The Brilliant Fighting Master
197 Another Encounter with the Third Prince
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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197 Another Encounter with the Third Prince

"That's impossible! How could it be? His knife method is only average. How is it so powerful?"

Yun Xiao's confidence had been shattered. However hard he tried, all of his sword movements were cracked by Jiang Chen's scimitar.

They were in the same state. The surprising result had attracted people's attention and discussion.

Those in and beneath the Gathering Yuan State were only watching the competition for fun. Those in the Mental Wander State began to analyze the situation.

Judging from their current performances, Jiang Chen would definitely win, but how had he done it?

Speaking of martial arts techniques, Jiang Chen's knife method wasn't so wonderful. In terms of state, their states were close, but Yun Xiao was at an overwhelming disadvantage when they fought.

"Give your sword to someone else. I hope you won't bring more shame to swordsmen in the future."

Jiang Chen thought it was time. He didn't want to keep playing with Yun Xiao, so his knife movement suddenly became extremely intense. Yun Xiao's defense completely collapsed. The class-four spiritual sword flew away. He was sent flying and fell out of the ring.

Jiang Chen won and advanced to the next round.

"Meng Feifei, what do you think? Are you satisfied?"

Outside the ring, Chu Luo raised her eyebrows. She was beaming.

"How did he make it?" Meng Feifei was as confused as the others.

Chu Luo kept smiling, but said nothing in order to remain mysterious.

"Brother?" On the other side, Huangfu Ming was very nervous. It looked like Jiang Chen wasn't as bad as they had thought.

"Don't panic. He held his strength back intentionally to make people look down on his knife method, but he saw through his rival's movement with his instinct as a practitioner. I guess he's mastered the full spirit of knife," Huangfu Hua sneered. He still looked arrogant.

After Jiang Chen reached the second round, a great disturbance started in another ring, and it was the first death in this competition with no limits.

"Third Prince! Yang Fan already threw in the towel and wanted to quit the competition. Why did you kill him?"

The cause of disturbance was that someone was accusing the Third Prince!

It was the dead guy's friend, who was irritated. His eyes were red due to sadness and anger.

"Haha, he didn't say 'I quit.' How would I know whether it was just a trick? Maybe he intended to deceive me!" The Third Prince was laughing violently. He didn't take his rival's death seriously at all.

"Yang Fan did throw his knife away. He was defenseless. If that didn't mean 'I quit', then what would?" That guy was mad enough to spit nails. He wanted justice for his friend, regardless of the possible consequences of offending the Third Prince.

"That only means he was stupid!"

The Third Prince shrugged his shoulders and pointed at the guy. He said coldly, "If you're not convinced, you come into the ring! I'll kill you all the same!"

If it weren't a special day like this, the Third Prince would have shot an arrow at him directly to punish him for such an offense.

The guy was about to talk back, but someone beside him stopped him.


The Third Prince flicked his sleeves and clasped his hands behind his back. He bellowed, "Anyone else?!"

In the following rounds, none of his rivals fought with him. They surrendered the fight as soon as they went into the ring.

The Third Prince also advanced to the next round.

"How boring," the Third Prince shouted apathetically and jumped out of the ring.

Sitting on the palace wall, the emperor frowned slightly at this scene. He said unhappily, "The Third Prince is still the same. He wants to win too much."

"Heh, every practicer has his own character and specialty. Powerful men are never the same," the old man in the gray robe said casually.

The emperor eased up when he heard the old man's remark.

In the square, Jiang Chen was gazing at the Third Prince and thinking to himself, "You're still so arrogant. I'll settle my business with you today."

"Apprentice brother, the Third Prince's state has improved. He is now in the completed late stage," Chu Luo told him in a low voice so Meng Feifei couldn't hear.

"I know."

"The Third Prince's martial arts technique is a mystery, since he always kills his rivals, with or without reason. Outsiders don't even know what his weapon is, a bow or a spear," Chu Luo said.

Jiang Chen understood what she was trying to say. What if he wasn't as powerful as the Third Prince? He had also thought about it.

However, his hatred for the Third Prince was so strong that he was willing to pay any price to take revenge on the latter, including his life. He had to try his best in any case.

"Maybe I can exert that secret method," Jiang Chen thought to himself. He had thought of a secret method that could enhance his fighting ability when he was being chased by Mo Li in the Realm of Beasts.

Later, his state had enhanced and his strength improved, so he had forgotten about it for a while.

On the other hand, he was hesitant because the secret method was so astounding that he didn't want to expose it prematurely.


Jiang Chen noticed someone gazing at him. He looked up and found it was Princess Fragrance from the sailing ship.

The fight just now could have helped her tumble to the truth. Maybe she had realized Jiang Chen's good intentions the day before, but Liu Peng and Yun Fan, who had just lost, were still on the ship. This meant she hadn't made up her mind.

Jiang Chen wasn't interested in this princess at all.

He started to look around for disciples from the Natural Law School.

As Chu Luo had mentioned, none of them were worth any attention.

Li Xue'er was spellbound. Li Qin and Tang Ke were dead. Mu Zhenchuan's ten holy points were gone.

All these things had to do with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen touched his nose when he thought about this. He was thinking he would owe a lot to the school if he didn't show great performances that day.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen saw a familiar figure and gave a warm smile.

It was Wen Xin.

She was standing in one of the rings. She had achieved the Mental Wander State. Although she was only in the beginning of the preliminary stage, she had defeated three rivals in a row.

She was lucky. Her last rival was a Gathering Yuan State. She made it into the next round too.

Wen Xin jumped out of the ring happily and waved at some people outside the square.

Jiang Chen looked over and saw they were all from the Redcloud Peak, Meng Hao, Jiang Lu, Jiang Feng, and more. Even Fan Tu and Gao Yue were there.

Uncle Fan, mother?

Jiang Chen was surprised to see them. He thought they had gone back to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, so he had never expected to see them there.

Could they know I would be here? But that's impossible…

Oh, yeah, the leader has the Abacus of Good Fortune. He could tell whether I was dead or alive. He must have told my mother about it.


Jiang Chen looked up into the air. There was a pagoda floating there where people of the Natural Law School were sitting.

Meng Hao and Wen Xin were disciples of the Natural Law School, and he was a key disciple on the Talent List. Theoretically speaking, these two and his clansmen should be on the pagoda too, instead of standing among the crowd.

Jiang Chen asked Chu Luo to ask around about it.

Soon Chu Luo came back and told him, "One of the grand supreme elders that led the Natural Law School's team is Ning Haotian's master."

Jiang Chen's puzzle was solved. This grand supreme elder was obviously pushing those of the Redcloud Peak aside.

"Who else is there?"

"The Medicine Elder, Elder Technique Impartation, and the leader of the Hall of Penal Law."


A cold gleam showed in Jiang Chen's eyes. So long as he won a place, he would be able to ask that grand supreme elder to apologize to his clansmen.


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