The Brilliant Fighting Master
224 Death of the Third Prince
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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224 Death of the Third Prince

This was the greatest card in Jiang Chen's hand to kill the Third Prince.

It was a secret method, but it could be called a magic method due to its magical effects.

If one exerted this secret method in a fight, all of one's injuries would be converted to power.

The more heavily one was injured, the more formidable power one would get.

Jiang Chen had managed to take the Third Prince's hard punches. It was unimaginable how powerful he now was.

However, this status would only last for a few minutes.

Jiang Chen wasn't going to waste more of his time. He was going to finish what he had came for.

"The Second Special Movement: Thunder Over the Whole Earth!"

The Third Prince was more anxious than him. It was a nightmare when he saw Jiang Chen acting more and more unexpected.

He was going to use his hardest blow to destroy everything, whatever it was.

As soon as he prepared for a fist attack, the Third Prince also entered a nonhuman status. The electric arcs emerged all over his body. They were wreaking havoc on everything along with the power of the fist.

Inside the barrier, the ground cracked once again. It was like tofu that had been cut into pieces, sinking.


The Third Prince hit his fists against the ground. The electricity travelled through the ground, destroying everything. Angry thunderclaps erupted. They'd each occupied a corner of the ring.

The Third Prince dashed out like a ball of electricity.


Jiang Chen was fearless, like even if doomsday had come, it had nothing to do with him. He waved his hand and the Redcloud Sword flew into his left hand automatically.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The First Movement!"

Jiang Chen shook off all of the distractions and immersed himself in the world of the sword.

The barrier full of thunder instantly started to shine with the boundless light of the sword, which was trying to confront the thunder.

In the next two of three seconds, people couldn't see clearly what was happening in the ring. They only saw the power of the fist and the light of the sword fighting like fierce beasts.

It was far more than a fight between two Mental Wander States.

Fortunately there was a barrier. Otherwise, the whole square would be damaged.


They couldn't see what had happened, but heard a crack.

After that, the light in the ward vanished rapidly, like a leaking balloon.

No one was blinking. They didn't want to miss a detail.

When the light had completely disappeared, the ground inside the ring sank ten-odd yards, as if a giant pot had been put into the ground.

Jiang Chen was standing in the deepest part with his sword. It seemed like time had stopped.


When the spectators were looking for the Third Prince, he fell from the top of the barrier onto the ground on his stomach.


Many people almost fainted when they saw what condition the Third Prince was in.

He was covered in blood, injuries from the sword all over his body. He was still bleeding badly.

The soldiers of the dynasty immediately dashed over from the square, but they were stopped by the barrier, so they looked towards Xue Jingtian, who was on the palace wall.

Xue Jingtian looked towards the emperor of the Xia Dynasty.

The emperor stood up immediately and shouted, "Jiang Chen, please be lenient! I'll satisfy any of your requests."

He was smart. He knew it wouldn't work if he begged the mercy of the Venerable of the Sacred Institute, so he turned to Jiang Chen.

By then, the suspense wasn't who would win anymore, but whether Jiang Chen would kill the Third Prince.

It had happened too fast. Many people found it too exciting for their hearts.

"Will he kill him? Will he really kill him?"

"Hard to say. All in all, he is a prince, and the whole royal family is here."

"Maybe Jiang Chen will take this opportunity to force the Black Dragon City to let go of his father."

"The thing is, Jiang Chen can decide the Third Prince's life and death now, but once the barrier is removed…"

The crowd was in a heated discussion. Everyone had sweaty palms. It was a battle of nerves.

Jiang Chen was standing with his back to the Third Prince, his eyes slightly closed. He was motionless. No one could figure out what he was thinking.

"Haha, do you dare kill me?"

The Third Prince laughed provocatively. He was covered in blood, but still acting arrogant. He shouted, "You're only a wretch. Your family is in the territory of the dynasty. You want to kill me? Do you want your whole clan to be eliminated?"

Jiang Chen still didn't move, as if he was frozen.

"Come on. Help me get to my feet. You've defeated me. We don't owe each other anymore. This is my reward to you," the Third Prince said.

Jiang Chen suddenly opened his eyes. The energy of the sword soared into the sky. He drew a half moon with his left foot on the ground and turned around.

The Third Prince flew into the air and whirled there. He didn't even see what had happened.

He saw a corpse without a head kneeling down there from an angle that he had never tried before.

He looks so familiar…

As soon as the thought occurred to him, the darkness fell upon him like a flame that had been extinguished.

The Third Prince was dead!

The whole crowd went crazy, everyone screaming. No one could sit still anymore. They were all on their feet, trying to figure out whether it was true.

The Third Prince was dead. Even the Golden Immortality of the Great Overarching Heaven wouldn't be able to save him.

The crowd suddenly quieted down after the turmoil, because as soon as the barrier had disappeared, the armed soldiers had put Jiang Chen under siege.

On the palace wall, the emperor of the Xia Palace had a dark expression. Everyone could see how much he hated Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had ignored him and killed his son in front of so many people. He had disrespected the majesty of the royal family. All of this would destroy him.

As the soldiers approached Jiang Chen, he was very weak. People could sense the change in his energy.


At this time, Whitty landed in front of Jiang Chen from the air. He snarled at the soldiers.

The tiger's growl shocked the soldiers and awakened the crowd in the square.

"Is Jiang Chen's death the only accepted result in this fight?!" someone shouted loudly and broke the dull atmosphere.

It was the guy who had asked Jiang Chen not to disappoint him in the fight with the Third Prince. He didn't chicken out at this moment and came forward first.

"Right. The royal family didn't try to stop when he asked for the fight, or when the barrier was deployed, but now you want to take revenge?" Shui Sheng from the Exquisite Sect also shouted.

"Shui Sheng!"

Her apprentice brothers and sisters and the elders beside her immediately looked towards her sternly.

Before they could reproach her, the anger in people's hearts had been ignited.

They recalled Jiang Chen's performance in the ring. They were all encouraged by his persistence and fearlessness before authority, and they had been holding hatred towards the Third Prince for such a long time. They couldn't take it anymore.

"That's right. The Xia Dynasty is the only dynasty in the Fire Field. Do your people's lives mean nothing to you?"

"The Third Prince killed so many people. He completely trampled on the law, but the royal family has never done anything about it."

"It was a fair duel today. Jiang Chen killed the bad guy for the people. Why are you attacking him?"

"Right! Let him go! Let him go!"

"Let him go! Let him go!"

Thousands of people were shouting for Jiang Chen in the square. Anyone in the universe would be touched.

The royal soldiers surrounding Jiang Chen were sweating. They looked at each other, unable to hold their spears steady.


The emperor flew into a rage at first, then it occurred to him that the Venerable of the Sacred Institute was beside him. He panicked.

He looked towards the Venerable, who was looking at him, puzzled, as he had expected.

"Without the support of the people, the only dynasty in the Fire Field will be replaced sooner or later," the Venerable said casually.

The emperor turned pale immediately. He hurried to gesture to Xue Jingtian.

Xue Jingtian waved his hand and the soldiers in the square were relieved from duty. They left as quickly as possible.


"Truth will prevail!"

Countless people were cheering as if they'd won a battle. Even those who weren't on Jiang Chen's side were moved.


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