The Brilliant Fighting Master
214 His Finest Hour I
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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214 His Finest Hour I

Wen Xin went to get some food. When she came back, she found no one except Gao Jianli had gone into the portal.

She looked towards the masked man and started to worry about the upcoming life-or-death fight of his.

Suddenly, she heard someone calling her. She turned around and saw it was Jiang Chen's mother's maid. Her name was Cher, or something similar.

"What? Your lady and the others were taken away by troops?"

It turned out that some soldiers had shown up after Fan Tu got into the fight and took those from the Southwind Ridge away without giving them any chance to explain.

It was so chaotic that Cher had seized the chance to run away, then hurried to find Wen Xin for help.

Wen Xin was anxious too when she learned from Cher what had happened.

They couldn't disturb Jiang Chen at this moment.

"Take me to see that captain," Wen Xin said.

Cher led the way and Wen Xin saw the captain of the troops.

The soldiers were the first line of defense of the capital. Not just any person could be the captain.

"Princess Wen Xin."

Gao Xiong, the captain of the troops, smiled at her brightly, but he sobered when he learned what she had come for. He said that the savage men from the mountains must be punished severely for fighting on such an important day.

However hard Wen Xin tried to persuade him, it didn't work.

"Captain Gao Xiong, it's unwise for you to play up to the Black Dragon City by taking advantage of your position as a military captain," Wen Xin said coldly.

Gao Xiong turned pale for a second, then shrugged his shoulders, "If the princess has any opinions regarding my responsibility, please talk with the emperor. All right. I have to go patrolling, in case more savage men disturb social orders again."

"Darn it."

Wen Xin gnashed her teeth. As a duke's daughter, she wasn't so influential in the capital. Gao Xiong must have had a patron to stay in the position of captain. That was why he dared to treat her so rudely, but she wasn't going to give up. She went to the pagoda of the Natural Law School by airship.

"Gosh, isn't that Wen Xin? Why don't you stay down there?"

Tianlan was among the disciples who had seen her, and she sneered at her right away.

Elder Yuan Hong drove those from the Southwind Ridge off the pagoda as soon as they had arrived there, claiming that there wasn't enough space on the pagoda.

Wen Xin and Meng Hao tried to negotiate for them, but in the end, Elder Yuan Hong had said, "Get off with them if you two are so close to them."

Although Elder Yuan Hong hadn't really driven them away, Meng Hao and her had left.

By the time she came back, except for some surprised looks and gloating, no one was really going to drive her away.

Wen Xin went to the top of the pagoda with her head lowered.

This time, she was smart. She didn't turn to Elder Yuan Hong, but went to the leader of the Hall of Penal Law. She said, "Elder, I have one thing to report to you."

"Tell me," the leader said calmly.

Elder Technique Impartation and Elder Yuan Hong also looked towards her with curiosity.

Wen Xin weighed her words and told him what had happened to Gao Yue.

The leader of the Hall of Penal Law rumpled his eyebrows when Wen Xin finished speaking.

A key disciple's family members had been caught by the soldiers. It was a tricky matter.

He felt it trickier since this particular key disciple was missing. No one knew whether he was still alive or not.

"That's silly!"

Elder Yuan Hong raised his thick eyebrows and said furiously, "Wen Xin, enough is enough. We've been humiliated a lot today because of this Jiang Chen. And now again? His family from the Hundred Thousand Mountains is rude and savage. Even I don't want to see them. Now, they've even beat others and created a disturbance!"

"But they're the family of a key disciple, and it was actually someone else's fault," Wen Xin argued.

"How dare you! Is this any way to talk to a grand supreme elder? I won't beg for the mercy of the dynasty for their sake! However the soldiers are going to punish them, however long they're going to keep them in the prison, I don't care!" Elder Yuan Hong shouted.

The leader of the Hall of Penal Law didn't speak. Elder Technique Impartation and the Medicine Elder glanced at each other. The latter said, "We should do something about it. After all, it concerns the reputation of the Natural Law School."

"Medicine Elder, I know you've always gotten along well with Jiang Chen, but this is too humiliating! Even if Jiang Chen was here today, or even if he was in the top twelve, I wouldn't meddle, not to mention right now," Elder Yuan Hong said.

The Medicine Elder was irritated by him. However, this time it was Yuan Hong who led the team and it was also he who had the last word. If he went against Yuan Hong, it would be the equivalent of going against the school's leader.

Wen Xin could tell the leader of the Hall of Penal Law had made his decision.

She couldn't count on Elder Technique Impartation, either.

Wen Xin felt helpless. She had no other choice but to leave. Tianlan, who had followed her, said meanly, "You've just arrived. Why are you in a rush to leave?"

"Don't be smug! You'll regret it!" Wen Xin shouted at her and glanced at Elder Yuan Hong.

After going back to the ground, she shook her head towards Cher, who had been expecting good news. She told the latter that the Natural Law School had refused to help.

Cher looked so sad and disappointed that Wen Xin decided to try again, so she went to see Gao Xiong.

"Princess Wen Xin, what else do you need?" Gao Xiong put on a false smile, looking at her teasingly. Even a princess couldn't do anything to him. He enjoyed that feeling.

"Captain Gao Xiong, here's my suggestion. Don't do things that you'll regret. Let them go while there's still a chance to repent," Wen Xin said toughly.

Gao Xiong folded his arms across his chest and smiled lightly, "Why is that? Do these savage people have a great background? Let's see… Jiang Qingyu is at the Black Dragon Pool. Jiang Chen died in the Realm of Beasts. Anything I'm missing?"

"You know the situation well. Let me ask you one thing: what if Jiang Chen is still alive and gets a place to study in the Sacred Institute in the end?" Wen Xin said.

Gao Xiong's smile froze on his lips. If that was true, he would have a big problem.

But would it be possible?

The smiled back onto his face, he said, "Princess Wen Xin, you do have a point, but the thing is, that's impossible."

"Let's wait and see. You'd better treat those people nicely. Otherwise, if what I said turns out to be true, it'll be tragic for you."

Then she turned around and left.

Gazing at her back, Gao Xiong was absorbed in thought. He curled his lips with disdain and promptly put it out of his mind.

When Wen Xin went back to the square, the majority of the top twelve had gone through the portals, only a few them still in the square.

"Jiang Chen, I tried my best," Wen Xin expressed her regret silently.

She really wanted to tell Jiang Chen about her efforts, but the fight to the death would come soon. This news could affect his performance.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen stood up and went into a portal.

It was interesting that it seemed like the Third Prince had been waiting. As soon as Jiang Chen went into the portal, the Third Prince went into the one next to his. It seemed like he intended to start a fight before the final fight.

Wen Xin had missed hearing about what was in the portals. She only overheard others saying words like "mirror" and "reproduction."

"As long as he defeats the Third Prince, his place will be secured. He'll be able to turn the tide by then," Wen Xin thought to herself.


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