The Brilliant Fighting Master
196 Exchange Blows with Me!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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196 Exchange Blows with Me!

It was a surprise for Yun Xiao too. He never thought he would really run into Jiang Chen.

He saw Jiang Chen in the ring from the beginning and knew the latter was in the beginning of the middle stage, just like himself, so the next thing he observed was his martial arts technique level.

Judging from his performance, his knife method was nothing worth mentioning, so Yun Xiao was quite confident. He glanced at the sailing ship in the air before jumping into the ring.

"Apprentice Brother Yun Xiao looks very confident," Princess Fragrance noticed. She was surprised, since if she were him, she would be extremely nervous. After all, they had had conflicts before. If she lost, it would be humiliating for her.

However, that wasn't the attitude a practitioner of martial techniques was supposed to have, so Princess Fragrance hid it well.

"Sure. He doesn't have the help of his monster now. Apprentice Brother Yun Xiao will teach this arrogant guy a good lesson!" Liu Peng hadn't forgotten the shame that Jiang Chen had brought on him by sending him flying. He wished he could kill the latter immediately.

In the ring, Yun Xiao smiled and said proudly, "Don't you think it's a pity? You only have one fight to go to qualify for the next round, but you ran into me."

"You think… you can defeat me?" Jiang Chen smiled.

"Arrogance without strength to back it up is nothing but stupidity."

Yun Xiao took out his spiritual sword as he spoke. The energy of the sword gushed out immediately.

"Chu Luo, your man's rival isn't bad. At least he's mastered the early form of the spirit of the sword," Meng Feifei gloated.


Chu Luo didn't care at all. She smiled, full of confidence in Jiang Chen.

What does he have? I haven't seen anything special. Meng Feifei was extremely curious. That man must have done something to make Chu Luo so obsessed with him, but what was it? She didn't see anything special about him.

Jiang Chen smiled behind the mask. He sneered, "Uh-huh, a class-four spiritual sword."

"You're just jealous of me. Why try so hard to hide yourself? The face behind the mask must be ugly. Otherwise, you would have tried to get a spiritual weapon too when you were on the ship," Yun Xiao said in a low voice. He looked smug.

He knew Jiang Chen disliked him, but he thought it was only jealousy.

"You didn't dare fight with me on the ship because you aren't a match for me. Even with the help of a monster, you didn't find favor with the princess. Am I right?" Yun Xiao assumed.

Jiang Chen provoked him first and then left decisively. He had been confused for a long time, but then he had finally parsed out an answer that was good enough for him.

"You really are self-righteous." Jiang Chen shook his head. He didn't know what to say.

"Do you admit it? Take a sword attack from me then."

"Chasing Wind Sword: Cannon of Wind and Thunder!"

He exerted the sword movement Jiang Chen had criticized. It was obvious he wasn't convinced by Jiang Chen's comment. He intended to prove his ability in front of Princess Fragrance. At the same time, it showed how confident he was in his assumptions of Jiang Chen.

With the class-four spiritual sword, his sword movement was at least twice as powerful as before.

As soon as he started the attack, he moved with his sword, leaving a red radiance in the air, like the fuse of a powder keg. The blade was thrown out when the red radiance vanished, then something exploded and generated a formidable power.

The power created a fierce wind.


The sword attack was perfectly exerted. Yun Xiao smiled proudly. It meant Jiang Chen wasn't even powerful enough to exchange blows with him.

Actually, there was one more possibility. Jiang Chen could have seen through it and dodged it.

This was, of course, unexpected of him.

"I told you, your sword method only matched a class-two spiritual sword."

To his surprise, he heard Jiang Chen's voice from behind.


Yun Xiao was shocked. He hadn't seen Jiang Chen at all when he looked closely. What he had attacked was only air.

He hurried to look back and wave his sword in defense, but Jiang Chen didn't take the opportunity to attack.

How is that possible? With his martial arts technique level, he shouldn't have been able to dodge my sword attack. Does he know any special movements? Yeah, that's right. That must be the reason.

Yun Xiao decided to cling to this idea, because otherwise he wouldn't be able to explain why he had hit nothing with his attack, and it also explained Jiang Chen's earlier performances.

"You dodged my attack with physical movements. Let me tell you one thing. That's foolish."

Yun Xiao said it loudly so that those on the sailing ship would hear him too.

"Exactly. That's why!"

"This mask guy can't be better than Apprentice Brother Yun Xiao at martial arts techniques. He did some kind of physical movement, but he doesn't know that Apprentice Brother Yun Xiao has more outstanding sword methods than this one," Liu Peng hurried to say when he saw Prince Fragrance frowning.

Princess Fragrance didn't answer. She just nodded slightly.

"Bring it on," Jiang Chen said.

"What?" Yun Xiao was dumbstruck.

"Show me your other sword methods. I'll tell you whether they deserve the class-four spiritual sword," Jiang Chen smiled.


"Chasing Wind Sword: Ride the Wind and the Waves!"

Yun Xiao flew into a rage and exerted his special method. The sword gave off a powerful energy. The radiance of the class-four spiritual sword shot everywhere.

It was a sudden attack. This sword movement covered a broad area.

With the structure of the ring, when he was facing Jiang Chen, there was almost no room to dodge the latter.


As he advanced, the radiance of the sword swept through the whole area.


When he threw the sword out, the fierce wind contracted, but when it couldn't contract further, the air current exploded once again.

This time, the power turned into visible light and bled out around the ring.

"Now you should know my power."

Yun Xiao smiled. He had exerted the sword movement to the fullest and was sure Jiang Chen couldn't have dodged it.

"Alas, another sword movement for class-two spiritual swords."

However, Jiang Chen's voice came from behind once again. He stood there, frozen. He looked back and couldn't believe what had happened.

By then, many people had burst into laughter. They had to laugh, since it was really funny that this guy's all-out attacks had been dodged so easily.

Princess Fragrance frown turned deeper. Although she wasn't skilled in martial arts techniques, she could see Yun Xiao was at a disadvantage.

"Princess, it's still a physical movement. It doesn't mean he has the strength to exchange blows with Apprentice Brother Yun Xiao."

Liu Peng was sweating because he was nervous. After the explanation, he shouted down, "What's wrong with you? Are you going to keep jumping here and there throughout the whole competition?"

The square was erupting with noise, but since he was in the air and had shouted loudly, many people heard him.

"Exactly. Do you dare exchange blows with me?!"

Yun Xiao came to himself. His eyes were red with anger. He kept staring at Jiang Chen.

"Why wouldn't I?"

Jiang Chen brandished a scimitar in his hand. Although he was wearing a mask, people could see how casual he was acting.


Yun Xiao snarled and made another attack.

"Chasing Wind Sword: Cloud of Dragon and Wind of Tiger!"

This was his most powerful sword movement. He needed the success of this attack badly to regain his confidence back.


But this time, he couldn't exert his sword movement at all. Jiang Chen threw his knife out and the sword movement was cracked.

He panicked, then he started to regret having asked to exchange blows with Jiang Chen.

Every attack Jiang Chen made was preemptive. He had an overwhelming advantage over Yun Xiao. Yun Xiao kept stepping back until he reached the edge of the ring.

"This… this…"

On the sailing ship under Princess Fragrance's suspicious gaze, Liu Peng couldn't find anymore excuses.


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