The Brilliant Fighting Master
222 His Finest Hour IX
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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222 His Finest Hour IX

His sword attack is very powerful. It can cut the force of my fist. Besides, he's mastered the conception of nature and martial arts techniques. It will do me no good if I force myself to attack him.

But I suffered my losses only because I looked down on him.

However sharp the radiance of his sword is, there is a limit. However fully he's mastered the conception of nature and martial arts techniques, he can't go against nature.

So, I'll just show him what I have to prove how small he is!

The Third Prince kept thinking until he regained his calmness and his breathing became more stable.

"You've shown me all that you have, haven't you? Don't try to deny it. I know," the Third Prince said.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He didn't bother to answer.

In fact, what the Third Prince had said was true. He had almost exerted both the elevation of his sword and the conception of nature and martial arts techniques to the fullest. He had shown his strength.

After all, the Third Prince's crazy attack was powerful enough to kill any of the top twelve, save for him.

He's arrogant, but not so simple-minded. He does have something.

Jiang Chen had thought maybe he wouldn't have to use his secret method, like the time he dealt with Mo Li, but it seemed he had to use it. By combining it with the Sword Method of Ksana, he would have the chance to win.

If this sword attack fails, I'll die here because of the gap between our states!

Jiang Chen's smile faded from his face when he realized that. He became serious.

They were surprised at one another, while the spectators were more stunned than surprised.

On the other hand, the Third Prince had forced Jiang Chen to pull out all the stops, which none of his previous opponents had been able to achieve.

The thing was, the Third Prince was in the peak of the late stage. He had forty-nine holy points and was already ready to break through to the Reaching Heaven State.

Although his martial arts techniques were average, with his secret method, he could punch a small hill and have it collapse. Martial arts techniques didn't matter so much anymore.

Fighting with such an opponent was like sending a kid to fight with a bear.

The only suspense was how long he could hold out and how he would die.

It was already a surprise that Jiang Chen had persisted until this moment and was even at an advantage in the fight.

His Redcloud Sword was constantly changing in his hand while facing those dreadful fist attacks. It defused each crisis at its own tempo.

"If they were in the same state, he would have been able to kill the Third Prince with a single sword attack."

"There are too many ifs in this world."

"The Third Prince has held back. I'm wondering whether Jiang Chen can persist longer."

"Hard to say. It's obvious that he's pulled out all the stops. You can tell from his expression."

Among the heated discussion, those from the Natural Law School were the most anxious.

The four key members, Elder Yuan Hong, the leader of the Hall of Penal Law, Elder Technique Impartation, and the Medicine Elder had butterflies in their stomachs when they were sitting there watching.

Not until Jiang Chen and the Third Prince had separated did they ease up for the moment.

All of the four found their palms sweaty.

"Jiang Chen would be able to get the place easily if he didn't have this deadly fight with the Third Prince," said the leader of the Hall of Penal Law.

"Yeah, I don't understand him. He managed to walk out of the Realm of Beasts, but why was he wearing a mask?" Elder Technique Impartation was puzzled.

"Is it a way to blame us for not having him rescued?" the Medicine Elder assumed.

"Hm, we'd become everyone's target as soon as we entered the Realm of Beasts. It could put the Natural Law School in a big crisis. He's only one disciple. Why should we have rescued him?" Elder Yuan Hong sneered. He was on Ning Haotian's side. He had been a bundle of nerves only because he was afraid Jiang Chen would win.

At this moment, someone flew to the pagoda. It was Elder Holding Sword from the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness.

"I was wondering why the Natural Law School sent four elders. That's why I'm here, but now I'm wondering why you had to make your disciple wear a mask. Were you afraid his victims would take revenge on him since you know he's committed too many crimes?"

"You came to the Natural Law School to ask for our explanation. What Jiang Chen did to your disciples in the Realm of Beasts didn't violate our school's rules at all."

Since they had had an open falling out, the four elders weren't kind to him either.

"That's right. It doesn't make sense to ask the disciples of the Natural Law School not to fight back when others provoke them first." The Medicine Elder was acting tough.

"Ahem, I'm not here to discuss whose fault it was. Anyway, someone else will make him realize that everyone reaps what he sows."

Elder Holding Sword sneered and said, "What a pity. Such an excellent swordsman will die soon. It will be a heavy blow for the Natural Law School, won't it?"

Although it was a question, he left without waiting for any answer.

"Darn! It's fine if Jiang Chen wins. If he loses—!" Elder Yuan Hong couldn't lose face. He vented his anger at Jiang Chen.

"Anyway, let's inform the school of what's happening here," Elder Technique Impartation said.

Many people around held the same attitude as Elder Holding Sword, because the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness wasn't the only one that had taken a beating from Jiang Chen in the Realm of Beasts.

For example, the Mos. Mo Kuang, one of the top twelve, was the eldest young master of the Mos.

Jiang Chen had killed his third youngest brother and cousin.

Mo Kuang hadn't picked a fight since Jiang Chen was too powerful. He could even take the Third Prince's crazy attack.

And there was Baili Li from the Bailis. She had been gloating over Jiang Chen's death in the Realm of Beasts.

In comparison, there were also people who were hoping Jiang Chen could win.

For instance, Shui Sheng. She shouted pleasantly when she saw the masked man was Jiang Chen. The other disciples of the Exquisite Sect were completely confused by her reaction.

Zhiruo, her apprentice sister, was much calmer. She knew it wasn't time to celebrate yet. Before anything else, Jiang Chen had to survive.

Otherwise, it would be a joke that he died there after having travelled so many miles alone and having suffered so much.

And the Third Prince did have the strength to turn Jiang Chen into a joke.

After the two adjusted their breathing, the Third Prince punched his own chest with his fist. Every time his fist touched his chest, thunder came from his body. He was accumulating strength.

After three punches, he looked more muscular, his muscles bulging more, looking as hard as granite.

A magnetic field formed around him. His black hair and clothes were flying.

"It will be your honor to die by my all-out attack," the Third Prince said after all these were done. His voice sounded magnetic, loud enough to echo.

He hadn't thrown his fist out yet, but countless people were already stunned by his aggression.

When he closed his hands, he could feel he was grasping two near gales in his fists that formed a tornado with his fists as the center.


The Third Prince focused his mind. The electric arcs jumped and expanded along the tornado forming high voltage.

To pressure Jiang Chen, he did the same to his other fist.


With a snarl, the magnetic field around him released huge amounts of electric arcs that formed an impenetrable barrier, armor made of lightning that no enemy could touch.


There wasn't a single trace of arrogance on the faces of the other top twelve, including Yi Shuihan and Lu Fei.

Only one thing was on their minds. They felt lucky the one in the ring wasn't them.

The Third Prince would have been ranked in the top three on the Eternal Flame List if he hadn't intentionally held back his strength.

No wonder he had been so disdainful when Jiang Chen had challenged him.


The emperor of the Xia Dynasty was beaming. He felt relieved. He thought to himself, "It turns out he's mastered the special movement. He didn't even tell me."

Thunder Fist didn't contain any movements. Even its special movement only relied on pure force, but it was surely unique since it was called a special movement.

The current Third Prince was powerful enough to kill people with a single tap. He didn't have to launch any fist attacks at all.

Every part of his body could be a fatal weapon.

"Taste the fire of my anger."

As the Third Prince strode forward, the ground under his feet cracked. He threw his formidable fists over with infinite force, powerful enough to shatter the universe.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Rainbow Penetrates the Sun!"


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