The Brilliant Fighting Master
217 His Finest Hour IV
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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217 His Finest Hour IV

The portal world wouldn't terminate by itself. It wouldn't be closed until those inside it couldn't hold out for any longer.

Theoretically speaking, if Jiang Chen stayed there, he might witness his mirror image's swordsmanship catch up to the Sword Master and the Sword Saint of the Sacred Zone.

But in fact, this wouldn't happen.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The Second Movement."

Jiang Chen had improved a great deal after the last attack, but the mirror image had improved more than him. He exerted the second movement at once.

It made Jiang Chen's head swim. The glow of the sword had him.

Then, his mirror image disappeared, and the black world started to shrink. The portal emerged again before Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen seemed to have been on the cusp of something when he was facing the second movement. If he had been more quick-minded, he might have been able to parry the second movement.

If he had really made it, his talent would have had to be extraordinary.

Jiang Chen put his mask on and walked out of the portal. He had persisted for sixty-four minutes.

What will the Sacred Institute think about that?

The old man in the gray robe was shocked. At the same time, he was looking forward to informing the institute of the news.

As the masked man walked out, all of the portals vanished. They were halfway through the rest period.

After coming out, Jiang Chen found others looking at him with pity and sympathy. He wasn't sure whether he was misunderstanding or not.

He felt like they had lost their confidence in him.

Chu Luo came up to him and told him about what the Third Prince had said and done.

The Third Prince didn't stop her since he wanted to see the masked man's expression as he reacted, but suddenly, it occurred to him that he wouldn't be able to see through the mask. He sneered and turned around to leave.

"Forty-nine holy points?"

The Mental Wander States converted their genuine yuan to holy yuan via holy points. The more holy points one had, the more efficient the conversion and the more powerful the holy yuan would be.

Circulation was formed when one had forty-nine holy points. His genuine yuan would turn into holy yuan automatically.

It would make the Third Prince unbeatable among Mental Wander States.

A rival who had outstanding swordsmanship, but less than thirty holy points, wouldn't be able to hold out very long before him, let alone get the opportunity to exert a sword attack.

The masked man was in the beginning of the middle stage. Generally speaking, he should have eight holy points, but judging from his previous performance, he had more than that. He must have had at least twenty, since he had exchanged blows with Princess Crimson Moon and Xue Rentian.

However, there was still a huge gap between him and the Third Prince.

The Third Prince was in the peak of the late stage. His advantage in state would be a crucial factor for his victory.

It seemed like the masked man's challenge to the Third Prince was actually asking to be killed.

"Apprentice brother, what are you going to do? That's forty-nine holy points! It'll be difficult for you to crack his defense, even if he doesn't actively attack you." Chu Luo was worried. She looked anxious.

"I'd already thought about the greatest strength he could achieve before challenging him. I anticipated this, the forty-nine holy points."

"Are you sure?"

Chu Luo couldn't tell whether he was telling the truth or just comforting her.

Jiang Chen swallowed a breakthrough panacea, intending to take good use of the remaining time to enhance his state to the completed middle stage.

It was worth mentioning that his strength should have enhanced forty percent according to the old man in the gray robe, since he had persisted for sixty-four minutes.

Both his creation of wind and metal had achieved the half minor doctrine. He had been able to exert half of the first movement of The Sword Method of Ksana, and he had been proficient in combining being an integral part of nature with martial arts techniques of creation.

If he could achieve the Third Prince's state, he would be strong enough to kill him.

He started to work on his state.

"He hasn't given up."

"He'll be able to form more holy points if his state enhances, but it'll still be useless."

"Even if he has forty-eight holy points, the gap between forty-eight and forty-nine is still huge."

"It's a pity that a guy who has the courage to challenge the Third Prince is so unlucky."

"The Third Prince is from the royal family. They must have used countless resources so that he could form forty-nine holy points at this age."

It seemed like a forlorn attempt that the masked man was trying to break through his state before the final fight. Many were shaking their heads with pity.


The Third Prince had climbed onto the palace wall. He was eating fruit and beamed when he saw the masked man practicing in lotus posture.

He looked towards someone not too far away and said, "Crimson Moon, I'll get revenge for you. I won't let this guy die quickly."

"Watch out," Princess Crimson Moon said.

"What?" The Third Prince didn't understand what she meant.

"Don't look down on him. You shouldn't underestimate him."

Although the whole world thought the masked man was going to lose, Princess Crimson Moon somehow felt uneasy about it.

"Crimson Moon, it's all right to lose, but don't live in his shadow. That would be a shame," the Third Prince mocked her.


Princess Crimson Moon didn't argue with him. She looked towards the masked man again.

He had broken through smoothly while they were talking. Not a single obstacle had been met.

"He must have been on the verge of the breakthrough, so he could make it without extra effort," one onlooker assumed.

"It's useless. The only feeling he will get when he goes into the ring is despair," the Third Prince smiled coldly.

Those beside him thought him too arrogant. Although he always was, he should have been more serious about the upcoming duel, but no one said anything to him, because they knew they would irritate the Third Prince if they did.

"What's next? Eating like a pig to form holy points? I'm looking forward to that scene," the Third Prince said.

However, the masked man didn't consume monster blood or meat as he had expected.

Jiang Chen had eaten enough of them in the Realm of Beasts. Those nutrients had been absorbed by his body so that it was easy for him to form holy points.

"Third Prince, you're dead meat."

And no one knew that when he had broken through his state, his sixth holy pulse had recovered as well!

He had had sixteen holy points before. Thanks to the holy pulse, he could form twelve more when his state enhanced. Now that his sixth had recovered, he could form six more holy points.

So, when he achieved the completed middle stage, he had formed thirty-four holy points total in his body.

It was good enough for him to stand confidently before the Third Prince, as the spectators had anticipated.

However, their deductions weren't all right.

They had expected that the masked man had had to have at least 20 holy points to exchange blows with Princess Crimson Moon and Xue Rentian, when in fact, he had only had sixteen.

He had managed to fight them simply thanks to his holy pulse.

But after, he had thirty-four holy points, which was a significant leap.

That was also why Jiang Chen was so confident.

"It'll be much easier," Jiang Chen thought with regret.


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