The Brilliant Fighting Master
207 Advanced to the Next Round
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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207 Advanced to the Next Round

On the palace wall, the emperor of the Xia Dynasty closed his hands. It was imaginable how nervous he was.

Princess Crimson Moon was his pride and joy. He expected a lot from her.

It was to his surprise that she had been pushed to this point in the first fight of the second round. His confidence had been shaken.

"Emperor, don't worry. With The Queen of Night Descends, Princess Crimson Moon will definitely win," General Xue Jingtian said.

"That's true, but…"

The emperor thought of all of the mystery surrounding the masked man. He wasn't so sure.

By then, the red glow had disappeared. Many people were eager to see what had happened.

After Princess Crimson Moon's all-out attack, the first thing they wanted to check was the masked man's condition.

They found the repaired ring had been destroyed again, but the masked man looked fine. He was holding the other red silk ribbon in his hand.

They looked towards Princess Crimson Moon. There was nothing on her legs. She looked a little tired, but not injured.

"Darn mystical method. What on earth happened?!"

Many people were complaining. They were eager to learn how Jiang Chen had done it, feeling uneasy and antsy.

Princess Crimson Moon wasn't suffering from any injuries, but her silk ribbons were gone. The crowd couldn't help but wonder.

"Could they possibly know each other? As soon as she exerted her supernatural method, Princess Crimson Moon raised her legs to let him take them off?"

"Or maybe the masked man was so powerful that he pushed Princess Crimson Moon onto the ground and then took them off?"

No matter what they concluded had happened, it was a sexy scene in their imaginations.

No one had expected this fight to develop to such an intense extent, but everyone knew it was because the masked man was truly powerful. Otherwise, he would have been dead by now.

In the ring, Princess Crimson Moon flushed when she saw Jiang Chen holding the silk ribbons that had been next to her skin. Fortunately, others thought the flush was from the fierce attack.

"You humiliated me!"

Princess Crimson Moon gnashed her teeth. She still felt scared when she recalled Jiang Chen's last sword attack.

That attack could have killed her!

"Yes," Jiang Chen didn't deny it.

"Do we have a problem?"

Princess Crimson Moon thought through the whole fight. He had been talking to her in a hostile tone since the beginning.

All of a sudden, she recalled what he had said. She asked, "Are you Haotian's enemy?"

"Yes," Jiang Chen admitted directly.

"Who are you?!"

Princess Crimson Moon's curiosity was finally piqued.

"You want to know? You said I didn't get to accuse Ning Haotian of robbing another's holy pulse, didn't you?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Yes! It's the Nings' internal affair. You're an outsider who isn't in the know about it. It's terrible for you to defame him so viciously," Princess Crimson Moon said.

"Yeah? What do you know then? Are you defending Ning Haotian because you benefited from it too or because you're ignorant?" Jiang Chen said.

"I'm Haotian's fiancée. I trust him. As for you, with this mask, no one will believe you," Princess Crimson Moon said coldly.


As Jiang Chen spoke, he raised his hand to grasp the mask's edge.

Suddenly, the atmosphere was charged with tension. The crowd was more nervous than when they were waiting for the fight's result. They stared at the hand on the mask.

To their disappointment, the masked man moved his hand away in the end.

"You'll learn later," Jiang Chen said.

Princess Crimson Moon was too proud to ask him again when she saw he wouldn't let her know. She only said, "What's the gap between us?"

She still hadn't realized his skill level.

She wanted to know so that she could make him her target and catch up with him.


Jiang Chen hesitated for a while. He bound one of the ribbons on his head to cover the eyeholes of the mask and tied it in a knot.

"What's that?"

Those who realized what he was doing were shocked again, but Princess Crimson Moon, who had been looked down on, wasn't irritated at first. Instead, she looked at the ribbons that had been on her legs and felt lucky that he was wearing a mask.

"All right!"

Princess Crimson Moon removed the moons in her eyes and stopped using supernatural methods. She thrust her knives out seriously.

Her scimitars were like two fierce animals, jumping on their prey crazily.

To her surprise, the prey wasn't actually the victim, but instead, a smart hunter who had seen through the attack and cracked it.

The masked man who couldn't see anything had parried all ten of the knife attacks. He hadn't even moved.

After confirming that Jiang Chen wasn't using his holy awareness as his eyes, the energy given off by Princess Crimson Moon completely extinguished. She turned around and intended to leave the ring.

As she approached the edge, the spectators were becoming more and more surprised.

The masked man would soon advance!


Just then, the masked man stopped Princess Crimson Moon and threw the two ribbons back to her.

Princess Crimson Moon caught them one by one and angrily waved her hand to throw the second one back. She said in a rage, "It's yours, since you like it so much!"

Then she jumped out of the ring. Jiang Chen had advanced to the next round.

Since the spectators in the square had anticipated this result, they didn't exclaim exaggeratedly, but they were in heated discussion. They were surprised by the masked man's strength and were speaking scornfully to Wind Mark's supporters.

Chu Luo was beaming. Meng Feifei's expression made her even more satisfied.

Jiang Chen, who had defeated three consecutive enemies, tossed the red ribbon up, then wound it around his palm casually. Then he jumped out of the ring.

He had been the first one to accept a challenge. Although his fight was over, others were still in the middle of their second round.

He had enough time to recover and look over what he had learned in these three fights.

The emperor paled when he saw the very thing he had been worried about become true. He glanced at the old man in the gray robe and was about to say something, but to his surprise, the old man suddenly stood up and flew over to the square.

"My young friend," he stopped the masked man, smiling at him.

It happened so suddenly that people were stunned, but the royal family didn't stop the old man, although he was meddling so brazenly. It wasn't hard to see that he must be an important person.

Many people laid their frenzied eyes on the masked man.

"Senior, what do you want?" the masked man sounded calm.

"I only have one question. How old are you?" the old man asked.

Many people had anticipated it. They held their breath.

"Under 30, as the competition has required." It seemed the masked man didn't understand why he had been asked this.


The old man in the gray robe smiled and said, "If you are under twenty, you've already got the opportunity to study at the Sacred Institute."

The crowd became exuberant, especially the participants. Those who were still fighting in the rings stopped to see how it would end.

How old could the masked man be?

If he was so powerful at an age under twenty, he deserved to study at the Sacred Institute.

"Senior, I want to earn the place by fighting with my own strength."

Many people felt sorry for his answer.

They thought the masked man was only giving a respectable answer since he was over twenty, but no one noticed him glance at the Third Prince.

If I stop here, how will I kill you?


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