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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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230 Dada!

The next day was sunny. Jiang Chen felt like he had completely recovered when he woke up. He had also calmed down.

He walked out of the door and saw Whitty running around the Redcloud Peak, playing with the Jiang disciples.

Uncle Fan was preparing for his trip to the Dragon Field. He promised Jiang Chen when he saw him, "Young lord, you don't have to worry about anything. Take a good rest and leave the rest to us for the next three days."

Jiang Chen was about to tell him he had recovered when he found the clansmen nearby looking at him with pity.

All in all, he must have suffered a lot to walk out of a place like the Realm of Beasts.

Jiang Chen didn't try to explain. He stretched and called Whitty over.

"The Redcloud Peak is safe enough for me to enable your spiritual intelligence completely," Jiang Chen said.

The current Whitty was as smart as a human child, but he still needed to improve his way of thinking and gain more knowledge of the world.

Without help, it would take him dozens of years. Whitty wouldn't be a real black-level monster until then. At that point, he would be able to take in the spirit of universe to practice just like human beings.

Whitty didn't have his own ideas. He just agreed with whatever Jiang Chen said, so Jiang Chen took him to the heart of the tactical formation of the mountain. After confirming that there would be no disturbances, he gestured for Whitty to sit down and put his hands on the tiger's head.

Soon, Whitty closed his eyes. His head and Jiang Chen's hands gave off shining blue light.

During this process, their souls were communicating with each other and exploring a new world.

Jiang Chen experienced killing instinct as a fierce beast. He felt like he was in a bloody world where countless soldiers were fighting and killing, full of blood and screams.

Jiang Chen hadn't expected that. He hurried to take his mind back under control, otherwise his character would be greatly changed and he would turn into a killing demon.

However, every coin has two sides. Whitty's killing instinct was the best to exercise one's mind. Not everyone would have the chance to practice like this.

As for Whitty, he started to understand how human beings thought and knew more about the world.

He came to know a tree he had used to sleep and rub his paws on had taken a long time to grow from a sapling.

He came to know what life force was and explored the spirit of everything.

After a long while, when this process ended, both the human and the tiger had gained something.


Suddenly, a silvery voice appeared in Jiang Chen's mind.

He looked over in surprise and saw Whitty looking at him with his wide open eyes.

And he became more excited when he saw Jiang Chen looking at him.

Dada! The voice sounded more affirmative.

This time, Jiang Chen was sure it was Whitty that was calling him.

He was surprised to see Whitty had gained holy awareness in such a short time and had been able to communicate with him, but he had no comment for the name Whitty had given him.

He hadn't raised Whitty, so in Whitty's heart, he shouldn't be a father, but Whitty had a deep attachment to him. That was why he was calling Jiang Chen this.

Jiang Chen didn't have the heart to refuse him, although he felt weird. He hoped Whitty could change the name himself when he grew up.

On the other hand, he found his mind had become stronger after he had experienced the killing instinct, which hadn't been weak at all.

He began to educate Whitty.

It wasn't an easy thing to do. Whitty was worse than the naughtiest kid. He almost cried when Jiang Chen ordered him to sit there and listen to him.

Jiang Chen suddenly understood how his father had felt while teaching him. It was pretty much the same.

When all this was done, Jiang Chen was called over by the Natural Law School. The school awarded him for his performance in the competition of the Sacred Institute and the glory he had brought to the school. The school told the other disciples to view Jiang Chen as a role model.

To celebrate Jiang Chen's achievement, all the disciples would be awarded.

Jiang Chen had rested for a whole day. It seemed like he didn't want to hold any celebration. The Natural Law School couldn't wait anymore, so it called Jiang Chen over and made him the best example to encourage its disciples.

His fame in the Natural Law School, and even the entire Fire Field, had almost surpassed Ning Haotian's.

After all, there had been no competition at the Sacred Institute back in Ning Haotian's heyday.

Speaking of Ning Haotian, Jiang Chen was curious about what he was up to these days. He hadn't heard any news regarding him since he was dismissed from the vice leader's post.

Jiang Chen had assumed he was practicing in seclusion, but judging from what the first lady of the Black Dragon City had said the day before, he had travelled somewhere and was coming back soon.

Ning Haotian returned to the Natural Law School that night. Some people saw him landing at the Peak of Heavenly King.

In consideration of the relationship between him and Jiang Chen, people were wondering what he would think after learning Jiang Chen had earned a spot of the Sacred Institute.

Many people wanted to see his reaction with their own eyes., but according to the disciples of the Peak of Heavenly King, Ning Haotian had heard this news on his way back. He hadn't said anything about it or found it a big deal.

At the same time, more news came from the Peak of Heavenly King. It was said that Ning Haotian had been travelling in all the fields and had received many good opportunities. He had even been given inheritance from capable masters.

At that time, he only needed to spend time practicing in seclusion to break through to the next level.

What surprised everyone was that Ning Haotian had claimed he would challenge the Master List once his seclusion was over!

He intended to become the youngest master on the Master List.

The disciples of the Natural Law School were shocked. It occurred to them that Ning Haotian hadn't taken part in the competition of the Sacred Institute because he had achieved the Reaching Heaven State.

In comparison, Jiang Chen had just got the place at the Sacred Institute and was going to break through to the Reaching Heaven State there.

In this way, no one thought Jiang Chen's success would be a blow to Ning Haotian in any sense, since he was much farther ahead and was advancing to a higher class of the Fire Field.

"Ning Haotian showed off in all the fields under the title of the youngest in the Reaching Heaven State. It's said that he was given the inheritance only thanks to his young age!" Wen Xin said in a rage.

Inheritance of powerful people wasn't given to others easily. There were many restrictions. No powerful people wanted their achievements wasted by those who were incapable.

That was why many restrictions had been imposed on the place of inheritance. One of them was talent for practicing.

Ning Haotian had achieved the Reaching Heaven State when he was twenty-one years old. Of course he met this criterion.

Wen Xin was angry that Ning Haotian was able to achieve this thanks to the holy pulse he had stolen from Jiang Chen. Otherwise, he would have only been an average Mental Wander State by that point.

"Don't worry about it. He's losing the holy pulse. It's hard to say whether he can master the inheritance he has. Besides, if there were no hardships at all, how would I get a sense of accomplishment when I kill him?" Jiang Chen was very wise. He didn't feel jealous.

"Work hard when you go to the Sacred Institute," Wen Xin said.

He wouldn't be able to take anyone with him to the Sacred Institute like he had brought Meng Hao to the Natural Law School, because he only had a place to study there for a short term, and he wasn't a full disciple.

"One year of study. Only come back once every six months," Wen Xin said. It was hard to tell whether she was speaking to Jiang Chen or to herself.

When Jiang Chen was still thinking how to answer her, Wen Xin said, "When you come back, you'll be in the Reaching Heaven State. There will be a huge gap between us by then."

"No matter what states we're in, we're good friends. I'll never forget what you've done for me," Jiang Chen said seriously.

"Ahem! What are you talking about? Maybe I'll be the one in the higher state when you come back!" She said crossly and ran away. Wen Xin was unhappy with Jiang Chen's seriousness.


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