The Brilliant Fighting Master
215 His Finest Hour II
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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215 His Finest Hour II

After the seven fights Jiang Chen had fought, his biggest improvements were in being an integral part of nature and the creation of wind.

As his swordsmanship advanced, his creation of wind had also improved, and thanks to the wind ball Chu Luo had given him, he was already very close to achieving the half minor doctrine of wind.

At the same time, he had gradually learned the key point and methods of combining being an integral part of nature with martial arts techniques.

The way was to make use of being an integral part of nature to redirect his martial arts techniques.

It didn't sound so complicated, but it was difficult to achieve, and it was even more difficult to achieve the Princess Crimson Moon's level. It would take him a lot of time.

This process could be divided into levels—beginner, proficient, master, and great achiever—by degree of proficiency.

Jiang Chen was only a beginner at that moment, while Princess Crimson Moon was proficient.

Besides, Jiang Chen felt that his state hadn't been very stable recently. He could achieve a breakthrough soon.

This wasn't too surprising to him. In his six months in the Realm of Beasts, he had eaten all kinds of monsters. The benefits would show, little by little, as time went on.


Jiang Chen had prepared himself well. He looked at the portal in front of him and walked into it without hesitation.

By then, Li Hengjing had already walked into and out of it. According to him, he had seen his mirror image in the portal and had fought with the mirror image. In this way, he had found his weak points, and as a result, he had made progress.

Li Hengjing was ranked first on the Prince List. He was an honest gentleman. No one would doubt what he said.

The others started to think about their martial arts techniques after hearing what they would encounter.

However, not many people had stayed inside for fifteen minutes. Only Lu Fei, Yi Shuihan, and Mo Kuang had made it.

It was obvious that the portals were more beneficial to the excellent practitioners.

Jiang Chen experienced a short-term weightless feeling after entering the portal, then he arrived in a black world. The ground below him was so black that it looked like an abyss.

Soon, a ball of blue light emerged from the ground in front of him. It changed into a human shadow first, then created a human form.


The guy was identical to Jiang Chen, but surprisingly, he wasn't wearing a mask.

I've been found out.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. Human beings were curious. The Venerable from the Sacred Institution wasn't an exception.

On the palace wall, the old man in the gray robe was even more surprised. His turbid eyes turned clear. He had a sharp gleam in his eyes.

"He actually is younger than twenty," The Venerable of the Sacred Institute thought to himself.

So why had he refused the opportunity to join the Sacred Institute?

Thousands of ideas occurred to the old man. He suddenly detected something and didn't even move a hair when he looked towards the emperor. He asked, "Are you sure that Jiang Chen is dead?"

"The Venerable, why are you asking?" The emperor frowned. He didn't have a good feeling.

"Just curious. After all, he has the holy pulse. If he was still alive in the Realm of Beasts, I might lend him a hand," the old man said.

"I see."

The emperor of the Xia Dynasty was relieved. He said, "That Jiang Chen was really unlucky. If it had been several months earlier, he probably would have survived, but now, it's been such a long time. There's no chance that he survived."

"Could he have walked out of there by himself?" the old man said.

The emperor tried very hard to hold in his laughter. He said, "The Venerable, although he was trapped in a relatively safe place in the Realm of Beasts, he only had a slim chance to even survive, let alone walk out of there."

"It's possible," the old man said.

Inside the portal, Jiang Chen's mirror image didn't give him any time to respond. He drew out a spiritual sword. It was the Redcloud Sword!

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One."

His mirror image exerted one of his strongest movements.

The three movements attacked from different directions, sometimes from the left and sometimes from the right. They formed a triangular light from the sword, and it struck from an unexpected angle.

Jiang Chen drew out his Redcloud Sword, too, and tried his best to parry the three movements.

I see.

Although he had just started, he had already experienced the best thing about fighting the mirror image.

Through the mirror image, he could see himself more clearly than in a mirror.

He managed to see himself as another person. Only in this way could he find the weakness of the gestures he was used to and see more details of himself than what he saw in the mirror.

He was able to see any incorrect movements of his body, which was completely different from getting corrections from others.

It was the same with his sword movements; it turned out that he could be more elegant when he attacked.

It also turned out that Three Movements in One, which his rivals couldn't defend against, had as many as three flaws.

His status of being an integral part of nature, too, was still a bit rigid.

Jiang Chen was surprised at learning all of this. As long as he fixed these problems, his swordsmanship would be greatly improved.

All these thoughts had occurred to him in the blink of an eye. His mirror image wouldn't give him any more time to think. The first attack had failed. The next started immediately.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: The Arc of Rainbow!"


Jiang Chen was given a scare. His mirror image's attack was even more powerful than his.

He hadn't learned from his new experiences yet, but his mirror image had.

No wonder it's said the longer we stay here, the more difficult it will be!

"The Rainbow Sword Method: The Arc of Rainbow!"

Jiang Chen couldn't afford to be careless. He hurried to make changes to his sword movement and launched an active attack.

When the two swords hit against each other, the light of the sword scratched the back of his hand.

I didn't know this attack could be exerted to this extent. It could kill enemies in a casual and untraceable manner. Jiang Chen was enlightened again, surprised and joyful.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Fire Clouds All Over the Sky!"

At this moment, his mirror image exerted the third movement. He was lagging behind once again.

So the more talented one is, the more difficult it is for them to stay here for fifteen minutes?"

Jiang Chen knew it was because he was realizing his problems too fast. He also knew that his mirror image was going to exert all of the movements of The Rainbow Sword Method.

The power of each movement would double in strength. After the third movement, he had built up steam.

Fortunately, I should be able to keep pace with him thanks to my talent for fighting.

Jiang Chen felt lucky. He wasn't as passive anymore. He used other sword movements to block his mirror image's attack so that he could see himself more thoroughly.

But by that point, only three minutes had passed.

On the palace wall, the old man in the grasy robe said to Princess Crimson Moon, "When you go into the portal, the mirror image that appears before you is based on the martial arts techniques you're best at. For a swordsman, of course it's his swordsmanship that he will improve."

Princess Crimson Moon was very curious, since she didn't have the opportunity to go into the portal. She said, "So, the more talented you are, the more difficult it is to stay there longer?"

"Exactly. But, if you manage to persist longer, the improvement will be outstanding. Besides, mediocre people won't be able to stay there, even for fifteen minutes, since they always doubt themselves."

Princess Crimson Moon bit her lip. It was such a wonderful opportunity to practice, but she had missed it, because she hadn't made in to the top twelve.

"Such opportunities are available in the Sacred Institute. Such methods can't be used frequently. You have to gain experience, get confused, and doubt yourself so that it can bring you great benefits. Don't rush," the old man said.

Princess Crimson Moon was comforted, but she knew it was a reward for the twelve men below to get access to the portals.

It would cost her a lot of money to practice like this at the Sacred Institute.


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