The Brilliant Fighting Master
188 Stab Yourself
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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188 Stab Yourself

Whitty was eager to fight with holy-level monsters, so of course it didn't fear the Flying Dragon Gang, who were only in the late stage of the Mental Wander State.

Hardly had the roar vanished when a flash of white light streaked past them, and the six law protectors of the Flying Dragon Gang died immediately.

The cause of death was the same for each of them. Their chests had been so badly scratched by sharp and strong paws that even their hearts could be seen.

It irritated the leader of the Flying Dragon Gang more than he already was when his son died.

The Flying Dragon Gang could rule the Verdant Wood Tribe because of the six law protectors in the late stage of the Mental Wander State, but then they had been killed at the same time, which was hard for him to accept.

The strength of the Flying Dragon Gang had been greatly weakened.

But as the saying goes, as long as the green hills are there, one needn't worry about firewood.

In this line of thinking, the leader himself was the green hills. As long as he was alive, with the strength of the peak of the late stage, he would be able to revitalize his gang.

But first, he had to stay alive!

Whitty came up to him and kept stalking forward. Its scarlet eyes put him nervous. However gloomy his killing intent was, it didn't compare to the primordial, brutish nature of beasts.

The leader grasped the large knife in his hand, completely focused, not even blinking.

Suddenly, Whitty jumped on him.

He thrust his knife without hesitation, but hit nothing. Instead, his weak neck was bitten by Whitty's sharp teeth.

The leader struggled a bit, then fell on the ground, unable to get to his feet again.

It had all happened in one minute, Whitty's attack and the leader's death. The core of the Flying Dragon Gang, the seven people in the late stage of the Mental Wander State, had all been eliminated.

Jiang Chen landed in front of the chief of the Verdant Wood Tribe, who couldn't close his mouth due to shock, and said, "See? The Flying Dragon Gang will collapse soon. You didn't have to pierce yourself."

The chief, still with the knife in his chest, had an unreadable expression.

Jiang Chen's words made him speechless. He had conflicting feelings.

By then, the remaining gangsters of the Flying Dragon Gang came to themselves and realized their backs were soaked with sweat.

They were still superior in number; there were thousands of them, but sometimes, number didn't matter.

They were scared out of their wits when Whitty approached them, even a tiny step.


They might not have been able to kill Jiang Chen even if the thousands of them fought together, but if they ran away together, Jiang Chen couldn't kill them all either. As for who would die, they could just leave it to luck.

The Flying Dragon Gang is over.

Yang Jia and others realized this when they saw the gangsters escaping, crazed.

The most powerful members of the gang had died there. The other forces, including the Verdant Wood Tribe, would definitely attack the Flying Dragon Gang together to steal the wealth that the gang had accumulated during the past years.

And all of this was thanks to a youngster who was less than twenty years old.

"This is my gratitude for the hand you lent me. You led me out of the forest."

Jiang Chen looked at Zhang Juan and smiled gently like a spring breeze. His aggressiveness had completely disappeared.


Zhang Juan wanted to say that all she had done was lead the way, which was totally uncomparable to what he had done that day, but when she looked up at Jiang Chen's face, she was shy and blushed. She couldn't even say a word.

"It pays to be nice."

Yang Jia felt lucky. The day before, she and the other four had been unwilling to show Jiang Chen the way, but Zhang Juan had insisted. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been saved.

If she thought it over, Jiang Chen was able to fly and he wouldn't have needed their help.

He must have known they had a problem, and it had only been a test to see whether they were kind people, worthy of his help.

She was worshipping Jiang Chen in her heart.

Ahem! Ahem! Ahem!

The chief of the Verdant Wood Tribe had a fit of coughing. Jiang Chen's panacea had lost its potency. Death was approaching.

By then, the Flying Dragon Gang had collapsed and the Verdant Wood Tribe was safe again. The chief and his kids were totally dumbfounded.

The chief had stabbed himself, for which he could blame no one but himself.

If he had stood behind with the others to watch Jiang Chen's show, everything would have been fine.

"Swordsman! Please save my father!"

The chief's kids were clever. They dashed over to kneel down before Jiang Chen.

The fat woman was crying fiercely.

Once the chief died, their statuses in the tribe would suffer a disastrous decline, but Jiang Chen was inclined to believe they were doing this out of love, because they didn't want their father to die.

As for whether he would save him or not, he hadn't yet made up his mind.

The fat woman suddenly bowed to Zhang Juan and said, "Sister Juan, please, ask this swordsman to help our father. It was my fault I was mean to you. I shouldn't have been jealous of you."

Zhang Juan felt like she was being tricked. She wasn't really familiar with Jiang Chen. They hadn't talked much, so she didn't know how to make this request to him.

But she was soft-hearted. The moment she saw others begging and the chief suffering, she hoped Jiang Chen would help.


She found she didn't even know Jiang Chen's name when she opened her mouth.

"My name is Jiang Chen."

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, could you save the chief?" Zhang Juan said.

"If that's what you want, no problem." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and walked towards the chief.

His response made all the women present jealous of Zhang Juan.

Jiang Chen's great performance was still vivid in their minds and he was spoiling Zhang Juan so much. They felt conflicted about it.

"I'm so remorseful…" Yang Jia was roaring silently. If she had been gentler the day before, maybe she would have received the same treatment.

"Are you regretful?" Jiang Chen said, looking at the dying chief.

The chief thought himself ridiculous too. He squeezed out a smile and said, "Young hero, if you had told me you were that great, I wouldn't have done it."

Jiang Chen burst out laughing.

"Although you feared the Flying Dragon Gang to that extent, you stabbed yourself resolutely to save the whole tribe. I'll help you this time because of that, but you won't do anything to Zhang Juan and her family after I leave, will you?" Jiang Chen said.

"No, we won't. We definitely won't." The governor of the tribe hurried to shake his head. The Flying Dragon Gang had collapsed because of the playboy who had intended to force Zhang Juan to marry him. Seeing what had happened to him as a result, who else would have the nerve to offend her?


Jiang Chen started to treat the chief effortlessly.

Jiang Chen was going to leave too after all this was done.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, will we meet again?" Zhang Juan asked nervously.

They only knew each other's names. Bidding someone farewell on this spacious continent could have mean an eternal goodbye.

"I'll see you when I see you. No matter what kind of problems you have in the future, come to the Natural Law School of the Fire Field if you need me," Jiang Chen said.

Zhang Juan was happy to learn this information. She kept "the Natural Law School of the Fire Field" in mind and would never allow herself to forget it.


Jiang Chen smiled gently and flew into the sky. Whitty followed him, fluttered its wings, and chased after him, as fast as he could.

"How elegant!"

Yang Jia couldn't help but appreciating his grace. Somehow, her jealousy for Zhang Juan was gone.

Jiang Chen was so excellent. His girlfriend must have also been extraordinary, someone to whom they couldn't compare.

Judging from Zhang Juan's expression, she also understood this, but unlike Yang Juan, the look in her eyes wasn't helplessness from accepting her fate, but determination.


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