The Brilliant Fighting Master
208 A Disciple Like This
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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208 A Disciple Like This

"Keep it up, then," he said and went back to the palace wall.

The old man in the gray robe didn't give it a second thought. He believed no one would refuse a chance to get into the Sacred Institute.

What a pity!

Everyone around was shaking their heads. All of them were gazing at the masked man, wondering what his expression was behind the mask.

What would they think if they knew his real intention?


Wen Xin was confused, too. When the old man in the gray robe had made him an offer, she was really happy for Jiang Chen, but she noticed him glance at the Third Prince and could roughly guess the answer.

As long as he kept advancing, his chances of running into the Third Prince would be one in three. This was a competition without rules. It would be his best opportunity to kill this arrogant prince.

Wen Xin was eager to go up to him when she saw him walking towards Chu Luo, but it occurred to her that Jiang Chen must be hiding his identity for a reason, so she didn't.

"Apprentice brother, what bad luck. I didn't expect you to have to use your sword in the second round," Chu Luo said.

Meng Feifei rolled her eyes beside Chu Luo, wondering how she could comment on the latter's remark.

"All the same, maybe the two rivals in the next round won't be as powerful," Jiang Chen said.

"Yeah, sure," Chu Luo said.

Meng Feifei nodded. It was quite possible in terms of probability.

Then Jiang Chen found a quiet place to meditate, unlike the others who were watching other fights, trying to learn more about those worth their attention in case they would eventually meet them.

However, Chu Luo was doing this for him. She was watching the fights, concentrated, memorizing the details of those who could pose a threat to her young lord.

After two rounds of elimination, the large number of participants had dwindled to mere hundreds. Those left were almost all talented and famous people in the Fire Field.

When the second round was over, the guys who had just fought had Chu Luo's special attention.

Li Hengjing, number one on the Prince List, talented and handsome, upright and awe-inspiring, had defeated his rivals in the ring with direct palm methods.

The second was Yi Shuihan from the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness. The rumor was true: his Sword Doctrine of Returning to Oneness had improved a lot, and he had been lucky. None of his rivals had been powerful. He had been holding back his strength obviously during the fights.

The only one comparable to Yi Shuihan was, of course, the mad knife expert, Lu Fei.

He only needed one knife attack to defeat his rival. Chu Luo hadn't seen his second knife attack yet. He was aggressive and powerful.

There was also the Third Prince, who was the young lord's final target. He was also the most powerful among all of these people.

The other two were Xue Rentian and Mo Kuang.

The former was General Xue Jingtian's beloved son, and the latter was from the Mos, the same Mos that had suffered a great loss in the Realm of Beasts due to Jiang Chen.

As long as the young lord doesn't run into any of them, he'll be able to be in the top twelve easily.

It's said that there will be prizes too for the top twelve. Although it won't be a place to study at the Sacred Institute, there are many other possible benefits.

It suddenly occurred to Chu Luo that she had a bottle of wind ball. She gave it to Jiang Chen immediately and told him she had won it from a bet.

Jiang Chen accepted it, but only because it was from a bet.

He had a new understanding of being an integral part of nature after the fight with Princess Crimson Moon, thanks to which his knife methods had improved. As a result, so did his doctrine of sword.

This bottle of wind ball was timely help.

"Chu Luo's apprentice brother, are you going to use it now? What if you're the first one again in the next round? There won't be enough time," Meng Feifei said.

"Doesn't matter."

Jiang Chen opened the bottle and went to a spacious place. A whole gale surrounded him immediately. He was sitting on the ground, but his body started to float up against his will.

Many people thought he had a powerful mind since he had the nerve to work on martial arts of creation at a moment this crucial.

But fortunately, in the next round, Jiang Chen wasn't among the first to fight.

Among them was Yi Shuihan, who Chu Luo had paid attention to. His first rival was way weaker than him. He defeated his opponent in one sword attack.

His second opponent was ranked 16th on the Eternal Flame List, so he had to fight seriously. His sword movements looked brilliant.

This fight could be described as one of the most wonderful fights up to that point.

In the end, Yi Shuihan won, which was exciting, because before this day, Yi Shuihan had been ranked 21st on the Eternal Flame List. The fact that he had defeated a rival ranked 16th meant he had improved a lot.

Most importantly, although he fought very seriously, he held back his special movement.

Yi Shuihan advanced smoothly after having defeated two opponents. He was the first one to enter the top twelve.

Those from the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness were excited. Top twelve meant there was a strong likelihood of him getting the place.

Various forces went onto the tower ship of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness to congratulate them, including the Natural Law School.

Yuan Hong, Ning Haotian's master and a grand supreme elder of the Natural Law School, got onto the tower ship with Elder Technique Impartation.

They congratulated Elder Holding Sword of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness politely.

To their surprise, Elder Holding Sword was arrogant and rude. After receiving their congratulations, he said meanly, "To be honest, no one from the Natural Law School here today is worth any attention. Why did you bother to send so many grand supreme elders here?"

Those from the other forces were surprised to hear this. The Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness and the Natural Law School weren't good friends, but they'd never had a problem either. The latter had congratulated them with good intentions. Why were they being so overbearing?

Yuan Hong and Elder Technique Impartation frowned. They didn't understand his intentions either.

"By the way, what's his name? Jiang Chen? Yeah, that's the name. Haven't you rescued him yet?" Elder Holding Sword said again.

Then everyone understood. They recalled how in the Realm of Beasts Jiang Chen had killed one of their disciples who was in the Mental Wander State and cut off another's right arm, when he was also in the Mental Wander State!

Elder Holding Sword of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness protected his school's disciples no matter whether they had done something wrong or not. He wouldn't allow such things to happen, but Jiang Chen was trapped there, so he could only vent his anger on the two elders of the Natural Law School.

"It's the Natural Law School's internal affair. I can't tell you anything about it," Yuan Hong answered unhappily, then he left the tower ship with Elder Technique Impartation.

To their surprise, Elder Holding Sword didn't stop. He said again, "What a pity. Hasn't that Jiang Chen inherited the doctrine of sword? He caused many problems in the Realm of Beasts. I really want to know what's more powerful, his sword doctrine or the Sword Doctrine of Returning to Oneness."

Those from the other schools were laughing into their sleeves. They found Elder Holding Sword extremely cruel. The Natural Law School was in a difficult situation this day, and then they were laughed at by the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness and became a joke, even though they had congratulated Yi Shuihan with good intent.

Yuan Hong and Elder Technique Impartation went back to the pagoda, both of them with long faces. The leader of the Hall of Penal Law and the Medicine Elder asked them what had happened after they saw them like this.

"It's all that Jiang Chen's fault. I lost face because of him. Update the information when we go back. Jiang Chen is dead! This way, no one will ask me about him anymore!" Yuan Hong said with anger.

Elder Technique Impartation had never been humiliated like this before either, but unlike Yuan Hong, he didn't vent his anger on a poor missing disciple like Jiang Chen.

"Well, well… calm down. That masked man is up again," Elder Technique Impartation said.

The old man in the gray robe had shown up because of the masked man. Although things didn't develop the way the old man had wanted, the masked man had still done a great job.

"If the current Natural Law School had a disciple like this masked man, we wouldn't have been humiliated today!" Yuan Hong cursed.


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