The Brilliant Fighting Master
199 Ten Words in One
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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199 Ten Words in One

The Huangfus were shocked, especially Huangfu Ming.

The Huangfus had this knife method by chance and the family cherished it a lot. He hadn't even been allowed to practice it yet.

Meng Feifei was amazed, too. She was extremely curious about Jiang Chen.

"Miss Meng, do you know who he is, the guy in the ring?"

Suddenly, three elegant youngsters walked over.

Meng Feifei looked towards them and found they were the other three of the Four Young Masters of the Imperial Capital, Linghu Jue, Yan Yunming, and Lei Chen.

The competition among the Four Young Masters of the Imperial Capital was very intense. Every year, there would be a different person who was labeled the strongest. This year, Huangfu Hua mastered the Ghost Strike to Kill to the fullest and thus dominated the other three.

Jiang Chen wasn't at a disadvantage when confronting Huangfu Hua. It meant his strength was far better than theirs.

As local people from the imperial capital, they didn't buy it.

"You should ask Miss Chu Luo," Meng Feifei smiled helplessly.

"Miss Chu…"

The three looked towards Chu Luo. They were interrupted before they could finish their words.

"I won't tell you my apprentice brother's name," Chu Luo said.

She couldn't call him "young lord" nor expose his name in front of others, so she called him this way.

"Apprentice brother? Is he a disciple of the Isle of Sky?"

"Miss Chu Luo, why won't you tell us? We just want to get acquainted with a genius like this. That's all. Please do us a favor," Linghu Jue said.

Meng Feifei grinned when she heard what he said. She thought that Linghu Jue knew Chu Luo's character well, but apparently not well enough.

"I'm sorry," Chu Luo refused again.

The Linghus were quite influential in the capital. This favor would be worth a lot.

However, people knew that money mattered to Chu Luo, but didn't know she wouldn't demand profits at the expense of others.

She was used to pinching pennies, but she wasn't a greedy woman with no principles.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have been ranked on the Beauty List.

"Looks like Miss Chu Luo is close to your friend, but I don't think he's comparable to Huangfu Hua," Lei Chen said in a disdainful tone intentionally, trying to goad her into telling them.

As expected, Chu Luo glanced at him unhappily, but she didn't speak.

"Yeah, he knows the same knife method, but it doesn't mean he can win," Linghu Jue added.

"After all, there's a huge gap between their states."

"Enough!" Chu Luo shouted impatiently. She looked towards the three and said, "What on earth do you want?"

"Miss Chu Luo, let's make a bet. If he's defeated by Huangfu Hua, you'll tell us who he is. If his mask is taken off before that, we'll forget about the bet. What do you think?" Linghu Jue said.

"What if you lose?" Chu Luo said.

"That depends on how much your friend's identity is worth," Lei Chen said.

"So I can ask for any price?" Chu Luo sneered.

The three young masters of the imperial capital looked at each other. Yan Yunming took out a transparent glass bottle and gave it to her.

"What's this?" There was nothing in the small glass bottle. Chu Luo was completely confused.

"It has the wind from the Holy Wind Cliff in it," Yan Yunming said.


The other people were shocked. Their looks changed when they once again looked at the glass bottle.

"I got it from the golden seed that I found in the Realm of Beasts. I've never used it. Miss Chu Luo, is this wager good enough for you?" Yan Yunming smiled casually, as if it was nothing special.


Meng Feifei smiled. Obviously, these three intended to build a good relationship with Chu Luo, and they were taking the opportunity to show their wealth.

"Okay," Chu Luo didn't hesitate for too long before she agreed.

"Chu Luo."

Meng Feifei pulled her sleeve and said in a low voice, "Are you that confident in your apprentice brother?"

"Yes," Chu Luo nodded.

"Great. Miss Chu Luo, that's settled then."

Yan Yunming felt self-satisfied. He was sure Jiang Chen wouldn't win, so he would be able to keep the wind ball and get closer to Chu Luo at the same time.

In the ring, Huangfu Hua and Jiang Chen were neck and neck. They kept deflecting each others' attacks.

Huangfu Hua was smart. He stopped using knife movements. He was in close combat against Jiang Chen to figure out how powerful he was.

At first he was happy, since it was obvious that Jiang Chen didn't often use knives, but soon, he found that although Jiang Chen's knife attack was relatively immature, each attack of his was both fast and fierce, and they were getting better and better.

He's taking advantage of me to practice his knife method. If we keep fighting this way, he'll become more and more powerful.

But why can't I defeat him forcefully? My state is higher than his. My holy points are my biggest advantage!

One could only guess the result of a fight when there wasn't a huge gap in strength between them and their opponent.

In Huangfu Hua's opinion, he was way better than Jiang Chen, since he was in the peak of the middle stage and had fifteen holy points!

He didn't know that although Jiang Chen's state was lower, he actually had more holy points.


"Ghost Strike to Kill: Hit!"

He was astonished when he threw the knife out, since Jiang Chen was doing the same motion.

"Ghost Strike to Kill: Hit!"

In a second, Huangfu Hua felt like there was a mirror in front of him.

Could he be capable of imitating others' martial arts techniques?

Huangfu Hua confronted Jiang Chen with his knife as he thought.

When the two knives hit against each other, another violent energy was created. It created more cracks on the ring. Both of them took a step back.

"Ghost Strike to Kill: Separate!"

"Ghost Strike to Kill: Separate!"

As soon as a knife was struck down, the other knife was also struck.

The energy of the two knives was flying over the ring. An angry current was tumbling and roaring.

Knife after knife, an intense fight was occurring.

In the meantime, people found Jiang Chen was gradually gaining ground in the process.

When the two knives hit against each other, Jiang Chen took two steps back, while Huangfu Hua took four.

When Jiang Chen took four steps back, Huangfu Hua took eight.


Similar to Yun Xiao, Huangfu Hua was weakening in the face of Jiang Chen, but the difference was that he still had a trump card.

"I don't believe you can repeat this knife attack of mine!

"Ghost Strike to Kill: Five Words in One!

"Trap, destroy, break, hit, fracture!"

At this moment, people changed their opinions toward Huangfu Hua, who had been losing. His energy soared, his knife containing a great force. The sound of wind and thunder intertwined in their ears.

"Here it is!"

The capital people all became serious. Linghu Jue, Lei Chen, and Yan Yunming were even in awe.

Huangfu Hua had become the strongest one of the Four Young Masters of the Imperial Capital thanks to this movement.

There was an amazing knife movement for those who had mastered the Ghost Strike to Kill that combined five of the ten movements together. The combination was random. It could turn dust into gold, so powerful that it could even destroy the universe.

That was why the three were so confident in Huangfu Hua. They had all been defeated by this movement.

Its power depended on individual skill and character. The combination of the five movements had so many possibilities that it was completely unpredictable.

At that moment, the whole ring was captivated by Huangfu Hua's movement.

Jiang Chen was standing there with no place to hide, but it looked like he wouldn't throw in the towel without fighting back.

"You don't have the full version of the Ghost Strike to Kill? Five words in one? Heh."

"Ghost Strike to Kill: Ten Words in One!

"Trap, crack, strike, explode, fracture, hit, break, destroy, separate, and smash!"


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