The Brilliant Fighting Master
186 I“ll Satisfy You
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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186 I“ll Satisfy You

When the Redcloud Sword was completely out of its sheath, a gale started suddenly, catching everyone off guard.

When the gale stopped, the two law protectors of the Flying Sword Gang fell to the ground.

In the silence, Jiang Chen took out a silk scarf to wipe the blood off the blade, then he looked towards the members of the gang. His look was so sharp that everyone he glanced at shuddered with fear. Their horses were moving nervously.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen laid his eyes on the youngster.

He was so shocked that he almost fell off his horse.

"How dare you! You killed the law protectors of the Flying Dragon Gang. Do you know who my older brother is? He's a genius that'll take part in the competition held by the Sacred Institute, and my father is in the peak of the Mental Wander State. It won't take him long to achieve the Reaching Heaven State!"

He tried to intimidate Jiang Chen with his background, but Jiang Chen didn't even blink. He was still wearing his cold smile, full of disdain.

"You can't kill me! If you kill me, the whole Verdant Wood Tribe will be doomed!" the youngster shouted desperately, his forehead soaked with sweat.

He tried to urge the Verdant Wood Tribe to stop Jiang Chen, but he didn't know that the death of the two law protectors had caused the tribe to fear Jiang Chen more than the Flying Dragon Gang.


That was all Jiang Chen said. He killed the youngster in one move.

The youngster still couldn't believe what had happened, even in the throes of death. He covered the wound in his chest. He had never imagined that he would one day die like this.

The whole tribe exclaimed when the he fell off his horse.


The gang members came to themselves and swarmed out of the gates.


Whitty jumped over. Like a wolf in a flock of sheep, no one could see when it attacked, but the arrogant cavalries fell onto the ground, one by one.

"Keep one alive," Jiang Chen said.

Whitty hurried to pull back its paws, which had almost touched the last man's head.

The man was sweating in fear. Whitty was so close to him that he didn't dare even breathe hard.

Whitty was breathing heavily. It glanced at him disdainfully and disappeared as quickly as lightning.

"Go back and tell your people what happened," Jiang Chen said.

The guy who had survived wasn't sure whether Jiang Chen was joking or not. He hesitated for a minute before he sprinted away from the Verdant Wood Tribe.

"So… so powerful!"

Zhang Juan and Yang Jia looked at Jiang Chen with unreadable expressions, especially the latter, who was surprised and scared when she recalled how rude she had behaved the day before.

"How great," the chief of the Verdant Wood Tribe scoffed and remarked in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

When Jiang Chen looked at him, his eyes were full of tears and resentment.

"You did a great job saving these beauties, how brilliant you are, but what's next? The whole Verdant Wood Tribe will suffer because of you!" he snarled desperately and kneeled down.

The other high-level government officials also felt like doomsday had arrived. They became frustrated and lost all hope.

Zheng Juan's family became the target of public criticism. The clansmen they were living with and got along well with suddenly looked at them like they wished the Zhangs would die.

"Zhang Juan! B*tch! The Verdant Wood Tribe raised you. You don't want to pay us back and even brought us such disaster!" the fat woman swore furiously.

Zhang Juan had been joyful, but at that moment, she was lost. She didn't understand why everyone thought it was her fault. She hadn't done a thing, but by that point, she was taking the blame.

"Don't worry. I'll help you until the end," Jiang Chen said.

As for the other people of the Verdant Wood Tribe, he didn't even bother to deal with them.

"It's easy to talk big. You're only in the middle stage of the Mental Wander State. The elders and the leader of the Flying Dragon Gang are in the late stage. You're great, but what can you do?" the chief said with sarcasm.

He hated that Jiang Chen had caused such trouble without realizing how serious the situation was.

"I fought for her. As for the Verdant Wood Tribe, it's none of my business.

"Zhang Juan grew up in your tribe. Families like hers have brought prosperity to the tribe.

"Your tribe is in a time of peace now, not as dangerous as the Era of the Hero. No one has to stay in the tribe.

"But, you didn't provide any protection to her family, despite the fortune they had earned for you. Instead, you threw her to the wolves.

"You're not only acting cruelly, but also blaming the victim. I really don't know whether you have any sense of morality or not."

Jiang Chen kept speaking in a calm tone, as if he were talking about unimportant matters.

The Verdant Wood Tribe lowered their heads out of shame, but some of them were reluctant to receive such criticism.

"What a smooth talker. Don't chicken out when the Flying Dragon Gang comes!" the chief stared at him as he spoke.

"If I didn't intend to wait for them here, why would I have kept one man alive to pass the message on?" Jiang Chen smiled coldly.


The chief was shocked. He was wondering whether this youngster was going to confront the whole Flying Dragon Gang alone.

"It's alright to surrender when facing a strong enemy, but I only see fear and humility in you," Jiang Chen said.

The ground suddenly started to shake. They heard the thundering of horses in the distance, coming from outside the tribe.

There must have been thousands of cavalries to make such a loud noise.

Everyone of the Verdant Wood Tribe was in danger. The Flying Dragon Gang was powerful enough to destroy the whole tribe.


The low mud wall was knocked down by a giant bear. Gravel showered the people.

Then, the Flying Dragon Gang swarmed into the tribe.


The giant bear was almost thirty feet tall. Many people were trembling with fear.

Zhang Juan and Yang Jia paled, hiding behind Jiang Chen.

"See? This is the strength of the Flying Dragon Gang." The chief squeezed out a smile. He was still expecting to see the regret and fear on Jiang Chen's face to make himself feel less worse, but Jiang Chen still stayed calm.

"Who killed my son?!"

A deep and powerful voice came from the Flying Dragon Gang. It sounded like he had a tenuous hold on his repressed anger.

The leader of the Flying Dragon Gang himself had come in person!

"Leader Fang, the Verdant Wood Tribe has nothing to do with this," the chief whimpered and knelt down to bow to him.

"Kill yourself. Then maybe I'll let your tribe go," the leader's voice came again.

The chief was struck dumb, then he suddenly drew out his knife, gnashed his teeth, and pierced his chest.

"Leader, please let my tribe go… What are you doing!"

The chief was begging for the Flying Dragon Gang's mercy when Jiang Chen suddenly pulled him back and put a panacea into his mouth.

"Don't get me wrong. This panacea can only keep you alive for fifteen minutes. In these fifteen minutes, you'll witness the collapse of the Flying Dragon Gang, and you'll realize how unnecessary your death was."

Jiang Chen smiled at him, then swaggered towards the Flying Dragon Gang.

Judging from his expression and his pace, it seemed he didn't know how many people the Flying Dragon Gang had brought.

"Before the fight, I'd like to ask you a question."

Jiang Chen caught the attention of the Flying Dragon Gang and smiled, "How do you want to die? Tell me and I'll satisfy your request."


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