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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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193 It“s Me

Jiang Chen asked for the records when the manager claimed the room had been booked.

He claimed that he knew Chu Luo when the manager said Huangfu Hua and Chu Luo knew each other. It sounded like he was only being contrary.

The manager was in a tight spot. Jiang Chen didn't look soft at all, but he couldn't handle it if the rich playboys behind him were irritated either.

He knew he was in the wrong, so he couldn't force Jiang Chen to move out. If he made a scene, the reputation of the hotel would be damaged.

"You countrymen don't know what self-control is at all!" Huangfu Ming shouted.

Jiang Chen didn't say anything. He suddenly darted forward and slapped Huangfu Ming in the face hard, with both hands.

Huangfu Ming was seeing stars. He didn't realize what had happened until the tight, hot feeling on his cheeks proved it was real.

"Why are there always flies that deserve smacks?" Jiang Chen said to himself, regardless of the others' shocked gazes, and returned to his door.

"How dare you hit people!" The youngsters beside Huangfu Ming flew into a rage.

"Sir, we don't welcome troublemakers here. Please leave." The manager had finally made a decision. He sounded tough.

"Now the problem isn't whether he leaves or not, but whether he walks out of here or is carried out," an overbearing voice came from the stairs.


Huangfu Ming became excited, still covering his face.

The manager glanced at Jiang Chen with pity. He wondered to himself why this guy had to be so insistent. If only he had made one little concession, the problem would have been solved. But at that moment… Huangfu Hua, one of the Four Young Masters of the Imperial Capital, wasn't easy to deal with.

An elegant young man appeared in sight with a steady and fast pace.

He was handsome and big. His crimson embroidered outerwear was a masterpiece. It fit him well no matter how he moved.

He looked noble and proud, and at that moment, angry, too.

He glanced at Jiang Chen with ice cold eyes, then walked towards Huangfu Ming. He took his brother's hands off his face and looked at his swollen face with an angry expression.

"Brother Huangfu, he did it too fast for me to stop him," the youngster hurried to explain. His tone was tinted with regret.

"You brought dishonor on the Huangfus," Huangfu Hua said to his younger brother, then he went up to Jiang Chen and said, "Have you reflected on your mistake?"

"Why do all of you speak in this manner?" Jiang Chen found it funny.

Huangfu Hua's expression became more sullen. The people around held their breath for a second. They hadn't expected Jiang Chen to be so reckless.

Huangfu Hua's energy suddenly soared. The power of the peak of the middle stage leaked from him.


Jiang Chen was a little surprised. Although this guy's state was lower than Fang Han from the Flying Dragon Gang, he was much stronger.

It stirred his interest. He put his hand on his sword handle.

When the atmosphere was overwhelmingly tense, the guest next door finally reacted. A female disciple of the Isle of Sky opened the door and said, "Can't you just leave others in peace?"

The conflict had lasted for almost half an hour, and it had obviously disturbed others.

The manager was shocked. He hurried to say, "Miss Qian'er, I'm really sorry. We'll leave right away. Hopefully, Miss Chu Luo can excuse us."

"Looks like besides being a disciple of the Isle of Sky, Chu Luo is also from a big family," Jiang Chen thought to himself when he saw the manager's humble attitude.

Huangfu Hua stopped paying attention to Jiang Chen. He walked over and shouted into the room, "Miss Chu Luo, it's me, Huangfu Hua. I heard that you came to the imperial capital from the Isle of Sky. I've come to visit you, but a jerk showed up out of nowhere and interrupted me."

"Yeah, this guy even bragged that he was Miss Chu Luo's good friend. We had to teach him a lesson, since he offended you," Huangfu Ming added.


Huangfu Hua hadn't heard this story until then. He sized Jiang Chen up and saw the latter was only wearing an average robe, no fancy jade on him. He smiled disdainfully and thought to himself, "How could a guy like this know Chu Luo?"

Tap. Tap. Tap.

They heard someone in the room walking lightly to the door. The footsteps made them visualize a pretty figure.

"What's wrong?"

Chu Luo, ranked sixth on the Beauty List, came out of the door. She was in a white robe, the uniform of the Isle of Sky's key disciples. She had a pretty face and a soft voice.

The men on the spot couldn't take their eyes off of her. Huangfu Ming swallowed his saliva and pointed at Jiang Chen, "It's him. He claimed he was Miss Chu Luo's good friend, and he intentionally moved into the room next door. Your reputation will be harmed if this is spread!"

He hated Jiang Chen to the core since the latter had slapped him. His words put Jiang Chen in a tight spot.

The others were ready for a good show.

The manager shook his head. It was Jiang Chen himself that had claimed he knew Chu Luo. He was asking for it.

Chu Luo frowned and took two steps closer to Jiang Chen. She sized him up and said, "You are?"

Although he was wearing a mask, if they really were good friends, she would have had a familiar feeling, more or less, but judging from her reaction, it didn't seem like she felt anything.

Huangfu Ming and the others smiled. Huangfu Hua also crossed his arms over his chest, interested as to what would happen next.

"It's me."

Jiang Chen didn't take his mask off. He only answered gently.

In the next few seconds, everyone saw Chu Luo's expression change from confused to puzzled, then surprised. A gleam showed in her eyes.


Chu Luo had been about to call him "Young Lord" by instinct, but she suddenly recalled Jiang Chen had told her not to expose their relationship in front of others, and she saw him wearing a mask. She was quick on the uptake, so she corrected herself immediately.

"It's really you?"

She was uncertain. She knew Jiang Chen had been trapped in the Realm of Beasts. She had asked her master about it and knew the Natural Law School had never sent anyone to rescue him.

That meant there was only a slim chance that Jiang Chen had survived.

"It's me."

The female disciple of the Isle of Sky at the door, called Qian'er, darted over and grasped Jiang Chen's wrists excitedly.

"It's not smart to talk here," Jiang Chen gestured them to keep calm.

Chu Luo nodded. She glanced at the others present, who were completely dazed, and said, "He is a good friend of mine. It's you who are behaving unreasonably. And you, you should resign from the manager's position."

The manager paled. Chu Luo was their boss's best friend. She had the authority to say this.

If it was surprising that Chu Luo had spoken in such a manner to protect Jiang Chen, what she did next was regarded as crazy.

She let Jiang Chen enter her room and locked the door.

Huangfu Hua and the others couldn't believe it.

Chu Luo protected herself very well. She had never had too much contact with men.

People familiar with her knew it was because she didn't want any gossip that could damage her reputation. It would be too high a price to pay, and she didn't feel it was worth it.

But at that moment, she had let a man enter a room where there were only female disciples, and she had locked the door!

"It can't be true…" Huangfu Ming murmured subconsciously. He was dumbfounded.


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