The Brilliant Fighting Master
216 His Finest Hour III
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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216 His Finest Hour III

Inside the portal, Jiang Chen was still exchanging blows with his mirror image.

The previous fights had been easy compared to his current one.

The mirror image was improving faster than him. The gap between them was growing after each sword attack. Once he was unable to follow, he would be eliminated.

Jiang Chen had no spare time at all to think about whether he could persist for fifteen minutes. Extra thinking was nothing but a waste of time.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Rainbow Penetrates the Sun!"

The mirror image started to exert the last two special movements, which were the two that Jiang Chen was best at, but the mirror image managed to exert it to the fullest. The shining rainbow illuminated the whole black world.

I've never imagined one could be so overwhelming and unbeatable.

Jiang Chen didn't know how many times this thought had ran through his mind. He raised his sword to face the attack.

Outside the portal, the timing judge noticed that both Jiang Chen and the Third Prince had been in the portal for fifteen minutes.

The others who had entered before them had all left. They were the only two still inside.

A youngster called Shen Huan held the record. He had persisted for 26 minutes.

It was almost twice as long as the fifteen minutes necessary.

When he came out of the portal, his energy was dozens of times stronger, and it wasn't a change that improvement in martial arts techniques could bring.

It dawned on the crowd that these portals could not only improve martial arts techniques, but also methods.

It was impossible to improve practice methods in this way, so naturally, it would be secret methods that benefitted.

"If that's true, the Third Prince has an advantages over the others," Xue Rentian thought to himself.

Outsiders weren't sure what the Third Prince was skilled in, but he knew.

It was a fist method, its power depending on his secret method.

Some people without talent for martial arts would resort to this method to conquer their weaknesses, but people would hold them in contempt. That was why not many people knew the Third Prince's truth.

However, the secret method that the Third Prince was practicing had taken the royal family lots of time and energy to get. It was used to drive his fist method so that his deficiency in talent for martial arts could be compensated for.

If he could improve it greatly in the portal, it would be a formidable weapon.

The Third Prince came out of the portal after thirty-four minutes.

Jiang Chen was still in the portal, but the Third Prince wasn't angry at all. Instead, he looked complacent.


He burst out in laughter. It piqued the others' curiosity about what he had learned.

"You people, aren't you always curious about what I'm good at? You want to know whether I'm good at fist methods or palm methods?"

The Third Prince was so excited that he couldn't wait to show off. He was facing the crowd in the square.

He raised his right arm, closed his fingers, and threw his fist out. The formidable power of his fist split the not far away ring into two parts.

A 20-yard-wide opening appeared between them, but there was no gravel on the ground. The cuts on either side were totally smooth!

It was scary that such a casual fist attack could generate such great power.

"Besides that, I have forty-nine holy points in my body now," the Third Prince said with pride.

His words caused an uproar.

It was for a simple reason. With forty-nine holy points scattered throughout his body, his genuine yuan could turn into holy yuan without being driven.

This meant that the Third Prince's average performance would be as good as those who had pulled out all the stops.

He could beat Mental Wander States who didn't have as many holy points easily.

What's more, with forty-nine holy points, the Third Prince was already ready to break through to the Reaching Heaven State.

Average Mental Wander States could form two holy points for every minor breakthrough they achieved. In this line of thinking, they would have eighteen holy points when they were in the peak of the late stage.

After that, it might take them the same amount of time that they had spent achieving the late stage from the preliminary stage to form forty-nine holy points.

That was why some geniuses would intentionally slow down their progress in state enhancement in order to prepare themselves to form more holy points.

Of course, it would take them a long time, too.

As a result, in the fire field, only a few people under thirty had forty-nine holy points.

It was unexpected that the Third Prince had become one of them.

"And this isn't even the main thing I gained in the portal. You'll see what my greatest gain is when I kill the masked man!" The Third Prince looked towards the portal beside him as he spoke. He was sneering.

The masked man is only in the beginning of the middle stage, while the Third Prince is in the peak of the late stage. I'm afraid no martial arts techniques would be able to bridge this gap.

Xue Rentian thought, "Now that the Third Prince has forty-nine holy points, his secret method must have greatly improved. The masked man will die!"

This thought relieved him.

He didn't want the Third Prince to be killed because of him, although he could see there were old scores to settle between the masked man and the Third Prince.

But the Third Prince had many enemies, so this clue wasn't enough to figure out who the masked man was.

By that time, the masked man was the only one still in the portal.

Another forty minutes had passed while the Third Prince was showing off. It was beyond everyone's expectations.

The old man in the gray robe looked very serious. He knew better than anyone else what that could mean. He hadn't paid any attention to the Third Prince showing off, but instead had stared at the portal.

The most outstanding disciple of the Sacred Institute spent sixty minutes in the Nonego World when he entered there for the first time. Could that record be broken today?

If it was true, this trip really was worthwhile, but the old man also knew that the masked man had to be close to his limit in the last ten minutes before he could break the record.

He was. Jiang Chen was already heavily wounded, while his mirror image was still in fine condition, looking emotionless. The Redcloud Sword in his hand was dazzling.

The mirror image didn't make sense at all. Before Jiang Chen could even digest what he had gained from the fight, the mirror image was able to give full play to it.

He was only a beginner in terms of being an integral part of nature and martial arts techniques, while the mirror image was already proficient. He wasn't a match for the latter.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The First Movement!" the mirror image attacked again. It was one of Jiang Chen's aces in the hole.


Jiang Chen had only mastered twenty or thirty percent of the first movement, but the mirror image had managed to exert sixty percent of it!

The mirror image vanished without a trace as soon as he threw the sword out, but Jiang Chen knew that in the next second he would be cut by a sharp sword.

It was exactly at this second that Jiang Chen shuddered. Something was straightened out, as if a river had emptied itself into the ocean. Everything in his eyes slowed down.

He entered a state without a thought, without an appearance, without attachment. He threw his sword out instinctively. He had the mirror image's look in his eyes, shining like a colored glaze.

In the next second, the place sounded with the clanging of the two spiritual swords.

Their powerful attacks ended straightforwardly. Jiang Chen and his mirror image both drew their swords back and took a step back. Neither of them was injured.

Jiang Chen looked calm, but he had a smile that was nearly unnoticeable.

The Redcloud Sword in his hand emitted colorful lights. It was shining like a sword in his mirror image's hand.

"Today will be the day you die!"

Jiang Chen was gazing at the sword in his hand, full of confidence.


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