The Brilliant Fighting Master
220 His Finest Hour VII
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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220 His Finest Hour VII

The face behind the mask that so many were curious about was finally exposed.

The first impression the crowd had was that it was a good-looking youngster. If one looked at him closer, one might even think he wasn't any worse than the youngsters ranked on the Prince List. His appearance matched his unbridled character.

He was smiling. His gaze was so deep that it seemed it held the entire starry night sky, but he didn't look aggressive. It brought a uniqueness to the arrogance he had shown.

"Jiang Chen!"

Only a small percentage of people recognized him, although with the thousands of people in the square, this small percentage was actually a great deal.

The news spread rapidly throughout the square.

"Jiang Chen? The Jiang Chen from the Natural Law School?"

Due to what had happened in the Realm of Beasts, many people didn't associate him with the Natural Law School yet and thought it unbelievable when they heard.

Had he walked out of the Realm of Beasts?

Or had the Natural Law School rescued him secretly?

Leaders of various forces were considering many options. They looked towards the Natural Law School immediately and found their four elders were also astonished.

While the square was in chaos, the Third Prince swallowed his saliva. His eyes were wide open. That was enough to show how he felt.

He was utterly confused.

Jiang Chen was too upright to take advantage of others' vulnerable situations. Otherwise, he would have killed the Third Prince.

"You! You walked out of there?!"

After a good while, when the crowd had finally accepted the big news, the Third Prince took a deep breath to calm down.

"Are you surprised?" Jiang Chen smiled coldly.

Surprisingly, this time, the Third Prince didn't refute him. He maintained his silence as a tacit admission.

He was a man who would try everything he could to kill someone he was after. After trapping Jiang Chen in the Realm of Beasts, he made the dynasty spy on the Natural Law School and the Realm of Beasts.

Once the Natural Law School had sent their rescue team, he would seize the chance to sanction them, along with the other nine sects and schools, right away.

So, he was sure the Natural Law School had never sent anyone.

There was only one explanation. Jiang Chen had walked out of that darned place himself!

This completely changed what he had thought about the Realm of Beasts. Miracles did happen.

In the square, many of those who knew Jiang Chen were shocked.

All four of the elders of the Natural Law School were over 100 years old, but by then, all of them had forgotten themselves, not to mention the others.

The leader of the Hall of Penal Law, who had always been calm and restrained, turned pale. Beside him, Elder Yuan Hong had an even more unreadable expression.

On the ground floor of the pagoda, two girls were rubbing their eyes. They couldn't believe their eyes and were unwilling to believe the guy in the ring was Jiang Chen.

They were Tianlan and Hong Youjun. The latter recalled her conversation with Wen Xin. She turned pale, then her expression darkened.

"It's really him," Tianlan murmured.

Ninety-nine percent of the other disciples of the Natural Law School knew Jiang Chen. They were more excited than others.

They finally knew why the school had never updated his status to dead and had kept the Redcloud Peak in his name.

It turned out that the man who had disintegrated Ning Haotian's force was still alive.

How powerful he had to be that he could have walked out of the Realm of Beasts when he was only in the Mental Wander State!

No wonder he had improved so much.

Among the other top twelve, Yi Shuihan was also surprised.

He would have challenged Jiang Chen that day if he had known Jiang Chen had walked out of the Realm of Beasts.

The first reason was that Jiang Chen was also a successor to the doctrine of the sword, just like him. Of course, they had to have a fight.

The second reason was that Jiang Chen had killed a disciple of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness in the Realm of Beasts and cut another's arm off. As a chief disciple, he had to take the responsibility to revenge them.

"Haha, you're the most ridiculous person I've ever seen.

"You made such a great effort to walk out of the Realm of Beasts, but hurried to come here and court death. How amusing!"

It took the Third Prince fifteen full minutes to come to himself, then he burst out in laughter sincerely. He laughed until he cried, because it occurred to him that it would be a wonderful thing if he could kill Jiang Chen on this occasion.

It would cheer him up for the whole year, and he was confident to do it. He said, "The strength you gained in the Realm of Beasts is still not enough. What a pity."

"Enough to kill you," Jiang Chen said.


The Third Prince laughed instead of getting angry. He asked, "Do you think that was all I have? Let me tell you one thing. That was only half."

"Yeah? I thought maybe less. Too bad. Your half wasn't great at all."

It was the same tone, but it sounded extraordinary without the mask.

"How elegant."

On the sailing ship, Princess Fragrance had lost her heart to him as soon as she saw Jiang Chen's face. She admired his performance in front of the Third Prince.

She was impressed by his self-confidence.

This princess was not only regretting missing out on meeting an influential man, but also regretting their possible romantic relationship.

Princess Fragrance turned red. She started to think about how to make up for her mistake.

She turned to her maid for help.

"Princess, maybe we should talk about this after, if he manages to survive," the maid said.

Princess Fragrance was in a daze for a few seconds. Not until then did she realize that this was a fight to the death. The one who lost would die!

"Who do you think will win?" Princess Fragrance asked nervously.

"The Third Prince has more advantages in many ways, but in all of his previous fights we thought his rivals had more advantages. In the end…you saw the result too," the maid said.

Princess Fragrance nodded. She laid her eyes on the inside of the barrier again.

"I'll show you what forty-nine holy points and my all-out effort means!"

After learning the masked man's identity, the Third Prince was surprised, but also excited. He had never experienced such a strong killing intent towards another.

As he spoke, he put all of his holy points to use. He gave off a power strong enough to shake mountains. The ground under his feet couldn't take it and started to crack.

Those two fists didn't seem to belong to a human being. The energy they gave off completely drowned his arms.


He pounded his fists together again. The energy the bump created formed a big crater in the ground.


Many people shouted in fear when they saw it.

They couldn't help thinking about if that fist punched them!

The Third Prince was arrogant, but he wasn't a fool.

This time, he didn't try to attack by colliding, but was going to launch a close combat.

He came up to Jiang Chen's left side as fast as lightning. He used all of his muscles to punch the latter.

Jiang Chen brandished his sword. When the tip of the blade hit against the radiance of the fist, it sounded like the clang of metal and stones.

"You moved too slow!"

Almost at the same time, the Third Prince threw his other fist over to hit Jiang Chen's face.

Jiang Chen reacted quickly. He moved his feet and took advantage of the momentum of the fist attack to dodge it.

And this was only the beginning. The Third Prince was pressing Jiang Chen with his fists like a violent horse. He was fast. Before the shadow of his first punch vanished, he had already launched his tenth attack.

He could make a tunnel with his fists, even if he were facing a mountain.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》