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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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187 Fang Han

Facing the thousands from the Flying Dragon Gang, Jiang Chen said this to give those listening a taste of his unrestrained personality.

The youngsters of the Verdant Wood Tribe didn't lose their courage. They were all encouraged when they saw Jiang Chen behave like this and wished they could do the same.

If only Jiang Chen could survive the next fifteen minutes.

Otherwise, what he had done would be a complete joke.

The Flying Dragon Gang flew into a rage. They didn't take Jiang Chen seriously at all, since they had overwhelming superiority in terms of numbers.

Many people had aimed at Jiang Chen with their bows and arrows.

"Let me deal with him," a magnetic voice came from the crowd.

A big and majestic youngster came forward. He was in light armor, very muscular. His resolute face looked cold.

"Fang Han!" the people around exclaimed. This youngster was well-known in this area, as he was talented and powerful.

It was said he had a real chance at winning the Wood Field's place at the competition of the Sacred Institute.

He was completely different from the youngster who had died under Jiang Chen's sword.

That guy was a bully, while Fang Han was indeed powerful.

Fang Han was prestigious in the Flying Dragon Gang. Those who looked ready to attack stopped when they heard his gentle but resolute voice. They looked at Jiang Chen with pity.

"You think you're so great?" Fang Han came up to him, staring at him.

Without waiting for Jiang Chen's answer, he said again, "Do you love being in the limelight? Let me tell you one thing. All of the tribal men of the Verdant Wood Tribe will die here today. The woman my brother was going to marry will become a slave to our gang."

Those of the Verdant Wood Tribe felt desperate when they heard him. Zhang Juan also turned pale.

"If only you could," Jiang Chen said with a slight smile.


Fang Han smiled coldly. He grasped the handle of the knife hanging at his waist. It was a slim class-four spiritual knife, similar to a sword.

He drew the knife out slowly, at his own pace.

The powerful energy of the knife kept spilling out, the blade giving off a brilliant radiance.

"A Twinkling Strike!"

When one-third of the blade was still in the sheath, Fang Han suddenly bent down and darted over. He threw the spiritual knife out directly as he was charging.


The attack was quick and cruel. The knife streaked through Jiang Chen's body, cutting him into two at the waist.

The Flying Dragon Gang cheered for the attack. The last hope of the Verdant Wood Tribe was gone. Zhang Juan sat limply on the ground.


But soon, people watched the separated parts of Jiang Chen's body disappear.

Ghost shadow?!

They were shocked when this idea occurred to them.

"The beginning of the late stage of the Mental Wander State, master of the early form of the spirit of knife, fourteen holy points.

"At your age, your state is okay, but your holy points are too few. Looks like you're not ambitious enough."

Jiang Chen was standing steadily in the air, overlooking Fang Han, listing his information.

"Gosh, he can fly?!"

"Is he a Reaching Heaven State on an adventure here?"

Everyone was shocked by him. Some even thought he was unbeatable, travelling around because he was too bored, but Jiang Chen was only in the beginning of the middle stage. His state didn't become better just because he could fly.

"You commented on my state and my holy points, but didn't mention anything regarding the early form of the spirit of knife that I've mastered. How ridiculous." Fang Han was shocked too, but he came to himself first.

It sounded like he was very proud of the early form of the spirit of knife that he had mastered.

"I dodged your attack perfectly. It's not worth mentioning, the early form of the spirit of knife," Jiang Chen said with a light smile.

Fang Han was flabbergasted. They had been so close when he attacked, but he didn't even touch Jiang Chen's clothes. This meant his attack had been completely seen through.

"No, you got lucky, that's all. It's just because you can fly."

Fang Han refused to accept it. The fact that Jiang Chen could stand in the air became his excuse. He said, "You can stay there, but I'll kill those you want to protect."

"Don't try to irritate me with such a bad excuse. That won't make me come down."

Jiang Chen landed and said, "Since you're not convinced, why not take one of my sword attacks?"

"Do you think I'm I frightened of you, or what?" Fang Han was quite proud that Jiang Chen had landed. He looked at Jiang Chen with disdain.


Jiang Chen put the Redcloud Sword into its sheath and grasped the sword handle. He said, "Ready?"

Fang Han sneered disdainfully, so Jiang Chen repeated what he had done before. He drew out the Redcloud Sword little by little.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The First Movement."

When one-third of the blade was still in the sheath, Jiang Chen moved.

He was as fast as before. No one on watching could see his movements. They only saw him disappear from where he had been standing. At the same time, many lines of light appeared around Fang Han.

It looked like arrows made of light were bouncing around.

It had been too fast, perhaps only in the blink of an eye.

When Jiang Chen emerged again, he was five yards behind Fang Han.

Fang Han was motionless and cut into two, like what he had attempted to do to Jiang Chen.

Another ghost shadow?

Everyone thought this subconsciously.

They were dumbfounded when the sliced body fell onto the ground, including the thousands from the Flying Dragon Gang.

Fang Han couldn't even take one sword attack from Jiang Chen.


The leader of the Flying Dragon Gang had lost two sons in one day, and Fang Han had been so excellent. He was heartbroken and furious.

He thought that things wouldn't go wrong since he was present, but he couldn't move as fast as Jiang Chen's sword.

Everything had happened in one instant.

"I'll kill you!"

The leader jumped out of the crowd. He was strong and large, a middle-aged man, about six feet and six inches tall. He had a black beard, and was very hairy. His two thick, black eyebrows seemed connected together.

"Are you angry? What did you do while your son was running amuck and harming others?" Jiang Chen said.

"I'll tear you into pieces!"

The leader of the Flying Dragon Gang was in the peak of the late stage. His state was far higher than Jiang Chen's, not to mention the martial arts techniques he knew. His long arms could tear Jiang Chen apart.

"You bring grief to others with your strength, but refuse to accept the same fate when it happens to you," Jiang Chen said coldly.

"What's the use of saying these things? You can stay in the air. However…"

As the leader of the Flying Dragon Gang spoke, he looked towards those of the Verdant Wood Tribe. He laid his eyes on Zhang Juan and the others, pointed at them, and said, "Catch them!"

Six law protectors with sullen expressions walked out of the crowd. They were all in the late stage.

Those of the Verdant Wood Tribe finally snapped out of the daze caused by Fang Han's death. They realized that even though Jiang Chen had killed Fang Han, nothing would change.

He wouldn't be able to deal with so many guys in the late stage of the Mental Wander State.

"Do you think I'm only trash talking before I escape?" Jiang Chen asked.


Leader Fang's reaction undoubtedly meant, "Aren't you?"

"I'm just trying to explain how you'll die. I'm unable to kill you. That's true, but it doesn't mean I don't have the means to kill you."

"Whitty, go."

Hardly had he stopped speaking when a thunderous tiger's roar was heard.


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