The Brilliant Fighting Master
223 His Finest Hour X
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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223 His Finest Hour X

Jiang Chen knew he wouldn't be able to dodge it, so he tried his best to fight back.

"Stupid!" the Third Prince shouted. His fists generated nine thunders.

Nine thunders?!

It was beyond Xue Rentian's expectations. He couldn't help but feel sorry for the unlucky Jiang Chen.

The Redcloud Sword and the two fists hit against each other after the last thunder. The space between the two seemed to be shattered to pieces by the explosion.

Jiang Chen lost his grip on the sword. He flew off the ground like a kite.

In comparison, the Third Prince was standing there steadily. He didn't move a single bit.

The electricity from his fists hadn't vanished, and was recovering rapidly.

Jiang Chen bumped into the transparent wall of the barrier with a sickening thud. The spectators couldn't help but wonder whether his internal organs had been ruptured.

But fortunately, Jiang Chen managed to get his body under control when slipping down the smooth wall. He landed steadily in the end.

All of a sudden, he looked in pain. He half knelt down and spit out some blood.

The crowd burst into uproar when they saw this. At the same time, they felt helpless, sympathetic and sorry for the anticipated result.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen!"

The joy on Shui Sheng's face had faded. She was almost crying due to worry.

"He forced himself too much."

Zhi Ruo felt pity. She tapped Shui Sheng's shoulder and comforted her, "Jiang Chen's courage will be remembered by the whole world."

There were also people who felt delighted. Baili Li from the Bailis even exclaimed, "It's what he asked for!"

Wen Xin panicked. She found Chu Luo and asked her whether Jiang Chen had said anything before he went into the ring.

However, Chu Luo was in a greater panic. She couldn't give Wen Xin any meaningful answer.

In the chaos, the Third Prince was approaching Jiang Chen arrogantly.

"Where is your pride?

"Where is the confidence you showed at the Natural Law School when you said you were going to kill me? You came here for revenge. Are you satisfied with what you've got?"

The Third Prince kept talking and talking. People felt sorry for Jiang Chen.

Gao Xiong, the military captain, smiled. He murmured to himself, "I would regret it if he hadn't run into the Third Prince and received a spot of the Sacred Institute. But now…"

At this moment, Jiang Chen managed to stand up and said, "I thought your all-out attack would be more powerful."

He wiped the blood off his mouth. The fearless look returned to his face again.


The Third Prince curled his lips. He disappeared from where he was and emerged next to Jiang Chen in a second. He punched the latter again. Jiang Chen flew from one end of the ring to the other end, even worse than just before.

When he landed, he half knelt down and spit blood again.


The Third Prince, in peak form, came up to him immediately. He said coldly, "Where is your swordsmanship? Where is your elegance as the successor to the doctrine of sword? How come I'm only seeing an ant I can step on and kill easily?"

"Even an ant could take two attacks from you? Looks like you're no better," Jiang Chen smiled with disdain.

He acted the way he always did, even if it was before his death.

"You're only a joke if you don't have adequate strength," the Third Prince sneered. He stepped forward again and punched Jiang Chen over and over, as if the latter were a sandbag. The formidable fists fell like raindrops. It was too cruel to watch.

"This is what you get if you offend the Third Prince."

It was exactly his style to beat a defeated person so hard.

Jiang Chen almost fainted. He tried very hard to support himself so that he wouldn't lie down. It was such a lamentable scene. Especially when he took punches to the face, people were wondering whether he would die this way.

"One is in the peak of the late stage, while the other is in the completed middle stage. The gap is too huge."

"Jiang Chen and his previous rivals were competing in martial arts techniques, but the Third Prince represents pure force."

"He's able to use the power of thunder so proficiently. It can be called a martial arts technique, too."

"What a pity. If Jiang Chen hadn't challenged the Third Prince, things would be totally different."

The spectators were discussing the fight. They thought Jiang Chen had lost because of the huge gap between their states, as they had expected.

The Redcloud Sword had flown away and fallen into a corner. Its radiance faded, as if in silent tribute for its master.

On the palace wall, the old man in the gray robe couldn't sit still anymore.

"The Venerable, my son isn't bad, is he?" the emperor of the Xia Dynasty said.

The old man didn't answer him, as if he hadn't heard him.

The emperor felt joyful. Although he didn't dare offend the Venerable of the Sacred Institute, he felt satisfied that he could preen over what his son had achieved.


Another hard punch. Jiang Chen, beyond all recognition, flew away again. This time, he fell onto the ground and tumbled, but he managed to get to his feet when people thought he would be as weak and limp as a pile of mud.

"Don't stand up!" Chu Luo and Wen Xin shouted with a kind of sob.

"Just as I thought, your fists are as weak as a woman's." Jiang Chen could barely look up towards the Third Prince as he spoke, but he was as stubborn and tough as before.

"You've become a joke. Let me help you end this."

The Third Prince looked around. Most people were thinking the same thing.

"This is what you get for opposing me!"

He pointed at Jiang Chen and gave off a surprisingly powerful energy, then he raised his fist and dashed towards him.

He was going to kill Jiang Chen with this attack.

However, Jiang Chen, lowering his head, seemed to be reading something.

"Regulating yin and yang by the five phases; hurting the heart, the lung, the liver and the intestines. The mind gets absent when their essence is gone; the soul is lost when the triple burner dysfunctions.

"Magic Method: Go Against the Trend!"

The dying Jiang Chen drew himself up just as the Third Prince approached him, like a momentary recovery of consciousness just before death. He gave off an extraordinary energy.

His black hair was flying, his injuries recovering rapidly. The bruises on his face had disappeared.

When he raised his head, his face looked stubborn, resolute and cold.

His black eyes were like the night sky. His look was as sharp and cold as a razor.


He raised his hand and caught the Third Prince's fist. When the fist and the palm met, neither of them drew back. Their feet were stuck to the ground.


Everyone was stunned by the dramatic change, especially the Third Prince.

Jiang Chen didn't know any palm methods, which meant he had taken the Third Prince's fist with his own force.

The Third Prince looked at his own fist, which was in contact with Jiang Chen's palm. He couldn't believe what had happened. If he took a closer look, he would find the skin of Jiang Chen's hand was covered by something transparent.

No, not just his hand, but his whole body. One might not be able to see it at first glance, but with a little bit more attention, it was obvious that Jiang Chen was at a nonhuman status.

"Weak. I mean your fist."

Jiang Chen moved his shoulders and pushed the Third Prince. The latter flew to the ground as a result.

Although not as tragic as Jiang Chen had been just now, the Third Prince slid back ten-odd yards with his fingertips close to the ground.

Ten-odd yards wasn't a long distance, but it was beyond the imaginations of most people.

It was as absurd as seeing the moon during the day or talking stones.

Jiang Chen had completely shaken off his tragic look. He became more and more aggressive. There was something mysterious about him that no one could see through.

All of his injuries had disappeared, as if he had never even been hurt.


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