The Brilliant Fighting Master
241 Hero Platform
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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241 Hero Platform

The same thing happened in the other three courtyards.

Most of the disciples in the other three courtyards hadn't seen the words on the column, but they could see the image of Jiang Chen and Zhuang Fan standing on the Hero Platform. They could see their every movement.

"Ha, I thought the short-term disciples of the west courtyard were more well-behaved, but they're the same."

"Is that Zhuang Fan? What did that short-term disciple do to irritate him?"

"A good show is on. As for what he did, it's not our business."

The disciples in the other three courtyards were in heated discussion. The corridors and the playgrounds were full of people. They were all looking at the image in the air.

On the playground of the east courtyard, one short-term disciple was sweeping the ground when he suddenly noticed what was going on in the air. He was in a daze for a while.

When he came to himself, he seemed very embarrassed. He hurried to walk to a corner so that no one would notice him, but he wasn't fast enough. Someone saw him.

"Genius, where are you going? Don't you want to watch the fight of another genius from those fields?"

"Hehe, I think he's too embarrassed to watch it. He was so arrogant when he came here. He even had the nerve to set his eyes on Apprentice Sister Murong."

"I feel so sorry for him. He travelled such a long distance here, but in the end sweeping the ground is all he's doing every day."

The disciples of the east courtyard kept mocking him. The other short-term disciples could do nothing but sigh, especially those from his hometown. His elegance and bravery was still very vivid in their minds.

When he had arrived at the Sacred Institute, he had come forward to challenge the disciples there, since he couldn't put up with their disdain.

In the end, his confidence was shattered. The disciples of the east courtyard saw him as a thorn in their sides. They didn't even allow him to enter the classrooms. When the others were studying new material, he was sweeping outside. If he entered the classroom, he would be driven out immediately.

At this moment, when they were looking at the image in the air, they wished they could tell the short-term disciple in the image that dignity and pride were worthless at the Sacred Institute, because they were in no position to have those two things.

Pride would only ridicule people when they weren't powerful enough.

"You were talking big, claiming the Sacred Institute wasn't like you had thought. You even insulted me. I'll show you that you don't get to comment on the disciples of the Sacred Institute," Zhuang Fan's voice came from the image.

He knew what the Hero Platform could do. He had said this intentionally to make the disciples in the four courtyards know he wasn't bullying his rival.

After all, with his fame, it wouldn't be glorious for him to fight with a short-term disciple.

"What? He was looking down on the disciples of the Sacred Institute?"

"How arrogant! He's more arrogant than any of the other short-term disciples!"

"No wonder Zhuang Fan has to fight him!"

All of the disciples of the Sacred Institute flew into a rage when they heard the story. They were too proud to be disrespected by others, especially by the short-term disciples that they despised.

"Do you think you can do whatever you want after qualifying for a short-term study? That was only picking the best out of a mediocre bunch," Zhuang Fan's voice came from the image once more.

The short-term disciple who hadn't said anything suddenly opened his mouth.

"Do you disciples of the Sacred Institute always like to give a long speech before fighting?"

His words caused a stir among the four courtyards.

Zhuang Fan had said he was arrogant, but they didn't know how arrogant he was, not until then. He was really something. He had offended almost all of the disciples of the Sacred Institute in one blow.

The other short-term disciples were petrified. They couldn't believe what they had heard.

Zhuang Fan was dumbfounded, too, but he soon smiled. He said, "Do you know what's special about the Hero Platform?"


"It can not only transmit the image of what's happening…"

"But also the sound, right?" Jiang Chen interrupted him.

"You knew?" Zhuang Fan was surprised. He was insinuating that it was crazy that he had dared to air his opinion if he knew.

"Of course."

Jiang Chen smiled. There were no such things as a recording device 500 years ago.

More precisely, not until his research.

This was to say, it had been invented by him.

At first, he had only used it in the Over Cloud Palace. As he developed more functionality for it later, many forces asked him to install it for them.

Only great groups of the Sacred Zone had used it before his revival. He had never expected it to be so popular after 500 years.

He couldn't help but exclaim the power of time. He didn't know what the Sacred Zone could be like, how the Over Cloud Palace could be after 500 years.

It suddenly occurred to him that he was in the Sacred Institute. The top management here should know what was going on in the Sacred Zone. He didn't expect to know the details. An overview would be good enough for him.


Zhuang Fan was unhappy and disappointed to see Jiang Chen distracted. He said loudly, "You're so proud of yourself, but you can't even focus before a fight. How ridiculous."

Many people agreed with him. Jiang Chen looked a bit sentimental. It was obvious something special had occurred to him.

"Because you don't deserve my attention," Jiang Chen said.

He wasn't being intentionally scornful to Zhuang Fan, but explaining to the latter helplessly. That was the most irritating part.

"You're asking for it!"

Zhuang Fan didn't want to continue with him. He started to accumulate power in his palm. The two-colored light appeared again.

He was trying his best, since it was under the gaze of all four of the courtyards.

The red and blue lights emerged from his feet. They rose and wound around his arms. As his arms waved, the lights flew between his fingers.

"Split Yin and Yang by Palms!"

His body was like a tight string, ready to attack. He jumped from the ground.

"Show me how great an outstanding short-term disciple like you is!" Zhuang Fan shouted.


It caused another stir among the four courtyards.

They noticed that even some apprentice brothers of the Heaven Grade had walked out to watch the fight transmitting from the Hero Platform.

There had been a great disturbance when the Sacred Instituted announced they were going to recruit short-term disciples.

The people of the Dragon Field were proud of the Sacred Institute, and the youngsters in the Dragon Field were eager to study at the Sacred Instituted. Its current disciples were here thanks to their extraordinary efforts and talents.

The arrival of the short-term disciples played them down. During the short-term disciples' year-long stay at the Sacred Institute, whatever benefits the formal disciples had, they could enjoy the same, which was unacceptable to the formal disciples.

Many people of the Dragon Field opposed this and thought it was a stupid decision, but the Sacred Institute was too prestigious. Although they received many objections in the Dragon Field, the plan to recruit short-term disciples had progressed smoothly until this day.

Since no one could stop it, they would like to see how great these short-term disciples were.

There were three grades in the Sacred Institute—outstanding, superior and good.

For the most part, the level of the short-term disciples they had seen had proved that their objections were reasonable. They didn't think these short-term disciples were qualified for the Sacred Institute.

Short-term disciples who could get an outstanding grade were as good as the disciples of the Sacred Institute.

But Jiang Chen was the only one that had received it.

The disciples of the Sacred Institute were really curious about this guy's level.

For the moment, his state, the completed middle stage, was like a joke, due to which they were firmer with the idea that short-term disciples were only trash.


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