The Brilliant Fighting Master
228 Aristocratic Families of Inheritance
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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228 Aristocratic Families of Inheritance

Yi Shuihan was frustrated by his failure, but the Venerable of the Sacred Institute told him that his interpretation of the doctrine of sword was quite profound, so he had won a spot, too.

"What? I'm the winner, and I have to have another fight. He lost, but he has a place," Lu Fei couldn't help but complain.

The Venerable wasn't angry. He said, "I'm confident in you. One more fight, and you'll get your place with a superior grade."

"Deal!" Lu Fei stopped complaining immediately and started to look forward to the next fight.

His bluntness made many people laugh. The remaining fights also ended in a kind of harmony.

After all, compared to Jiang Chen and the Third Prince's deadly fight, the other fights could be described as harmonious as long as everyone lived.

The great event ended at dusk.

Six people had earned places. They were Jiang Chen, Princess Crimson Moon, Yi Shuihan, Shen Huan, Lu Fei, and Li Hengjing.

Three of them had got the places before the end of the event: Jiang Chen, Princess Crimson Moon, and Yi Shuihan.

The last two were actually lucky, but Jiang Chen had definitely won his place with strength.

Some people even thought Jiang Chen could defeat all of the other five.

"Come here at dawn in three days. We'll travel to the Sacred Institute together. Take a good rest and prepare yourselves for the trip during these three days," the Venerable said, then he looked up at the pagoda of the Natural Law School and left.

The soldiers in the square also left. The flying ships in the air flew away in different directions.

As the great event ended, what had happened that day would be heatedly discussed in the Fire Field for several months.

Jiang Chen had become famous.

His appearance and his elegance and courage in the fights was remembered by countless people.

He had become the idol of all young swordsmen.

"Tell all disciples to come back to the pagoda in fifteen minutes. Otherwise, they'll walk back by themselves." The leader of the Hall of Penal Law was going back too.

Apparently, the pagoda was a very fast flying ship.

In these fifteen minutes, Jiang Chen said his farewells to Shui Sheng and persuaded Chu Luo and the other two to return and focus on practicing.

He had cast the Soul Eating Spell on them to avoid killing them, but at that moment, these three women also caused him headache.

Suddenly, when the Natural Law School was about to leave, a woman came to the pagoda, an unexpected visitor.

It was the first lady of the Black Dragon City. An old woman had come with her as well.

She came up to Jiang Chen under the others' surprised gazes and sized him up carefully.

When the elders were about to ask what she had come for, she said, "My son is going back to the Natural Law School, too. I'll meet him at the Peak of the Heavenly King. Do you mind if I go with you?"

Of course it was fine for Ning Haotian's mother to travel with them, but her intentions weren't so simple.

Her strength could be the lowest among the people on this floor, but her aggression was comparable to a Reaching Heaven State.

"I shouldn't have showed you any mercy. I should have killed you back then," the first lady said.

"I appreciate that a lot. Don't worry. I promise I'll pay you back," Jiang Chen sneered.

"Cut the crap. Do you really think you have the strength to oppose the Black Dragon City with those silly tricks?"

The first lady sneered, "Do you know what Haotian was doing while you walked out of the Realm of Beasts and played around here?"

Fan Tu was very angry. It was this exact woman who had deprived his young lord of the holy pulse, caused his brothers' deaths, and imprisoned his master.

But then she even had the nerve to scorn them in such an unscrupulous manner.

"Ning Haotian owes everything to the holy pulse he stole from the young lord!" Fan Tu shouted.

"Ridiculous. Isn't Jiang Chen recovering his holy pulse? But he isn't a Reaching Heaven State yet. This is the gap between their strengths," the first lady said with disdain.

"Have you come here to talk bad about me?" Jiang Chen said.

"No. I'm here to tell you that even if you go to the Dragon Field, you won't get what you want. Instead, you'll be disappointed."

The first lady smiled complacently. She didn't give any more details, which made them anxious.

"That's all?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Eh?" The first lady raised her chin. She was pretty, but looked very arrogant.


To everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen slapped across the first lady's left cheek, hard.

The slap was so loud that it drowned all other sounds out.

"How dare you!" Behind the first lady, an old woman's expression darkened. She gave off an astounding energy that didn't match the way she looked.

However, the first lady stopped her. She wouldn't allow her to attack.

"You tried very hard to devastate the Southwind Ridge. You took my holy pulse away. You hired killers from the Black White School to kill me. Now you're standing in front of me. Do you think I won't dare to kill you?" Jiang Chen said.

"Kill me? Can you?"

The first lady didn't lose her temper. Instead, she gave a cruel smile.

"Can't I?"

Jiang Chen grasped the handle of his sword, opening and closing his fingers.

"Son." Gao Yue stopped him. She didn't want him to act recklessly, since Jiang Qingyu was still under the control of the Black Dragon City.

Besides, the Three Clarities of Natural Law and the other elders wouldn't allow him to attack the first lady.

Jiang Chen had blamed the Natural Law School for not having taken care of the disciples' families.

The first lady was Ning Haotian's mother. If she hadn't provoked him first, the leader of the Hall of Penal Law would have reproached him for this slap.

"You don't dare, do you? How sad. And what a pity. Don't think I'm standing here because I rely on the Black Dragon City or the Natural Law School.

"You'll lose a hand in the Dragon Field for slap like this.

"I'm from the aristocratic family of inheritance of the Dragon Field, the Sus!"

The first lady, Su Quan, raised her head and threw her shoulders back. Although the palm print was still on her face, she didn't lose her pride due to it.

"The aristocratic family of inheritance?!"

The Three Clarities of Natural Law and the other elders were awed by her. They hadn't expected this noble lady before them to have such a prestigious background.

Not just anyone could use the word inheritance.

If a force wanted to call itself an inheritance, they had to have not only a long history, but also great ancestors who had made brilliant achievements and won the recognition of the world.

Most importantly, those from aristocratic families of inheritance usually had rare talents, so each aristocratic family of inheritance had a powerful background and strength.

Su Quan married a guy from the Fire Field, but she was still a member of the Sus. It was fine for Jiang Chen to stay in the Fire Field, since it was too far for the Sus to do anything to him, and they didn't bother to.

But at that moment, he was going to their territory. Of course he would run into many problems.

That slap would cost him a high price. It wasn't impossible for him to lose an arm.

"You won't have the Natural Law School to protect you in the Dragon Field. I'd like to see how you'll die there."

Su Quan was enjoying the others' reactions. She felt proud of being a member of the Sus.


Gao Yue didn't want any trouble, but Su Quan had been threatening her son over and over again. She couldn't sit still anymore.

"You're only from the negligible Sus. You don't deserve to be so proud. Do you think there's only one aristocratic family of inheritance in the Dragon Field?"

Gao Yue had always behaved as an elegant and cultured woman, but just then, she gave off a completely different energy. Her look was cold, noble, and majestic.

Su Quan was noble in her heart of hearts, but Gao Yue's nobleness was naturally born, like the blood of dragons and the marrow of phoenixes, totally incomparable to average people.


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