The Brilliant Fighting Master
191 I“m Back!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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191 I“m Back!

He didn't sound very serious, so it was natural that no one believed him.

Liu Peng and the others had scornful expressions.

"You're wearing a mask, and don't dare to even tell us your name, but you talk big, don't you?" Liu Peng sneered and the others burst into laughter.

"I'm too lazy to kill a fly that happens to fly by, but if the fly thinks it's great, it's courting death."

Jiang Chen hadn't wanted to respond to this cheap guy at all, but he had gone so far that he had set Jiang Chen off.

"Who did you say was a fly?" Liu Peng flew into a rage. He strode forward and tried to grasp Jiang Chen's clothes.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. People heard Liu Peng screaming and tumbling four or five yards away, not stopping until he hit a wooden barrel.

People stopped laughing. They hadn't seen how Jiang Chen had attacked, and it hadn't been a playful attack. Liu Peng's face was covered with blood. He couldn't even get to his feet.

In this way, the quarrel escalated.

There was a flash of coldness in Yun Xiao's eyes. He grasped his sword handle, but didn't rush to fight back, because the owner of the sailing ship was Princess Fragrance.


Princess Fragrance stopped hovering between the two when she saw Jiang Chen thrusting out. Her impression of him couldn't be worse.

She was about to give a speech, as the owner of the sailing ship, but Jiang Chen didn't give her the chance.

"Princess, I didn't intend to convince you and gain your approval. I couldn't put up with these clowns, that's all.

"As for this guy, he insulted me many times. I'm being kind not to kill him."

Jiang Chen didn't sound like he was bluffing at all. Liu Peng had finally got to his feet. He trembled when he heard what Jiang Chen was saying.

"I just want to remind you of one thing. Don't regard clowns as heroes because of your inexperience."

Yun Xiao couldn't stand him anymore. He said, "Princess, this guy is way too arrogant. If you keep him on the ship, I think we have to leave."

Jiang Chen shook his head, deeply disappointed in this guy, who didn't dare challenge him at such a crucial moment, but took advantage of the woman's trust. He had brought dishonor on swordsmen.

"Mister, I don't need your instructions on how to deal with people. If you aren't happy with us, I'll have to let you go."

Princess Fragrance addressed him differently than before, her politeness also gone.

"As you wish." Jiang Chen jumped off the deck with Whitty.

Soon, he and Whitty vanished from their sight.

"That was really annoying. Who does he think he is?"

"Yeah, we should've taught him a lesson."

"He didn't even dare show us his face, yet he was reproaching others."

As soon as he had left, Liu Peng and the others started to curse him.

Yun Xiao said, "This sneaky guy irritated us intentionally for his dirty business! Although his strength is so-so, that monster was a big threat."

Liu Peng's eyes lit up. He responded immediately, "No wonder Apprentice Brother Yun Xiao didn't attack. You were being cautious."

"Certainly," Yun Xiao nodded.

Princess Fragrance didn't speak. She thought their remarks made sense.

For her, it was unacceptable to be told by a stranger that she didn't have an eye for martial arts technique and was too naïve.

"If I meet him in the competition of the Sacred Institute, I'll show him what swordsmanship is, fair and square!" Yun Xiao raised his head and said proudly when he saw the princess believed him.


After leaving the sailing ship, Jiang Chen didn't hurry on his journey. The sailing ship had travelled faster than he could. He would rather let it continue first than have it catch up to him.

He wasn't surprised to see the princess had chosen to believe those rascals.

Yun Xiao and Liu Peng had met the princess first and won her trust, while he had appeared out of nowhere and criticized her.

It would be absurd if Princess Fragrance had believed him without hesitation and driven Yun Xiao and the others away.

But as he had said, he meddled not because he wanted to kiss up to the princess, but because he couldn't put up with Yun Xiao's shamelessness, among other reasons. He had been prepared to leave.

"Let's go. Roast meat is waiting for us."

Jiang Chen didn't set out until the sailing ship was far away.

Whitty was in low spirits, but it was cheered up suddenly by Jiang Chen's words. It flew so fast that it left Jiang Chen far behind.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly and fluttered his wings to catch up with it.

Without the sailing ship, they didn't arrive in the capital of the Xia Dynasty until dawn, but Jiang Chen was just happy that he wouldn't miss the competition of the Sacred Institute.

The capital of the Xia Dynasty was as prosperous as he had imagined. One couldn't see the south end from the north end. The buildings in the city were astounding, especially the palace located in the city center, which was as magnificent as those in fairytales.

What surprised Jiang Chen the most were the flying ships in the air. Neatly arranged by size, with wooden boards connecting them to each other, they created an air city.

This city even included restaurants and inns, running businesses on all kinds of giant flying ships.

The streets in the city were crowded with people; the capital could have been the busiest place during this time.

Jiang Chen joined the crowd with Whitty, looking for a place to lodge and ask about the competition.

As he expected, not many people still remembered him.

As a disciple of the Natural Law School, Jiang Chen was fading from people's memories.

At that moment, Lu Fei was the most popular guy among everyone.

It was said that after an adventure, his knife method had greatly improved, so much so that he was going to challenge all young swordsmen.

In the primary election the day before, his knife skills amazed all. A master of martial arts technique commented that this year's competition would be a competition between knife and sword.

Many people were looking forward to it.

As a swordsman, Yi Shuihan from the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness had attracted much attention.

Knife and sword, they were like natural enemies.

Besides, it was the last day of the primary election.

The competition of the Sacred Institution wasn't a spectator competition. Even so, anyone could go watch. No ticket was required.

Spots at the school could have been elected directly from the top ten of the Eternal Flame List, but it was important to be fair. No one could guarantee there wouldn't be a black horse that wasn't on the Eternal Flame List.

Although the chances were slim, they held the competition for that purpose.

Everything was random in the primary election. Gathering Yuan States could run into Mental Wander States. People ranked 900th on the Eternal Flame List could come across one in the top 100.

Certainly, in the primary election, two competitors could be neck-and-neck as well.

No matter what situation it was, the one who lost wouldn't have another chance.

Although judges from the Sacred Institute took personal performance into consideration too, one still would have to pass the primary election first.

The first three days of the primary competition aimed to reduce the number of competitors.

The judges from the Sacred Institute and the high-level managements from different forces wouldn't meet until the number of competitors was few enough for the competition to end in one day.

That way it would be a great event to watch.

I should go register for the competition.

Jiang Chen looked at himself in a copper mirror. He was still growing. During his months in the Realm of Beasts, his body had changed a lot.

His shoulders were wider, and he was taller.

He deployed a restraining order on his mask so that no one would recognize him.

I, Jiang Chen, am back!


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