The Brilliant Fighting Master
213 Scheme of the Black Dragon City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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213 Scheme of the Black Dragon City

"Lady, let's find a place to take a rest."

During the break, Fan Tu found the competition had already gone on for four hours.

Since the poison had taken effect, the lady had been always weak. She looked tired standing in the bustling crowd.

He had suggested the lady return to the inn first more than once. He said he would inform her immediately if he heard any news regarding the young lord, but Gao Yue was unwilling to. She insisted on staying there.

Not until that moment did she agree to leave. Even Fan Tu, a careless man, noticed her panting when she walked out of the crowd.

"Lady, is that masked man really the young master?" her maid Cher asked in a low voice.

"Of course."

Gao Yue was sure. She gave a knowing smile and said, "Looks like he suffered a lot in the Realm of Beasts."

Her smile was tinged with concern.

Cher and Fan Tu glanced at each other. They didn't have the same intuition that mothers had, but they had made comparisons between the masked man and their young master after Gao Yue spoke, and they were almost sure he was indeed the young master.

The last bit of uncertainty came from the fact that the masked man was so powerful!

They were from the Southwind Ridge, which was merely a small place. What they had seen was beyond their imaginations.

"Don't tell anyone about it before he takes his mask off," Gao Yue told them.

"Sure." Cher and Fan Tu nodded. Jiang Lu, Jiang Feng, and other disciples from the Southwind Ridge were behind them. They didn't know yet. The day's exciting fight had encouraged them and boosted their morale.

They entered a tea house.

When they came in, a girl dressed like a maid looked up and accidentally made eye contact with Fan Tu. Her expression changed slightly.

However, she was back to normal in a second as she walked out of the tea house with her head lowered.

Gao Yue noticed this. She was confused, but didn't think too much of it.

The pretty maid didn't leave after walking out of the tea house. She found a place outside to eavesdrop on them.

She soon smiled complacently and took a small airship to fly to a large dragon ship in the air.

"Qiu Xia, what took you so long?"

The first lady of the Black Dragon City was sitting elegantly in a soft chair. She looked lethargic, but still graceful.


The maid called Qiu Xia told her what had happened. Fan Tu had been to the Black Dragon City so she had seen him before. That was how she was able to recognize him.


The first lady was still a little ignorant, but there was a cold gleam in her eyes. She said, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, lady. I overheard them outside the tea house. I'm sure they're from the Southwind Ridge. That woman is Jiang Chen's mother, Gao Yue," Qiu Xia said.

"How reckless of them to leave the Natural Law School at such a critical moment," the first lady sneered.

She glanced at the pagoda of the Natural Law School. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "It won't take long for Haotian and his master Elder Yuan Hong to update the status of that son of a b*tch to dead. Until then, hmph."

No one could tell whether she was murmuring only to herself or others.

Qiu Xia was used to it. She didn't say anything.

"Don't make things easy for them. Qiu Xia, I'll leave it to you. I'll reward you if I'm satisfied," the first lady said.

"Yes, lady!"

That was exactly what Qiu Xia had been expecting. She left to prepare immediately.

In the tea house, the rest had put the rosy glow back on Gao Yue's cheeks. They were chitchatting.

"Elder Yuan Hong is so mean. That pagoda is big enough to hold 1,000 people, but he told us there wasn't space for us. Otherwise, the lady wouldn't have been so tired," Cher said.

"Yeah, he called us shameless b*stards that were unwilling to leave the Natural Law School. He said that we were taking advantage of them!" Fan Tu was angry.

"Doesn't matter. I can see better from the square anyway." Gao Yue didn't really care.

She looked towards Jiang Lu and Jiang Feng and said gently, "I'm glad that you've behaved very reasonably, without complaints."

"We got into the Natural Law School thanks to Jiang Chen. The worst thing that could happen is to be sent back to the Hundred Thousand Mountains. It's no big deal," Jiang Lu said.

"Yes, we've already benefited a lot from the Natural Law School," Jiang Feng added.

Fan Tu smiled. In his eyes, these youngsters were too naïve. If they really went back to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the whole family would be wiped out right away.

"Don't worry. You won't have to go back," Gao Yue said.

Jiang Lu was in a daze. She jumped out of her skin and said, "Auntie, do you mean Jiang Chen is among the top twelve? Could that masked man be…"

Three rogues came into the tea house before she could finish her words.

They looked towards Gao Yue as soon as they came in.

"My, my! What a pretty woman!"

"You could be on the Beauty List if you were only a little bit younger."

"Tsk-tsk, compared to young girls, she has a special beauty."

The three of them walked towards Gao Yue, surrounding her.

Gao Yue frowned at them, extremely unhappy.

"How dare you!"

Fan Tu flew into a rage. He got on his feet and stood between Gao Yue and the three of them to protect her.

"What's that? We only wanted to make friends with her!"

The three rogues weren't surprised at Fan Tu's reaction.

"I only wanted to invite this lady to a cup of tea to chat with her," one of them smiled and said.

"Shameless!" Cher said with anger.

"Geez! Why so serious? Nowadays the capital people are from all over. People don't know each other anymore. Why can't we make friends with each other so that we don't waste our time here?"

"Yeah, why act so aloof?"


Fan Tu closed his hands and shouted coldly, "You'll suffer if you don't leave immediately!"

To his surprise, the three ignored him. They became even more unbridled, approaching Gao Yue together. One of them tapped her shoulder and said, "Miss, why don't you speak?"

"You're courting death!"

Fan Tu couldn't put up with it anymore. He threw a punch at that guy, but he had been prepared for it and dodged it swiftly.

A Mental Wander State?

Fan Tu was surprised. He couldn't associate this rogue with the Mental Wander State, but he was fearless, since he, too, was in the Mental Wander State.

"It's forbidden to fight in the capital today. You just attacked me!"

"You're asking for death. I'll send you to jail!"

It seemed the rogues were irritated by Fan Tu. They started to attack him, too. Their movements were ruthless and dangerous.

"This is bad!"

Gao Yue had had an intuition that something wasn't right, then she heard one of them mention that it was forbidden to fight in the capital and came to herself immediately. She tried to stop Fan Tu, but it was too late. Fan Tu was confronting the three of them, actively attacking.

"Dorje Subduing Demon: A Fist Demolishes the Evil!"

Fan Tu was in a rage, his fists powerful and swift. It was a fist method he had received from Jiang Chen. Its power was beyond the imagination of the three rogues.

The three of them were all in the preliminary stage of the Mental Wander State. They had intended to teach Fan Tu a lesson first, then blame those from the Southwind Ridge for the fight, but they had underestimated Fan Tu's strength. They were knocked down quickly.

This guy is so powerful. Looks like the Southwind Ridge is advancing rapidly!

Qiu Xia, who was standing outside, was surprised. However, she had a cold smile on her face while gazing at the three rogues.

The current situation was more favorable for her plan.


A team of armed soldiers showed up suddenly at the door of the tea house. Those from the Southwind Ridge were under siege.


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