The Brilliant Fighting Master
203 Princess Crimson Moon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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203 Princess Crimson Moon

She had to be a big shot if even Princess Fragrance knew her.

The cracked floor of the ring had been repaired during Jiang Chen's break. The whole audience exclaimed when she went into the ring.

It was first and foremost because of her identity. It was also because they didn't think the masked man had any luck at all. He kept running into more and more powerful rivals. It was too bad.

"Chu Luo, do you still have confidence in him?" Meng Feifei asked curiously.

Chu Luo gazed at the figure in red in the ring, her lips pressed into a thin line. "Naturally."

Meng Feifei nodded. She thought Chu Luo's reaction made sense.

"She might force apprentice brother to expose his identity."

But suddenly, Chu Luo's answer dumbfounded her.

Meng Feifei couldn't find any words to express her surprise when she realized Chu Luo wasn't joking.

"That's Princess Crimson Moon," Meng Feifei said to her after a good while.

Princess Crimson Moon was the Xia Dynasty's princess, Ning Haotian's fiancée.

She was ranked 19th on the Eternal Flame List, third on the Beauty List, and was likely the most popular among all of the participants.

It was also believed she was one of those who had the biggest chance to earn one of the three spots.

Such a wonderful woman would in no way be eliminated in the second round.

As a result, the one to be eliminated would, naturally, be the masked man.

"Huh, I didn't expect retribution for Chu Luo's boast to come so quickly. He has real skills, doesn't he? Show us then!"

The fat woman, the loudest among Wind Mark's followers, provoked others before they could react, and her comment attracted both favor and opposition.

"The fight hasn't started yet. What's the hurry? What a disgusting face."

"Neither Wind Mark nor his supporters can accept failure."

"Bah! It was that masked man's scheme. Otherwise, Wind Mark wouldn't have lost!"

"If it weren't the rules of the ring, Wind Mark would have shown that scoundrel the elegance of a swordsman!"

As the quarrel went on, a powerful energy suddenly burst in the ring. The whole square suddenly quieted down. Everyone was gazing at a slim figure in surprise.

"What a powerful energy. Princess Crimson Moon's martial arts techniques have leveled up again!"

"Princess Crimson Moon is in the middle stage of the Mental Wander State, a rare genius who achieved the state of being an integral part of nature. She's mastered some unbeatable martial arts techniques."

"Her rank is ten places higher than Wind Mark's. Even in the top 50 of the Eternal Flame List, this is a huge gap."

Whether they supported Jiang Chen or Wind Mark, all were impressed by the woman in the ring.

She stood there, barefoot, her feet as fair as jade. A red silk ribbon wound around her slender calves. She was wearing a red feather skirt just above the knee and light armor on top that was perfectly fit to her body.

Her face was so breathtakingly beautiful that no one dared linger their eyes on her. Along with her tempting curves, she deserved to be the third on the Beauty List.

However, Princess Crimson Moon's weapons were two scimitars that looked like sickles.

"Exert your last knife attack," Princess Crimson Moon said.


Princess Crimson Moon said again, "I want to experience for myself how powerful it is."

It sounded like an irrefutable order, like Jiang Chen had to satisfy her demands simply because she wanted to experience it.

After all, she was a princess. It was natural for her to behave like this.

"A fight is a game. Would you ask your rival to move a chessman to a square you picked in a chess game?" Jiang Chen didn't buy it. He refused her without any hesitation.

Princess Crimson Moon smiled coldly. She said disdainfully, "You don't dare? Are you afraid your most powerful attack will be of no avail?"

Wind Mark's supporters echoed her remark. The quiet square became noisy once again, but unlike last time, people hardly spoke for Jiang Chen.

This was because the one standing in the ring was Princess Crimson Moon.

Jiang Chen shrugged his wide shoulders at her goading. He raised his left hand and pointed at Princess Crimson Moon. He said in a low and deep voice, "If that's how you think, princess, please exert your most powerful attack!"

The square quieted down once again.

He was acting so arrogant in front of Princess Crimson Moon!

Does he think his last attack is comparable to Princess Crimson Moon's best attack? Is he ignorant to the princess's great power? Many people thought this.

Even Princess Crimson Moon was surprised. She said, "Don't you know who I am?"

"Princess Crimson Moon, ranked third on the Beauty List, 19th on the Eternal Flame List. Your fiancée is Ning Haotian, who robbed another's holy pulse." When he mentioned the holy pulse, Jiang Chen's tone was full of sarcasm.

Many people's expressions changed again. Their impression of the masked man had also changed.

He was not only arrogant, but extremely arrogant.

No one mentioned Ning Haotian and the holy pulse in public, but this guy had mentioned it in such a tone on the most important day of the Fire Field in front of so many people.

A majority of the people looked up into the air. There was a giant flying ship, a dragon ship. It was the Black Dragon City's ship.

Almost everyone on the ship paled when they heard what Jiang Chen had said.

"Oh, holy pulse?"

On the palace wall, the old man in the gray robe from the Sacred Institute seemed very interested.

"Yeah. There's a place called the Hundred Thousand Mountains in the dynasty. A youngster from there was found to have a holy pulse during the Pulse Invigorating Ceremony," the emperor said calmly. Although he didn't show any emotion, he was actually shocked.

"And it was robbed by your daughter's fiancée?" the old man asked again.

The emperor of the Xia Dynasty didn't answer right away. He was wondering whether it was only curiosity or reproach in his tone.

"The Venerable, Ning Haotian and Crimson Moon's marriage was decided long before the holy pulse affair. Although the holy pulse was, indeed, robbed, its previous owner, Jiang Chen, had the birth name Ning Chen. He's a clansman of Ning Haotian. It's their internal conflict, inappropriate for the dynasty to meddle in," the emperor said.

"Where is that Jiang Chen now?"

"It's been said he died in the Realm of Beasts."

The emperor told the old man about the Realm of Beasts. He claimed people trapped there only had a slim chance of survival, and it was impossible for people in the Mental Wander State to walk out alive.

"Pity." The old man only said one word.

The emperor was relieved. He laid his eyes on the ring again and gazed at the masked man.

In the ring, Princess Crimson Moon also turned pale when she heard what Jiang Chen said.

"What do you know? There are many unspeakable facts in that story. You don't get to talk about it," Princess Crimson Moon shouted.

"I don't get to?"

Jiang Chen smiled meaningfully. His fingers swept across his mask, then he said, "Cut the crap. Bring it on."

"You'll die for the offense you just made."

Princess Crimson Moon couldn't wait anymore. Deep red lights emitted from the two scimitars in her hands.

"Are you looking forward to my best attack? It's a pity you don't deserve it. Take this one first."

Princess Crimson Moon raised the scimitars over her head. Their blades rubbed against each other. After a short preparation, she struck them down with force.

"Occult Method: The Crimson Moon!"

She didn't aim the knives at Jiang Chen's body, but struck them towards his left and right sides. When the blades came down, a red radiance shrouded the whole ring in a mysterious change of energy.


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