The Brilliant Fighting Master
205 Come, Sword!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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205 Come, Sword!

"So your apprentice brother is just playing around?"

Meng Feifei couldn't believe it. She glanced at the people around her. All of them looked excited. If they knew this, they would look completely different.

"It's time to end this boring farce."

Princess Crimson Moon exerted her supernatural method again.

"Mystical Method: Double Moons in the Sky!"

"Third Movement of the Holy Moon: Thunderbolt!"

Before the red light appeared again, Princess Crimson Moon exerted her third movement. Combined with the power of the mystical method, it was terrifying enough only to imagine.

When the red glow disappears, the masked man will be a dead body.

That was what everyone was thinking.

In the ring, the red world Jiang Chen was in was even stranger than it was before. Two bloody moons hung over him.

Under the moonlight, he felt sick again.

Princess Crimson Moon's scimitar was already close to him before he had any time to adjust to the new conditions or conquer them.

"The Lost Soul!"

Thanks to his previous experience, he had already been preparing for his knife method before the mythical method got him. It was just a matter of time before he exerted it.

With the howling wind, the red world was bloodcurdling.

This knife attack was pure. It demonstrated the aggression of the knife in the best way, powerful enough to demolish everything.

Princess Crimson Moon's third movement was also great. The two scimitars struck down like two bolts of lightning. The situation was favorable for her once again as she pushed Jiang Chen to retreat.

"Occult Method: Moon Eyes!"

Then the red world disappeared. The two bloody moons flew from the sky into Princess Crimson Moon's eyes. Her eyes turned into the shapes of crescent moons, as red as blood.

The spectators were surprised to see Jiang Chen was still alive, but they could tell he wasn't in a good condition.

Although they couldn't see his face because of the mask, his body wasn't as upright as it had been just before.

In comparison, Princess Crimson Moon was extremely majestic when she became serious. Her eyes shocked the whole world.

"Isn't this masked man very powerful? Has he been defeated this easily?"

The fat woman, Wind Mark's supporter, shouted in a dramatic voice when she saw him like this.

Everyone's expressions changed. They looked towards Chu Luo at the same time.

In fact, it was already impressive for Jiang Chen to survive two attacks of the mystical method, but no one saw how he had done it, so they could be hardly convinced.

"You've lost. I'm not going to kill you, but you'll have to take your mask off."

Princess Crimson Moon said, "Believe me. I can kill you before you admit your defeat or run out of the ring."

She didn't care who Jiang Chen was. She was only interested in shattering this guy's disguise and dignity to pieces to turn his big talk into bullsh*t.

"You've been looking forward to the strongest attack since the start, but I still haven't exerted it yet," Princess Crimson Moon sneered.

"You want to know who I am? You have to win first," Jiang Chen said.

"You never say uncle, do you? That's ridiculous. Don't you know you've been defeated already?" Princess Crimson Moon shouted.

"Have I?"

Jiang Chen spread his hands. He looked almost shameless.


Princess Crimson Moon had a gleam in her moon eyes. Numerous bloody blades appeared from nowhere and surrounded Jiang Chen. With their sharpness, if they cut him at the same time, he would have no chance of surviving.

"You'll die as soon as I shut my eyes," Princess Crimson Moon said.

"Bring it on!" Jiang Chen didn't show any fear.

"Go to heck!"

Princess Crimson Moon wasn't a merciful person. The bloody blades fell at the same time, intending to cut Jiang Chen into thousands of pieces.

Many people closed their eyes when they visualized such a bloody scene.


Like angry waves caused by a dam that couldn't hold its weight anymore, a powerful sword energy in the form of an air column rose from Jiang Chen. The bloody blades shattered as soon as they approached.


A spiritual sword flew into the sky. When it landed, its sheath hit through the flagstones and pierced straight into the ground.

"Come, sword!" Jiang Chen said in a special manner. The spiritual sword left its sheath with a whoosh, flying over to Jiang Chen like a dragon.

He put the knife aside with his right hand and caught the sword with his left.

With a slight wave, the bloody blades disappeared. A fierce storm formed under the ice cold energy of the sword.

Most people didn't realize what had happened, since all of this had happened in only two or three seconds.

A swordsman? He's a swordsman? How could he be a swordsman?

All kinds of ideas occurred to them. They couldn't think anymore.

The most shocked ones among them were those who had defended Wind Mark, like the fat woman.

If the masked man in the ring was really a swordsman, he had just been playing since the start of the competition, and he had defeated Wind Mark when he was fooling around…

At that point, they realized what Chu Luo had meant.

The fat woman walked into the crowd with her head lowered and left quickly before anyone noticed.

"It's true. It's true?"

Meng Feifei confirmed what Chu Luo had told her was true. She was shocked, even though she had prepared for it, not to mention the other spectators.

"A left-handed sword?!"

Wen Xin had been lost for a while, but then her eyes lit up. She was crying. She gazed at the masked man in the ring, pleasantly surprised, and at the same time cursed with all her effort, "B*stard!"

Not many people knew or remembered that Jiang Chen was a left-handed swordsman.

Hong Youjun was one of those who remembered. She and Jiang Chen had had many misunderstandings when they met for the first time, prejudices caused by left and right-handed matters.

"He… he could be Jiang Chen," Hong Youjun swallowed her saliva and said.

"What did you say?" Tianlan couldn't believe what she had heard.

"Jiang Chen uses his sword in his left hand too."

Tianlan rolled her eyes and said, "There are many left-handed men and also many left-handed swordsmen. It could just be a coincidence."

Hong Youjun was about to continue, when Tianlan interrupted her, "Do you think he could have walked out of the Realm of Beasts alive?"

"Well, that makes sense."

Hong Youjun thought it was almost impossible when she thought about the Realm of Beasts.

"You forced me to use my sword. You should be proud of yourself," Jiang Chen smiled.


Princess Crimson Moon bristled with anger. She realized she had been tricked. She couldn't that accept her dignity as a practitioner had been crushed.

"Fourth Movement of the Holy Moon: Athanasia!"

The moons in her eyes flew back into the sky. The red light shrouded the ring again, but this time, although people couldn't see what was happening, they could hear the thunder-like roar of knives clashing.

Since Jiang Chen had stopped using his knife, it must have come from Princess Crimson Moon.

They all knew she was irritated!

Yet they hadn't realized until then how powerful Jiang Chen was when he had his sword in hand.

That fat woman came back to the square, observing the situation secretly.


This time, the red radiance shattered in less than ten seconds. The moons returned to Princess Crimson Moon's eyes.

The crowd opened their eyes wide, wondering what the result of this match would be.

They were totally confused. Neither of the two was injured; both of them were breathing normally.

But suddenly, they saw something. Their pupils constricted as they gasped for breath like they were pulling a cart.

They saw Jiang Chen raise his right hand, a red silk ribbon winding around his fingers, waving in the breeze.

They noted that the red silk ribbon looked familiar, then looked towards Princess Crimson Moon.

In stark contrast to her right leg, the red silk ribbon on her left leg was gone.


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