The Brilliant Fighting Master
221 His Finest Hour VIII
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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221 His Finest Hour VIII

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Each of the Third Prince's fist attacks sounded like thunder.

Jiang Chen was only defending, being pushed back. The Redcloud Sword was shining. It left crossing paths of light around him. In this way, Jiang Chen protected himself.

"How powerful!"

Princess Crimson Moon was surprised when she saw Jiang Chen was able to take attacks from the Third Prince, even when the latter was taking the fight very seriously.

Like Xue Rentian, she knew the Third Prince very well.

He didn't have any strategies for his attacks. He only relied on the fastest and most powerful force to destroy his enemies, like wind sweeping away dead leaves.

However great the movements of his enemies, however genius their knife skill or swordsmanship was, they would be utterly driven off under such a fierce attack.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen's defense was so perfect that he didn't receive any injuries at all. Although he had been pushed back by the great force, it was normal that it would happen to anyone.

"His sword is sharp enough to cut the radiance of the fist, so the Third Prince chose to do close combat to make the best use of his advantages and bypass his disadvantages, but it's surprising that Jiang Chen is still able to use his sword at will under such a crazy attack. The sword is like his third arm!"

Only spectators as powerful as Yi Shuihan could appreciate how splendid this fight really was.

For most people, swords would only be burdensome to them when they were facing the Third Prince's aggressive attack.

If it were Yi Shuihan, he wouldn't be able to move as freely as Jiang Chen. The momentum of his sword would be restricted, then his flaws would be exposed and he would be beaten to death by the crazy Third Prince.

"I'm not as good as him, but it isn't due to the doctrine of sword," Yi Shuihan was trying to figure out what the problem was.

"It's the creation of nature and martial arts techniques!"

Princess Crimson Moon was rooted to the spot when she realized what she was seeing.

The creation of nature and martial arts techniques was a status in which being an integral part of nature and the martial arts techniques were combined.

She knew Jiang Chen had mastered being an integral part of the nature as well, but she was sure his level wasn't as high as hers.

But by that time, he had already surpassed her.

It had only taken him half a day, while she had taken six months.

"He was in the portal for sixty-four minutes. Judging from his current performance, his strength has seen a forty percent improvement. For every fifteen minutes, ten percent stronger. It wasn't exaggerated at all."

Besides the surprise, Princess Crimson Moon once again felt sorry for not being able to use the portal.

"It's to the credit of the conception of nature and martial arts techniques. The Third Prince is smart, a rare genius. He knows how to make the best use of his advantages and work around his disadvantages. He interprets what force is in a completely different way.

"Under such a crazy attack, no matter what you have, the full spirit of sword, knife, spear, or something else, even if you're a successor to the doctrine of sword, you'll be beaten to death.

"But Jiang Chen has mastered the conception of nature and martial arts techniques. He's the Third Prince's nemesis.

"The spectators can't even follow their untraceable, lightening-like fists with their eyes, but Jiang Chen is able to take them."

The old man in the gray robe had always been calm and aloof, but at that moment, he was excited about the fight, since Jiang Chen's performance was far better than what he had expected.

The emperor of the Xia Dynasty would be happy, too, if his rival in the ring wasn't the Third Prince.

The emperor hesitated and said, "The Venerable, both my son and Jiang Chen are rare geniuses. It would be a pity no matter which one of them dies. Why don't we remove the barrier? Once either of them is in danger, we'll be able to lend a hand—"

"No," the old man interrupted him. He took out a shining scroll and said, "This is a photo scroll. Everything that has happened today has been recorded. I'll have to hand it in when I get back to the Sacred Institute."

"But…" The emperor wanted to argue that it didn't matter, since all rules could be stretched, but he didn't continue when he noticed how serious the Venerable looked.

"The rules made by the Sacred Institute can't be changed as you wish. Your son intended to kill one of the participants and interfered in another's' fight, but I only disqualified him for the sake of your kind hospitality.

"Jiang Chen, as an interested party, asked to have a fight to the death with your son. He was the only reason that your son could continue the competition.

"Now you're asking me to change the rules in the middle of the fight. Who do you think I am?!"

The old man, who had been always calm, became more and more aggressive as he spoke. He caught the attention of all those on the palace wall.

Xue Jingtian turned around and saw the emperor's nervous face.

"The Venerable, I didn't mean that."

"Fine. Before Jiang Chen's fight request, you didn't have this attitude either. You can't change your mind just because the situation is unfavorable for your son. If you don't respect the Sacred Institute, the Sacred Institute won't respect you either," the old man said aloofly. His aggression was gone.

"I see."

The emperor's heart sank. He didn't dare say anything more.

He could do nothing but hope the Third Prince could defeat Jiang Chen.

However, within the barrier, after the crazy attack, the Third Prince was showing signs of fatigue. Both his force and speed had visibly decreased.

"Do you think your father's worried about you now, afraid that you'll die here?" Jiang Chen was relieved from the stress and said teasingly.

"How dare you…"

The Third Prince turned red, his face distorted, but as soon as he said this, he regretted it. He realized Jiang Chen had tried to provoke him. Jiang Chen changed his defensive position into offensive in an instant and cracked the power of the Third Prince's fist.

"I'm curious. You've always been so arrogant. Have you ever thought how you would die one day?" Jiang Chen said.

"F*ck—" the Third Prince was going to curse, but Jiang Chen's Redcloud Sword didn't give him any chance.

If he had been attacking like a madman who didn't give his rival the chance to even pant, Jiang Chen's counterattack was like knitting a net of death.

Once the Third Prince fell in it, he would absolutely die. His martial arts techniques were only average, so at that moment, he couldn't even spare a second to speak. He was trying to crack the attack with pure force.

"You'll die in front of many people today. How many of them do you think will cheer when I cut your throat open?" Jiang Chen said.

The Third Prince went into a rage. If one's looks could kill, his would have torn Jiang Chen apart.

He's provoking me, trying to find a chance to kill me.

The Third Prince warned himself, but his weakness had been exposed. Due to his deficiency in martial arts techniques, he could only sense the danger, but didn't know how to block it.

What he could do was throw an all-out punch as soon as he sensed the danger, but the feeling of danger was getting stronger and stronger.

"Double Thunders!"

The Third Prince had no way to crack Jiang Chen's brilliant sword movements. If things continued like this, he would put himself in a desperate situation, so he manipulated all of his power and hit against the ground with both of his fists.

With the shake his fists caused, the two were separated and a crater appeared on the ground.

Jiang Chen's Redcloud Sword kept shaking and chiming. It seemed like it would take it a long time to stop.

The Third Prince didn't feel great either. He had forced this attack. At that moment, he felt unspeakably ill.

I should have killed him at any cost when we met for the first time at the Natural Law School!!

The Third Prince was regretful, which was pretty rare for him. If he had done that before, he wouldn't have had to suffer at this moment.

I'm in the peak of the late stage. I have forty-nine holy points. Even though he has forty, as long as it's less than forty-nine, I'm at a higher level than him.

It's my fault. I gave him the chance to struggle until now.

The Third Prince tried to calm down as soon as possible. He evaluated the situation. Gazing at the Redcloud Sword that was still shaking in Jiang Chen's hand, he gained his confidence back.

At least his force had worked.


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