The Brilliant Fighting Master
236 Here We Are, the Sacred Institute!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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236 Here We Are, the Sacred Institute!

This was a question everyone was curious about, including Jiang Chen.

"Yep, and it will be very strict. There will be classes and exams."

Nan Gong glanced at the six youngsters beside him and said slowly, "Looks like you don't know much about the Sacred Institute yet. I'll give you an orientation first. Feel free to ask me if you have any more questions."

That would be best. The six youngsters were all eyes and ears.

Nan Gong started to introduce the Sacred Institute.

The Sacred Institute was different from groups like sects and schools, gangs and families. The Sacred Institute had all the good points these groups had, but its aim was to train excellent geniuses.

Disciples of the Sacred Institute would have a test every month, an exam every three months, and an evaluation every six months. It paid attention to its disciples' development in all respects.

Once they started their study at the Sacred Institute, they couldn't only practice when they wanted, like Jiang Chen had used to in the Natural Law School.

"One year in the Sacred Institute isn't very long, but it isn't very short either. The Sacred Institute will arrange courses for you according to individual abilities.

"So, in the Sacred Institute, the Reaching Heaven State is only what you're supposed to achieve. You might also see great achievements in tactical formations, panacea refining, or martial arts techniques."

Nan Gong's words had demystified the Sacred Institute. The six weren't as lost anymore.

"If I don't achieve the requirements of a course, will I be sent back?" Shen Huan asked.

It was evidently a stupid question. Nan Gong smiled in answer.

"Nan Gong, I have a question. The Sacred Institute only recruits short-term disciples for special reasons. What is it this time?" Jiang Chen suddenly said.

Compared to the others' questions, this one was sharp.

Shen Huan and the others were still cheering for having got the opportunity to study in the Sacred Institute. Such a question had never occurred to them.

Not until Jiang Chen had brought it up did they think about it.

The Sacred Institute had been holding competitions in all the fields. They recruited at least three disciples from each field. That would bring them hundreds of new short-term disciples, and the Sacred Institute was going to train them without asking for anything. Why was that?

Because the Sacred Institute was the guardian angel of the continent?

That was possible, but it would be foolish if they thought that was the only reason.

Nan Gong frowned. He didn't answer the question readily this time. He only said, "You'll see. Just work hard."

Then there was a long silence. Nan Gong closed his eyes to rest his mind. The six youngsters didn't dare disturb him. They were sitting on the back of the bird, bored.


An hour later Nan Gong opened his eyes and looked towards Jiang Chen in surprise.

The other five also looked towards him and were instantly shocked.

Jiang Chen had been sitting there motionlessly for who knows how long. His breathing was even. It seemed like there was nothing unusual, but if they released their holy awareness, they would find his body and the wind shared a unique rhythm.

The five youngsters were the best geniuses in the Fire Field, not to mention Nan Gong. They knew for certain that Jiang Chen was working on the creation of wind in the air.

The wind created by the speed of the machine-operated bird was strong enough to tear people apart. It was indeed the perfect time to comprehend the creation of wind.

However, they were on their way to the Sacred Institute. Everyone was excited. Who could stay so calm to think about that?!

The creation of wind also mattered a lot to Yi Shuihan. He had been sizing Jiang Chen up secretly when the latter came aboard, trying to figure out what had made the gap between them so huge.

He knew by then.

Jiang Chen wasn't just putting on an act. When he opened his eyes, he was evidently happy with his gains.

"Congratulations. You've achieved the minor doctrine of wind completely," Nan Gong said.

Jiang Chen had broken through to the minor doctrine of wind from the half minor doctrine in such a short time. It was a big step for him.

"Thank you."

Jiang Chen smiled and reached his hands out. He kept opening and closing his palms in the wind. Theoretically, the skin of his hands should have been torn apart first. His bones would have been exposed and then smashed to pieces by the wind.

But no such thing had happened.

"We're travelling really fast. That helped me to comprehend the essence of the creation of wind," Jiang Chen said.

"That's great," Nan Gong said.

Since Jiang Chen had made progress, the others wouldn't let such a good opportunity go either. Everything related to martial arts techniques and weapons could hardly be done without the help of the creation of wind.

They didn't know how difficult it was until they tried themselves. They couldn't focus their minds at all.

"We're already at the Dragon Field," Nan Gong suddenly said. The machine-operated bird slowed down.

The six of them finally could see what the Dragon Field was like. They popped their heads out one by one.

Princess Crimson Moon was the only one among them who had been to the Dragon Field before. It was the first time for the other five.

They were too far away from the Fire Field. Without the high speed of the machine-operated bird, it would take them three months to travel there by ship.

They had arrived in only a half day. It was unimaginable how fast the machine-operated bird was.

The landscape below was great. Mountains, rivers, and endless lush forests were in harmony. They first thought they were above a scenic area of the Dragon Field, but later, they found out it was just a normal view.

Even the sand in the desert was like gold that had a special beauty when they overlooked it from the sky, but the cities were the most astounding.

None of the big cities there had walls, or the walls were in the city center. This was the result of expansion.

That meant as time went by, those cities didn't need the protection of city walls anymore.

Outside the cities, there were many flat roads. The roads, hundreds or even thousands of miles long, led to other cities. They were bustling with carriages.

In comparison, such a flourishing scene was never seen in the Xia Dynasty, the most powerful country in the Fire Field.

"The Dragon Field is indeed the strongest on the continent!" Lu Fei couldn't help but exclaim. All of the others agreed with him.

Dozens of minutes later, the machine-operated bird slowed down again. They knew they were about to arrive at the Sacred Institute.

Everyone was excited. They all stood up to look down.

To their surprise, the Sacred Institute was located in a city.

They had thought a place like the Sacred Institute would be located in an isolated place. They wouldn't have been so surprised if the whole city were the Sacred Institute, but Nan Gong had made it clear: the city below was called the Sacred City, and the Sacred Institute was in the city center.

The Sacred City was a metropolis. It was bigger than all of the cities, towns, and villages of the Xia Dynasty put together.

And because of that, the people living in this city might never have the chance to meet for their whole lives.

Unless there was a great event, the people there only lived in their areas. They knew what was happening in the city via newspapers.

It was a coincidence that Shen Huan had grabbed a discarded daily flying in the wind. It was long and wide. He had to use both of his hands to unfold it.

The others were curious about its contents. They all leaned forward to read it.

Soon, they felt embarrassed, because they understood none of the words printed on the page!

The language used in the Dragon Field was different from that of the Fire Field. Although most of the words looked similar and it was possible to guess what each single word meant, they couldn't understand a thing when the words were put together.


Jiang Chen noticed it was the language used in the Sacred Zone 500 years before. He had no difficulty reading it.

There were many columns on the daily, telling of all kinds of events happening in the Sacred City.


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