's wrong? Are you going to admit your defeat? It isn't that simple."

Zhuang Fan didn't take the opportunity to attack him. He was under the gaze of all four courtyards. He had to fight above board and defeat this guy with the absolute advantage.

A Mental Wander State in the completed late stage. Thirty-six holy points. A sky-level secret method practitioner. Full spirit of palm. First-class palm methods.

This was what Zhuang Fan had.

However, everyone was petrified when they saw what Jiang Chen did next. They saw him take out a spiritual sword from his mustardseed ring with his left hand.

As he drew his sword out, the spectators could sense the aggressive energy of the sword, even from the image.

"He's a swordsman? What was that just now?"

The five from the Fire Field finally saw the expression on others' faces that they had been expecting, especially Princess Crimson Moon. Jiang Chen had used his knife to fight with her.

The four courtyards were in uproar. He had used a knife before the sword. It meant his swordsmanship was much greater than his knife skill.

Jiang Chen had been playing with Zhuang Fan and was able to compare to him already. It meant the two weren't on the same level!

"What trick are you playing?"

Zhuang Fan didn't believe such an absurd thing. He thought it was only a trick.

Maybe his swordsmanship is worse than knife skill. It's just a way to struggle for another fifteen minutes.

Zhuang Fan was relieved by this idea.

"I won't satisfy you. I won't give you these fifteen minutes."

Then Zhuang Fan made an all-out attack.

His holy yuan exploded. He was giving off a powerful and astounding energy.

"Zhuang Fan is trying so hard in a small fight." Dean of Students Shi Wengong wasn't very happy to see this.

There was an unwritten rule in the Sacred Institute. Fights and duels were completely different and should be treated differently. Disciples shouldn't push themselves too hard in fights.

Zhuang Fan was doing so because he wanted to defeat Jiang Chen as quickly as possible. It didn't mean he had to make so much effort to win.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

Jiang Chen wasn't affected at all. He smiled scornfully and drew out his sword to take his rival's attack.

All of the disciples were exclaiming.

Jiang Chen looked completely different when he was using a sword, very different from when he was using a knife. His temperament changed sharply. The aggressive energy of his sword was sweeping every corner of the Hero Platform.

And Zhuang Fan experienced the consequences of the change soon.

After three sword attacks, Zhuang Fan's palm power turned into nothing. His sleeves had been cut off. Jiang Chen was holding the Redcloud Sword at his throat. His skin was aching under its cold blade.

"Three Movements in One. If I didn't stop the third movement, you would have been a dead man. Now it's my turn to ask you. Who is the trash?" Jiang Chen said.

"You!" Zhuang Fan was irritated.

Jiang Chen slightly moved his hand and left a bloody mark on his neck. He said, "I'm easily scared. Don't scare me."

Sweats dripped down Zhuang Fan's cheeks. He curled his lips in silence.

He had been defeated by a single sword attack in front of the four courtyards. He had to stay tough to save face.

"Didn't you say trash like me wasn't good enough for class eleven? Now, as the class leader, you're this incapable. I'm glad I didn't join you!"

"I'm asking you, with the the four courtyards as my witness, who is the trash?!"

"Kill me if you can!" Zhuang Fan shouted.

"Do you think I don't dare?"

One sentence. Six words.

Jiang Chen's eyes turned into a mysterious red color, as if he had transformed into a fierce animal. His killing intent was so strong that Zhuang Fan could almost touch it with his hands. He was totally broken down.

This was the killing intent Jiang Chen had learned when he was helping Whitty work on his spiritual intelligence.

The power of historic fierce beasts was enough to intimidate a Mental Wander State.

"I'm asking you, who is the trash!" Jiang Chen shouted.

"I'm the trash!"

Zhuang Fan shouted in fear and knelt down.


Jiang Chen's fierce look was instantly gone. On his face, there was a vague smile.

He put his sword back into its sheath and turned around to get off the Hero Platform without taking another look at Zhuang Fan, who was still kneeling there.

Then, he suddenly stopped and looked up into the air.

The spectators of the four courtyards felt like he was gazing at them.

"The insulter always gets insulted."

It was hard to tell whether he was speaking to Zhuang Fan or the proud disciples of the Sacred Institute.

A complicated and indescribable feeling emerged in everyone's hearts.


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