The Brilliant Fighting Master
210 A Grade-Four Swordsman
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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210 A Grade-Four Swordsman

"So there's no chance for us to defeat those with spears?"

Some couldn't accept Yi Shuihan's analysis. If they were really that great, why were there so few people practicing with spears?

Even if it was more difficult to practice, many people would be willing to conquer the difficulty due to its advantage over shorter weapons.

"I haven't finished. There's something else that's important about it.

Yi Shuihan continued, "Take spears and swords, for example. The highest grade for swordsmanship is grade ten, while it's grade three for spears.

"In the first three grades, spears are more powerful than swords, but the latter has grades four, five, and so on, until ten."

The crowd tumbled to the realization. That was why there weren't many spear practitioners. If a martial arts technique couldn't improve as one's state enhanced, it would be useless.

Besides, there were many requirements if one wanted to practice using long weapons.

"But of course, spears from grade one to grade three correspond with the Condensing Qi State, the Gathering Yuan State and the Mental Wander State in terms of states. Many people can't go further than the Mental Wander State, so their spear skills will be no higher than grade three."

"So those who can practice spears will choose to practice spears. Those who can't won't force themselves to," Yi Shuihan continued.

"That means, if the masked man wants to win this fight, according to Apprentice Brother Yi's classification, he should have achieved at least grade four?" someone finally understood.

"Exactly, since he's at a disadvantage in terms of state," Yi Shuihan said.

However, Yi Shuihan only used this classification by way of example to explain his opinion. It wasn't so clear what their corresponding strengths were.

"Apprentice Brother Yi, what grade is your swordsmanship?"

One smart guy intended to use Yi Shuihan as a standard for comparison.

"Grade four, I would say."

Yi Shuihan smiled. He seemed confident.

He had lost to Xue Rentian once. According to his theory, it meant he had improved a lot and was already powerful enough to take revenge on him.

"Apprentice Brother Yi, do you think the masked man could have achieved grade four too?" someone asked curiously.

Without waiting for Yi Shuihan's answer, someone beside him refuted them immediately without thinking.

"Apprentice Brother Yi is the chief disciple of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness, the successor to the sword doctrine of Returning to Oneness!"

"Yeah, if anyone could be a grade four, doesn't that mean anyone could be the successor to the sword doctrine?"

"Give up. The masked man has run into his nemesis."

Yi Shuihan didn't answer. He kept smiling, evidently in agreement with these people.

In the ring, Xue Rentian's spear was like an agile dragon swimming around. He was overwhelmingly superior to his rival.

"You don't even deserve my serious consideration. Poor guy," Xue Rentian said.

"But thanks to you, I've finished warming up," Jiang Chen smiled lightly.

"You're too obstinate!"

Xue Rentian changed his hands' position on the spear and took a step forward with his left leg.

The formidable power of his spear kept increasing during the process. The silver spear seemed on fire, emitting orange light.

There was no wind, but his black hair and pant legs were flying.

"Swimming Dragon Pierces the Sun!"

The shout was completely different from his usual cold tone. His strong will to fight burned like kerosene caught on fire, and the flame suddenly soared.

He moved his body and manipulated his spear, then a blue and yellow holy dragon appeared.

It was about 110 feet long, roaring and approaching the masked man as Xue Rentian walked forward.

The masked man would have no way to parry this attack. He didn't even have a place to hide.

Everyone was staring at him, wondering whether he could turn the tide again this time.

"I told you. The warm-up is done. Your spear is worthless."

He was calm in face of the holy dragon.

He waved his spiritual sword and focused his mind.

He hadn't exerted the elevation of the sword or manipulated the doctrine of the sword in the fight yet.

It was common sense not to expose your ace in the hole in a fight before you see what your enemy has.

"Conception of Wind: Start!

"Conception of Metal: Focus!

"The Immortal Doctrine of Sword: Start!

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Red Dragon Out of the Cage!"

As he became a bit more serious, the awe-inspiring energy of the sword swept over and suppressed the aggressive power of the spear.

After pushing the sword out, he dashed forward swiftly with it. The image of a prehistoric fierce beast could vaguely be seen on the tip of the sword.


Yi Shuihan was shocked. As a swordsman, he knew best how formidable this attack was.

He wasn't so sure by that point. The masked man could be the same as him, also a grade-four swordsman.

The others didn't realize what had happened as quickly as Yi Shuihan. When they were still surprised at the masked man's sword attack, the two in the ring were crossing swords.


When the two movements met, the blue and yellow dragon head was torn apart by the fierce red beast coming out of Jiang Chen's blade. The dragon was split into two.

"How could this be?" Xue Rentian panicked. He hadn't expected that at all. He hurried to put his spear back in a defensive position, holding it in front of his body to protect himself.


The spiritual sword hit against the spear and left a small dent on it.

"Whew!" Xue Rentian was relieved. He thought he had parried this attack, but to his surprise, Jiang Chen swung the spiritual sword and made the blade whirl around the silver spear by inertia, which gave the fierce red beast the chance to jump on him.

Pah! This time he was thrown into the air.

"There is no higher or lower level in martial arts. Nothing is nobler. Nothing is humbler. The only thing that matters is who can interpret it to the fullest.

"You're too shallow. You were born with the talent to practice with spears, but that's also where your arrogance came from. You've gotten too big for your britches.

"That's why your spear skills are vulnerable and nothing worth mentioning!"

Xue Rentian kept stepping back under Jiang Chen's physical and oral attack. He was unable to defend himself even a little.

He brandished his spear, but the power of the spear was smashed by the glow of the sword before it could do anything.

The sword suppressed the silver spear's length with its light.

After exchanging blows with him, Jiang Chen had learned his way of attacking and was able to anticipate his moves. He didn't give Xue Rentian any chances.

As the others thought, fights were never the same and some people's martial arts techniques restricted others.

It was Xue Rentian who was being restricted.

He was ranked higher than Princess Crimson Moon on the Eternal Flame List, yet his current performance was worse than hers.

"You want to kill me? You want to sentence me to death? Are you qualified to do so?"

It wasn't victory that Jiang Chen was looking for. He was attacking with killing intent.

It was an unexpected development for the spectators, but they weren't too surprised. Xue Rentian had claimed he would kill and then choked on his own words now that he was weaker than his rival.

"Deity Goes through the Altar!"

Xue Rentian was reluctant to die. He tried his best to fight back so that he could at least have the chance to admit his defeat.

"Kneel down and beg for my mercy. It's the only way for you to survive.

"'Your ugly spear method. So sad!'" Jiang Chen imitated his tone and mocked him, then focused his mind and merged the status of being an integral part of the universe into his sword method.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

He exerted three movements in one attack.

They attacked the head, the body and the tail of the spear respectively. Xue Rentian's fingers became numb due to the vibrations before he could even exert a movement. His spear fell to the ground.


Jiang Chen brandished his sword.

"I lo—" Xue Rentian was sweating in fear. He wanted to admit his defeat, but he didn't even have the chance to finish his words.


When Jiang Chen was about to kill him, an arrow was suddenly shot.


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