The Brilliant Fighting Master
202 The New Rival
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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202 The New Rival

All these controversies would be answered in the next fight.

If Jiang Chen's performance wasn't good enough when facing his new opponents, he wouldn't be recognized by Wind Mark's followers, even though he won fairly.

That was how the human mind worked. People tend to think the things they've spent money on have excellent quality and a reasonable price so they feel like they made a good decision.

It was the same when it came to fans and admirers, especially certain obsessed women. They wished they could spit on Jiang Chen as they gazed at Wind Mark.

Once Jiang Chen lost to a rival comparable to Wind Mark, they might curse at him, too.


Wen Xin was in the crowd. She raised her eyebrows when she saw Chu Luo defending the masked man and started ponder on it.

She and Meng Hao both knew about the Soul Eating Spell.

According to Jiang Chen, Chu Luo wouldn't defend other men like this when she was under the spell.

Could he be…?

A glint appeared in Wen Xin's eyes. She looked towards Jiang Chen, who was in the ring. A confused expression soon showed on her face.

This guy doesn't look like him, and Jiang Chen doesn't use knives.

Wen Xin had watched the fight between him and Huanghu Hua. The attack with the knife refuted her guess.

Could the Soul Eating Spell stop working after he's dead?

That would mean Jiang Chen had died in the Realm of Beasts.

Wen Xin looked towards those from the Southwind Ridge with an unreadable expression.

The school had kept the Redcloud Peak and hadn't modified Jiang Chen's status information. Many people wondered about their intentions.

At first, people thought the school would go to the Realm of Beasts to rescue him, but a few months later, it became clear that this wasn't true.

Then, some thought that the Natural Law School still had the Southwind Ridge under its protection because they were trying to hide their incapability to rescue their disciple.

Everyone knew the Southwind Ridge would be wiped out by the Black Dragon City once they lost the protection of the Natural Law School.

No one knew how long the protection would last, but they assumed it wouldn't be too long. It would depend on how long it would take people to forget about Jiang Chen.

But Jiang Chen's mother is also here today. She must have come for a reason.

Then, it occurred to Wen Xin that Chu Luo wasn't the only one under the spell. The other two female disciples of the Isle of Sky also were.

If they were partial to the masked man in the ring in the same manner as Chu Luo, everything would be explained.

When she was about to look for those two female disciples, she saw two familiar figures and turned pale.

One of them was Princess Tianlan, the daughter of a duke of the Xia Dynasty, a female disciple of the Natural Law school, and a member of the Peak of the Heavenly King, her sworn enemy.

But it was the one beside Tianlan that had put her pale.

It was Hong Youjun!

She was her best friend from the Ninedragons, but she was with her sworn enemy.

The two of them were not as close as before, since they held different opinions about Jiang Chen and had almost become strangers, but she had never expected Hong Youjun to be a friend of Tianlan's.

"Isn't this Wen Xin?" Tianlan called her in a cutting voice.

Wen Xin ignored her and looked towards Hong Youjun. The latter lowered her head, but soon raised it and looked into Wen Xin's eyes.

"Wen Xin," she greeted her.

"Are you currently a member of the Peak of the Heavenly King?" Wen Xin asked.

"Yes," Hong Youjun nodded.

"You haven't forgotten it was thanks to Jiang Chen that you could join the Natural Law School, have you?"

Everyone made their own choices, but Hong Youjun was a special case. She had acted against Jiang Chen although she knew Jiang Chen and Ning Haotian were enemies. It was extremely cruel!

Hong Youjun gnashed her teeth. She felt ashamed due to the little conscientiousness she still had, but after a short while, she answered coldly, "Jiang Chen is dead!"

Her words made Wen Xin's pupils constrict.

"That's right. Jiang Chen is dead. That's his consequence for fighting against fate."

Tianlan clapped her hands, extremely complacent.

Since Jiang Chen was trapped in the Realm of Beasts, the prestige the Redcloud Peak had won not long ago had been shattered to pieces. If the leader of the Hall of Penal Law wasn't so righteous, many things would have happened during this period.

"Wen Xin, you talked big before. Jiang Chen was right and Apprentice Brother Ning was wrong, but it was only a choice made out of benefits! You bet on him!"

Hong Youjun said again in a scornful tone. Wen Xin had never seen the hatred in her eyes before.

She continued without giving Wen Xin any opportunity to answer, "You're already in the Mental Wander State. You must have received many benefits from Jiang Chen. Is the rumor true? You were Jiang Chen's woman?"

Her vicious tone was mixed with jealousy.

She was still in the Gathering Yuan State. She still had a long way to go to achieve the Mental Wander State.

Wen Xin squinted her eyes, expressionless, but the rapid heaving of her chest exposed the shock Hong Youjun had given her.

There weren't many disciples in favor of Jiang Chen in the Natural Law School, and Wen Xin was the only female disciple among his supporters.

When the Redcloud Peak was first established, there had only been Jiang Chen, Meng Hao, and her.

Meng Hao was Jiang Chen's servant.

Endless gossip circulated about the relationship between Jiang Chen and Wen Xin.

After Wen Xin achieved the Mental Wander State, some jealous people defamed her by claiming she had an unusual relationship with Jiang Chen.

"Tianlan, you're great."

Due to Hong Youjun, Win Xin had suffered a complete defeat in this argument.

Tianlan grinned and said, "You were so sure of yourself. You didn't weigh the profits and the risks. Are you happy now? As a disciple of the Natural Law School, you aren't even qualified for a seat in the pagoda."

She dramatically shook her head, "Alas, Youjun. Let's get some food and go up there."

The two then looked past Wen Xin and walked by her.

Wen Xin was exhausted, as if all her strength had been drained. She wasn't in the mood to look for the two female disciples from the Isle of Sky anymore. She just stood there, as stiff as a corpse.

At the same time, Yun Xiao and Liu Peng were sweating heavily on the sailing ship, because Princess Fragrance said, "Anyway, he could get onto the top fifty on the Eternal Flame List, couldn't he?"

Yun Xiao thought on his feet and said, "Princess, admittedly, I'm not a match for him. I acknowledge it, but as the people below said, this guy is too shrewd and calculating. He still doesn't want to show his face. Imagine that."

"Or maybe what that girl said was true. He only partially showed his strength?" Princess Fragrance glanced at Chu Luo and said.

"That's impossible! His last attack is exactly why he was holding back his strength, to put his rivals off guard. Think about it, Princess. Wind Mark's loss was due to the explosion. He wouldn't have lost if the ring were a limitless space," Liu Peng said immediately. He was quick-minded, too.

They were trying so hard to defame Jiang Chen because a team of soldiers had shown up on the deck. They were standing there silently and majestically.

Princess Fragrance suddenly said, "Liu Peng, where is the genius ranked in the top fifty of the Eternal Flame List you said you would introduce me to?"

"Ah… Hmm… I haven't seen him yet. Maybe he didn't come at all," Liu Peng stuttered, totally panicked.

"Yeah? What's his name? How could he miss such a grand event?" Princess Fragrance sneered.

Liu Peng instantly sensed the pressure from the soldiers.

Fortunately, by then the crowd below had erupted into cheers, because Jiang Chen's break was over, and the new opponent had been decided.

The new rival's strength would prove whether Chu Luo was telling the truth!

"It's her!"

Princess Fragrance stopped paying attention to Liu Peng and looked down with a surprised look on her face. Liu Peng was seriously relieved.


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