The Brilliant Fighting Master
235 Heading for the Sacred Institute
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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235 Heading for the Sacred Institute

There was a cloud-capped wooden skyscraper at the Peak of Heavenly King.

On the top floor, Ning Haotian, who had just returned from his trip, was standing by the window, overlooking the nearby mountains from an altitude of more than ten thousand feet. He couldn't help but feel extremely ambitious in front of this view.

He was excited about his gains from the trip. He wished he could start practicing in seclusion right away.

But before that, he had to meet someone first. That was his mother, Su Quan.

It took Su Quan several days to travel to the Natural Law School after she left the pagoda. As Ning Haotian's mother, she arrived at the Peak of Heavenly King smoothly and entered the skyscraper.

"Mother… What happened to you?!"

Ning Haotian saw the palm print on Su Quan's face and flew into a rage.

"It's from that son of a b*tch." Su Quan was also irritated when she recalled what had happened.

"Jiang Chen?! I'm gonna kill him!"

Ning Haotian was about to go to the Redcloud Peak to pick a fight with Jiang Chen, but Su Quan stopped him.

"I've been patient with Jiang Chen, but how can I do nothing when you were insulted, Mother? Besides, Jiang Chen went too far. He even drove my master away. He accused my master of negative acts when the disciples' family was bullied. But Mother, you're my family, too. This time, the Natural Law School won't be able to protect him!" Ning Haotian said coldly.

"It's not going to work. I heard he left the school when I came here. He should be on his way to the Sacred Institute now," Su Quan said.

"Then I'll vent my anger on his family. That's the consequence!" Ning Haotian wouldn't let it go.

It seemed he was going to make Gao Yue the scapegoat. Su Quan felt nervous due to the information from the Intelligence Pavilion.

"Who is he? And who are you? Only that son of a b*tch would deal with his enemy's mother. Haotian, don't stoop to his level," Su Quan said.


Ning Haotian was struck dumb. He thought for a good while and waved his hand reluctantly in the end.

"Mother, don't worry about it. When my Black Tortoise Genuine Technique is done, neither Jiang Chen nor his clansmen will be a problem. I'll even be able to deal with them in the territory of the Natural Law School," Ning Haotian said confidently.

Su Quan nodded in relief, then something suddenly occurred to her. She gave a ruthless smile and said, "Haotian, the royal family has promised me that as long as you can get onto the Master List, we'll be at liberty to deal with the Southwind Ridge, and they'll deal with Taoist Priest Skywind's anger for us.

Then she added, "He killed the Third Prince around so many people. The royal family aren't pushovers.

"This is what's good about being strong. Strong people have more values. I'm the emperor's son-in-law, so the royal family is always fond of me.

"Haotian, how long will you practice in seclusion?" Su Quan said.

"If I still had the Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds, it would only take me three or four months, but now, I only have three left. It will take me at least twice the time, maybe longer if I lose more holy pulses in the process."

Ning Haotian was touchy when it came to this subject. He was unwilling to accept the facts.

"More than enough time. Jiang Chen will only spend one year in the Sacred Institute," Su Quan encourage him.


All of a sudden, Su Quan started to observe Ning Haotian's appearance carefully, and she felt more and more delighted. She said, "Haotian, Jiang Chen and the Southwind Ridge are only small problems. My biggest wish is to go back to the Dragon Field, to the Sacred City. I don't want to waste my whole life in this countryside."

It was a sore point for her to have left the heartland of the Nine Heavens Continent because of her marriage. She had dreamed of going back during the past years.

"Mother, trust me!"

Ning Haotian knew her wish. He would try his best to help her accomplish it.



As Su Quan said, Jiang Chen had already left the Natural Law School.

He didn't like farewells, so no one had seen him off.

All of his luggage was stored in the mustardseed ring. He was only carrying a knife at his waist. Whitty was happy as always, running around him ceaselessly.

The man and the tiger left before daylight.

In the square of the capital, the craters created by Jiang Chen and the Third Prince three days ago had been filled in. Flagstones were paved on the surface.

A machine-operated bird was standing there. Composed solely of square parts, it wasn't as vivid as the machine-operated beasts Jiang Chen had seen before, but its interior was beyond comparison.

Jiang Chen sensed the strong energy it gave off. He could imagine how it flew. It must have been a magnificent scene.

When he came closer, he found there were people standing behind the bird, and quite a few. He thought he had come early, but it turned out he was the last to arrive.

The Venerable of the Sacred Institute and the other five were already onboard.

They didn't complain when they saw him. Except for the Venerable, the other five looked nervous and uneasy.

"Come on," the Venerable said to him.

Jiang Chen nodded and went aboard with Whitty.

"You're taking your mount?" Lu Fei said in surprise.

"Yeah. Whitty can fly. If it's a problem for you, he can fly behind and follow us," Jiang Chen said.

"I didn't mean your mount couldn't travel with us," Lu Fei hurried to explain, but he was too shy to say what he wanted directly.

The others understood him. What surprised them was that Jiang Chen was taking his mount to the Sacred Institute, which was strange and sacred for them. A mount was not only trouble itself, but would cause trouble too.

"It's alright," the Venerable said.

Since everyone had arrived, the machine-operated bird started to flutter its wings. It created a strong wind immediately.

The machine-operated bird flew into the sky. The take-off had created some new cracks in the newly-repaired square.

The machine-operated bird was flying at a surprisingly high speed in the air.

"Don't look around. A tactical formation has been deployed on the back of the bird as a protection. You won't be torn apart flying at this speed, but you can barely see anything clearly," the Venerable said.

The six were shocked. How fast was it that it could tear people apart?

"If you have any doubts, ask me now. Don't waste the opportunity," the Venerable said.

The six glanced at each other. They were eager to ask, but too shy to be the first.

"Senior, how should we call you? "Senior" or "the Venerable" don't seem to me a proper name." Lv Fei spoke first, rash as always.

The Venerable smiled and said, "Call me Nan Gong."

They were relieved when they saw the Venerable was actually an easy-going man. Shen Huan asked a general question. "Senior Nan Gong, are there any special notes for when we arrive at the Sacred Institute?"

"Follow the rules of the Sacred Institute, it's as simple as that. Also, leave off the "Senior." It sounds awful," Nan Gong said.

"Nan Gong, will we really achieve the Reaching Heaven State after one year at the Sacred Institute?" Shen Huan asked again.

He seemed like a simple and frank guy judging from his questions.

"As long as you work hard enough. You'll find the Reaching Heaven State isn't the greatest goal at the Sacred Institute," Nan Gong said.

If the Reaching Heaven State wasn't the greatest goal, what could be?

Shen Huan was very curious. He wanted to ask about it, but it didn't seem like a proper question to him, so he kept his silence.

"Nan Gong, will we receive any evaluations during the one year we stay at the Sacred Institute?" Princess Crimson Moon said.


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